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Walsall set for MEGA cash boost | net worth of their new American owners announced

Walsall are set for a MEGA cash boost with the net worth of their new American owners announced in a statement by the club this week.

The League Two outfit have announced that an American investment group have purchased a majority stake in the club.

Chairman Leigh Pomlett, who has owned 76 per cent of shares since 2019, transferred 51 per cent over to Trivela Group LLC following a year-long period of discussions.

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Walsall, UK, June 6, 2022 – Walsall Football Club (WFC) is pleased to announce that a transaction has been completed to transition majority ownership of the Club’s shares from Leigh Pomlett to Trivela Group LLC, a sports investment firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

The parties have been in discussion for approximately one year and have agreed to a transaction which will take place in two phases.

In Phase 1, which was executed last week, Trivela has purchased 51% of the shares of WFC, and has injected additional capital directly into the Club for strategic investments.

In Phase 2, which will take place within two years, Trivela will acquire an additional 25% shareholding from Leigh Pomlett, and will bring forward additional resources to allow the Club to execute the existing purchase option on Poundland Bescot Stadium and the surrounding property. Facilitating and completing the purchase of the stadium freehold is a top priority for the new ownership group.

Trivela Group is an American sports investment firm, which is building towards a multi-club ownership model in global football. It was formed in 2021 by American businessmen Benjamin Boycott and Kenneth Polk. Trivela Group’s executive leadership consists of Ben Boycott, its Managing Director, Wesley Hill, its VP of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Matt Jordan, its VP of Global Football, and William Boycott, its VP of Project Management. This team will play a role in supporting the Club moving forward, on and off the pitch.

Mr. Benjamin Boycott will join the Club’s Board of Directors, and serve as Co-Chairman with Mr. Leigh Pomlett, who has agreed to stay on as Co-Chairman for a period of 4 years to ensure a smooth transition.

“We are honored to become a part of the community of Walsall, and to play a part in the rich history of this Club,” said Boycott. “As investors, we are extremely drawn to the passion that this town has for the team, and extremely impressed with the work that management has done to build a sustainable Football Club.

“We are here to learn, and we are here to support Leigh and the rest of the Executive leadership team with strategic vision and strategic capital. We look forward to working alongside the leadership team to support Michael Flynn, the staff, and players as we prepare for the 22-23 campaign and beyond.”

Mr. Kenneth Polk is Founder and CEO of Arlington Family Offices, which serves individual families and has over USD 12 billion in capital under advisement.

“At Arlington, we think multi-generationally with a focus on stewardship and a responsibility to others,” said Polk. “Our founding principles and organisational structure are aligned to allow long term independence and continuity without the interference of external shareholders. This allows us to make investments with like-minded organisations and communities. This is the mindset that Ben and I have brought into the Trivela Group, and it is the mindset with which we plan to be a part of the story of Walsall Football Club.”

“This partnership with Trivela Group ushers in a very positive chapter in the history of Walsall Football Club,” said Pomlett. “Stefan Gamble and I have been in discussion with them for nearly 12 months, have visited with them in the United States, and believe that they are the right group with the right vision to help take the Club forward. The supporters will have the opportunity to see the impact of this partnership firsthand, as the Saddlers Club will be refurbished and reopened, and the Club will execute its purchase option and be reunited with the Poundland Bescot Stadium freehold. As both Chairman and a supporter, this is a very exciting day for Walsall Football Club.”

The Club next takes to the pitch in July in preparation for the 22-23 EFL season.

Fans reacted with Walsall set for a MEGA cash boost and the net worth of their new American owners announced…

@redsince57: Premier Lge in 6 mths, UCL win in 2 yrs and global domination incoming for the Saddlers!! 😁 😁

@luckytezza: Checks to see if this is a parody account. WTF!

@AshleyyyDaviess: Can we have an announcement along these lines please? @BCFC

@PinchTRFC Worth 12 billion 😳😳

@JonnyOwen12: WHAT

@eddieatkins84: No more rent, up the american saddlers

@mozza180: Here’s the game changing 4th signing we’ve been waiting for then. Next step: Turn the supporters club into a Hooters! 😎

@seb_mannell: 12 Billion USD net-worth… 🫣

@ArrowsmithLiam: I feel like this goes one way or the other there’s no inbetween it’ll be a roaring success or we won’t be a club in 10 years time

@WFCJamie: what the actual fuck ahaha

@Wfcdanoc: …..normally got a light hearted joke to counterbalance the usually crushingly depressing pre-season social media posts….we’re in uncharted “potential good news” waters here 👀

@andy90wfc: We desperately need some big investment to enable us to move with the times, and I’d like to think Pomlett, Gamble and the rest of the board members have done their due diligence and have found the found the right people at the right time. Only time will tell but I’m excited! UTS

@whitty_name: Looking at the companies website we appear to be the first club they’ve acquired. Will they spend stupid money on us to prove it works or are we just a stepping stone to bigger and better clubs?

@BenJ0seph: The Man City of @SkyBetLeagueTwo

@daveycharris666: Wow wasn’t expecting this! UTS!

@Nathan_Tong79: Wow, did not see this coming!! Hopefully we’ll get the right sort of ownership and investment both on and off the field. Cautious but excited 🔴 #saddlers

@Will_Butts: What could possibly go wrong. 😱

@JBullockStaffs: Excited but very nervous 😬

@thompsonben92: Another group set up aiking for multi-club ownership. Multi-club ownership shouldn’t be allowed.

@NicktheSaddler: Perhaps on reflection the @Poundland investment and embarrassing jibes for @WFCOfficial was a little tongue 👅 in cheek?.. Look at potential money 💰. Walsall now who’s laughing. The whole football league will be 👀 with interest!… Championship dare I say even PL in the future?

@WFCJamie: The Dollar Tree Bescot Stadium here we come

@EJTaylor99: But I’m meant to believe Scally has spent 20 years looking for investment and can’t find any

@StephenFox98: Can’t wait for our ‘fans’ to suddenly appear out of nowhere again 🤣

@Jake__Kimberley: Oh my god! WHATTTTT

@DJohnson_06: Well this was completely unexpected

@adamguestwfc: At least when fans say there’ll be a boycott at the next home game, they’ll be referring to Mr Boycott, our new chairman. This could be a great thing, but it also has the potential to go drastically wrong. Time will tell.

@tigerofsudan: Bloody hell, this was kept quiet!! Buying back the ground, investment in the team, this is all too much!

@Keaa_1: ⬆️ the football league we go

@_Kash07: European nights in Walsall soon?


@DominicR26: Big West Midlands derby against these in 2023 then

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