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Warrington keeper posts tweet after being sent off for reaction to fan urinating in his bottle

Warrington Town keeper Tony Thompson posts a tweet after being sent off for his reaction to discovering a fan urinating in his bottle.

Opponents Guiseley produced a 1-0 victory in their 1-0 FA Trophy meeting on Saturday – but the match was overshadowed by a ‘disgraceful’ incident involving sections of the away support and Warrington’s goalkeeper.

Tony Thompson was sent off in the 60th minute after an altercation with a Guiseley fan, with the supporter allegedly urinating in his drink.

A video showed the supporter hopping the barriers between the stands and the pitch seemingly switching out Thompson’s bottle for another similar one, with the caption ‘pissed in keepers juice’.

After realising what had took place, Thompson is reported to have squirted the bottle into the allegedly offending supporter’s face, which led to a delay with referee Ben Robinson sending off the unfortunate goalkeeper.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in anything like that again,’ said Warrington boss Mark Beesley.

‘The Guiseley staff apologised – it was disgusting and there’s no place in life for things like that.

‘From our point of view, the welfare of our players is paramount and what Tony was subjected to was disgraceful.

‘Whoever did it should hang their head in shame and never be allowed into a football game again.

‘The referee has to see common sense – I can’t understand it.’

Warrington conceded the only goal of the game in the final minute, with Guiseley striker Lewis Whitham netting at the death.

Thompson wasn’t the only player to receiving marching orders either, with team-mate Josh Amis also departing early having only just come off the bench.

Thompson went on Twitter after the game to express his own shock and frustration, admitting the incident had caused him to fall out of love with the game.

He wrote: ‘Today I fell out of love with the GAME! I’ve been called many names but for someone to p*** in my bottle, for me to drink it and then to be told I wasn’t allowed to react because I’m a player is outrageous.

‘That person has put me my family’s health at risk and knocked me sick.’

The fan in question was reportedly removed from Cantilever Park, though it is yet to see whether any further action will be taken.


The club have requested match and CCTV footage from Warrington Town so we can investigate the incident involving a spectator entering the field of play and swapping Tony Thompson’s drinks bottle in the second half of the fixture.

We are aware of a video circulating on social media which shows an individual swapping the bottles in the goal area, and that the replaced bottle allegedly contained urine. We unreservedly condemn this disgraceful action.

Guiseley AFC is a family friendly football club with a core of regular and committed travelling supporters.

Unfortunately we do not have any information as to the identity of this individual. We urge anyone able to help in identifying them to email admin@guiseleyafc.co.uk.

This information will be used in our investigation alongside the match footage.

We deplore the actions of the individual(s) concerned and we will work alongside Warrington Town and the police to identify them. If the individual(s) involved can be identified they will receive life bans from attending Guiseley AFC fixtures.

No further comment will be made at this point.



The club is supporting goalkeeper Tony Thompson following the well-publicised incident that led to his sending off in the FA Trophy defeat to Guiseley at Cantilever Park on Saturday.

The process of reviewing the video footage is ongoing. We note the statement from Guiseley AFC and will be providing them with the video footage.

It goes without saying that the incident is deplorable and has no place in non-league football, football or society in general.

We have also been contacted by Cheshire Police regarding the incident.

We will await the referees report and FA charge before deciding what action to take regarding the red card.

Our priority is ensuring that Tony is given the support he needs given the attention that the story is receiving, and we know he is thankful for the messages of support he has received, particularly from other goalkeepers.

Twitter users react as the Warrington keeper posts a tweet after being sent off for his reaction to a fan urinating in his bottle…

@SeanKenney1990: Urine some, you lose some. Keep your head up

@Kop_A_Holic: Nows not the time to take the piss mate.

@ChrisMaddison13: Absolutely disgusting, just no words really. I hope there are serious consequences for any fan involved and the club. Every decent football fan will stand with you on this no matter what club they support.

@ChrissieBhoy: for the people wondering if it is a criminal offence, i’d say that anyone who was found to be guilty of this could face assault charges.

@MCMXCtours: And technically entering into the field of play, which is also a criminal offence.

@IwanHiraethog: Disgraceful , should never be allowed anywhere near football again. Keepers red card should be rescinded

@thefmrecruiter: The fact he got sent off for reacting is a joke

@BradleyGallow14: @cheshirepolice isnt this a criminal offence? It’s bad enough fans go to games and get abused but when players aren’t safe how far does it have to go?

@JeremyArnold31: Press charges and kick Guiseley out of the competition, that’d teach this excuse for a human being

@Chaosmerchantt: Was at the game… the bloody nose and tears he got probably taught him something

@PaulWalshe5: That’s disgusting needs banning for life from any football. Also needs to be arrested.

@Tonksy15: This is everything wrong with football. Scummy t**t does something disgusting, so the keeper reacts (who wouldn’t) and gets sent off. Find him, ban him from football altogether and if there’s a criminal offence there, prosecute him. The FA need to see sense and rescind the red.

@duncanyoung68: Hey @MerseyPolice – you seen this? Assuming criminal charges will follow for this disgusting act against @tonythompson918.

@alanrg65: As a Guiseley fan I am embarrassed that another so-called fan has done this. I hope the club finds out who is responsible and take appropriate action. Having played as a keeper myself, you expect to get verbals but this is totally unacceptable.

@ST_1982: Takes the piss that mate

@samh__15: As a Guiseley fan mate, we don’t accept the ‘fan’ who did this.

@Matlock_TownFC: We stand with you Tony. It’s absolutely disgusting to hear what has happened to you at your game and we send our best wishes to you.

@Easters86: Are you absolutely sure it wasn’t actually Carling? In all seriousness this is beyond disgusting and the perpetrator should be locked up.

@ScottCarter97: Wee as a football community stand by you

@HrDesert: Ahh I don’t know if you should be commenting this pal, if he sees it urine trouble.

@npflorida: All @theyellows fans are with you mate. For the ref to think you shouldn’t react is unbelievable. Just waiting on an official line from @GuiseleyAFC. Could be interesting

@ColinHilton10: Absolutely disgusting and that fan should now face a uk wide stadium ban

@TheCollsGals: This news trickled through colls, must admit it turned our stomachs. Banter is one thing, to piss in a bottle you know someone drinks out of is another. 🤢

@DonnaMillingto4: Absolutely disgusting behaviour and the culprit should be banned from ever attending games again!

@RedKite1963: I really can’t believe what happened, that’s absolutely dreadful! @theyellows need to be taking this matter further with the opposition, the League and the FA. Nobody should have to put up with what you did. Stay strong, we all stand by you .

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