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Viral video of Jaydee Dyer describing Ollie Watkins goal resurfaces as fans slam Sky to axe him

A viral video of Jaydee Dyer describing a goal from Ollie Watkins resurfaces as fans take to slam Sky Sports’ decision to axe him.

Dyer is just one of the reporters being got rid of by Sky Sports, as the broadcaster continues it’s big shake up.

Sky Sports has allegedly chose to remove half of its football reporting team as part of a cost-cutting measure that could see Geoff Shreeves also depart.

Mail Sport also claim that Shreeves was asked to take an important pay cut if he wanted to stay with the broadcaster, which he joined in 1992 when the Premier League began.

Sky made the rest of its decisions after consulting on redundancies back in April. Six of their 13 football reporters were cut. Some chose to leave voluntarily, and others could be offered other roles. See more by clicking HERE.

In light of Dyer being one of those set to go, a video of him describing a goal scored by Ollie Watkins in Aston Villa’s 2-0 win against Nottingham Forest earlier this season has resurfaced.

@HLTCO wrote after discovering the news: “Sky Sports are getting rid of Jaydee Dyer alongside a number of other reporters. I’m sure he’ll get a job elsewhere, he’s fantastic at what he does, as the below clip proves.”


His LinkedIn page reads: “Jaydee Dyer is a talented broadcaster, who has a passion for many sports, music and entertainment; aligned with a real depth of knowledge and experience shown across many leading broadcasting platforms in the UK and US including Sky Sports, NBA, and FIFA.

“In the broadcast world his versatility, contacts & drive has seen him host live at NBA Finals coverage for the last four seasons on location, reporting at both the World Cup 2018 & Euro 2020, covering the flagship Sky Sports ‘Super Sunday’ football show that presents the Premier League and reporting live on PPV Sky Sports Boxing headline events. These 12 months have culminated with the opportunity to cover England Under 21’s Football team during the 2021 EUROs Campaign in Hungary & Slovenia.

“Most recently, he co-hosted a podcast with Universal Music & FIFA combining some of the biggest sporting athletes and chart-topping musicians. Some of the featured interviews included French Montana, Tiwa Savage, Wretch 32 & many more. The series organically created authentic conversations with all of the guests alongside the co-host Liam Payne.

“Personally, he has also conducted exclusive ground-breaking interviews with Will Smith, Steven Gerrard, Dave Bautista, Thierry Henry & Micheal B Jordan.

“This led him to be awarded the 2021 British SJA (Sports Journalism Award); highly considered by most as the oldest & most prestigious Sports Award in Britain. In doing so, he became one of the only back-to-back honourees in the history of the Awards as he was honoured in 2020. Furthermore, he was previously awarded the 2019 “Ones to Watch” – Best Broadcasters Under 30 honour from the Premier League.”

As a viral video of Jaydee Dyer describing the Ollie Watkins goal resurfaces, fans took to slam Sky over their decision to axe him…

@FutbolRomantics: He’s genuinely one of the better and more insightful reporters they have.

@xQueen_Piscesx: Wait what and why tho. He’s one of the best reporters out there for football

@batesylufc2: Sky Sports is on its way out. As soon as they dropped the Soccer Special panel for the likes of Michael Dawson and Lee Hendrie it was game over.

@RealJohnBragg: Got a feeling that the future of football broadcasting is not at Sky

@Ursodave: He’s actually their best reporter. What on earth are they doing letting him go? He should get picked up by a rival, and he’ll do well.

@moderatesuit: He always brings the games he reports on to life. Big shame.

@jaymeeteewhu98: Football on SkySports started going downhill when the usual guys on Soccer Saturday were axed, talent doesn’t seem to get you anywhere nowadays. Football has been dying in front of our eyes when it comes to Sky’s football coverage.

@Chrisclark1975: Seems like a big change happening to Soccer Saturday and I don’t like the sound of it. For us who are a little older we appreciate the likes of Dickie Davis and Guy Havord. Good solid pro’s.

@MattCarter92: SkySports’ football coverage was already down the pan before the end of the season. I get the feeling it’s only being flushed further down with these cuts

@ab69er: Looks like footy scores will be done on the radio for me now, soccer Saturday going the same way as soccer am

@ChrisofBelper: He’s one of the better one’s… and is always smiling. It will be Sky’s loss.

@_MUFCJames: Glad he’s got the enthusiasm. Wonderful job there but no idea what Sky are thinking

@agrinham2: Bad mistake he is the best reporter on there.

@LindsayE_A: They have some truly awful reporters and they are ditching him?

@deejamvlogs: Crazy decision. One of few reporters who shows passion and can accurately describe what’s going on

@sami_fallah: Skysports are having a shocker Jaydee is one of the good ones … forcing Shreevs out as well I dread to think what soccer Saturday will look like next season

@cleanderek: Real shame. He’s one of their best.

@grahax1001: That’s a shame. He’s clearly knowledgeable and articulated goals and incidents really well.

@paulb1960: Absolutely love his coverage. Top man. 👍

@marcx666: He’s really bloody good, also binning off Dickie, Guy, Bianca, wtf is going on there

@devonangells: No way! He’s fab 🤷‍♀️ I despair of this network

@LUFC_WorldWide: What? They let go of him? He’s about the only one with a bit of personality about him and knows his stuff, great reporter. What a terrible decision

@James_Jagger: Mental decision, the best reporter on that show.

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