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Viral footage sees Yerry Mina get Kai Havertz booked with hilarious theatrics

Viral footage on social media sees Yerry Mina get Kai Havertz booked with hilarious theatrics during Everton’s win against Chelsea.

The Colombian centre-back lived up to his reputation as a master of football’s dark arts during what was only his second start for the Toffees since the beginning of February.

In the closing stages of the Premier League fixture, Mina clashed with Havertz, with the latter challenging Pickford for the ball inside Everton’s area.

An unhappy Mina watched on with Havertz’s attempting to win the ball, so then took to square up to the Germany international and after trying to make him shudder with fear, Havertz then pushing Mina, who theatrically dropped to the ground.

Referee Kevin Friend decided to issue Havertz for his role in the incident, and much to the enjoyment of Everton fans, Mina went unpunished.

Andy Hinchcliffe has since criticised Mina, saying: “He’s never going to get to the ball,” said Hinchcliffe on Sky Sports.

“Yes, Azpilicueta is wrong side of his man but I feel Yerry Mina is throwing himself to the ground here.”

“Is he actually knocked off balance or caught on the head? He isn’t.

“I feel he’s making a meal of this, he’s thrown himself to the ground clearly.”

Meanwhile, Frank Leboeuf says the 22-year-old Chelsea player wasn’t smart enough.

“Havertz fell into the trap instead of going away a little bit, trying to be a little bit smarter to avoid Mina and avoid that fight,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

Everton boss Frank Lampard said at full time: “Difficult. They are always a team that will put you under pressure late on. We did brilliantly. The team, stadium, the fans were man of the match today. From the drive in to the support, which we need. Thanks to them.

“The fans are in the middle of this. I am pleased the players could see on the way in what it means to the fans. They know that and understand it. They got behind us, were nicely aggressive, this place has to be a hard place to come. Results have been good here at Goodison before I came, we have to maintain that.

“We have to fight for points, we are in the relegation zone, and we have to go with that same spirit every game.

“They [the players] have to show they care. I like that. They don’t have to go over the line but have to show they care; the fans want to see that. I prodded them a bit before the game because the situation is clear. We need to perform with that level in all our remaining games. That needs to keep coming in and if it doesn’t, we have to sort it out.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel: “We hate to lose, we are responsible for it. It was our responsibility in Old Trafford to not have more – we struggle to have consecutive clean sheets and top performances and that is why we lost today.

“We have to be without mistakes, disciplined in your positions and don’t make mistakes. When you have that much possession, we did not play our best match, but we were in control, and then we gave a goal away and it kills the game for us because it is everything the opponent wants. It is a huge pattern in our season.

“We have now four matches in the last two weeks and one clean sheet, that needs to change – if we try to get away with OK performances that is not good for us, we are a team that needs to be on the very top limit on every match basis. If we try to get away with OK, we lose games.

“We struggle with concentration and determination levels and you see that in the last four matches.”

Footage of the incident has done the rounds on Twitter, this is what everyone had to say…

@efc5661: That’s assault 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@AshleyBolland_: Yerry mate, fuckin love you

@alan1878: He twists his nipple at one point 😂

@TacticallyEv: I’m sure Kai Havertz had a terrible nights sleep due to the fireworks but it’s going to be even worse when he’s having nightmares about Yerry Mina tonight.

@spuddy1878: He’s fucking boss isn’t he 😭😭😭

@Lea_EFC: Cannot sleep. The coach journey, the fans, the ground, the noise, the players, Pickford’s saves, Iwobi’s limbs, Richy’s finish, the celebration, Mina mind fucking Havertz, the dog, the goal, the manager, the post match celebrations. No one does it like Everton 💙

@Williams86G: Pure shithouse behaviour… fucking love it

@TweetingThomas: Seen it written somewhere else, but Yerry nearly had some of the Chelsea players proper crying today. Incredible stuff.

@Pri1878: Proper wind up merchant

@lawrenzo7: I think if Mina played for another club I’d hate him. But he doesn’t, he’s ours, and I fucking love him 💙⚽️ Got in Havertz head early on and took him out the game 😜 🧠 💪

@kr12t1an_R0j: 4 games vs Chelsea for mina, 3 wins and 1 draw, he’s vital

@siphillipssport: Havertz done by Mina again. He was done by this defence within the first 10 mins, how TT ever left him on is beyond me.

@aihart73: Top shithousery, I love it. If he could just stay fit

@waynethompson73: He takes snide to a whole new level and I fucking love him for it 💙

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