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Vincent Kompany sends message to Burnley fans after leaving club for Bayern Munich

Vincent Kompany sends a message to Burnley fans after leaving the club for Bayern Munich just weeks after Premier League relegation.

Vincent Kompany took charge of 96 games in all competitions for Burnley since his arrival in June 2022, guiding them to promotion from the Championship in his debut season with a tally of 101 points.

The Clarets have won 41 of those 96 games and averaged 1.53 points per game, with his second season at the club being a different story.

Burnley won just five matches in their return to the top-flight – lost 24 – and conceded 78 goals in total, with relegation back to the second tier confirmed.

Kompany won’t be with them however, instead, he’s off to Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, who will be hoping to get back to winning the title after losing it to Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen this season.

Kompany said in the video posted by Burnley on Tuesday (4 June): “It starts with a message of thanks of course.

“I was very lucky. I was surrounded by hard working people, players who gave everything, I think that I felt privileged and honoured to be welcomed and to be able to be part of such a good environment. So, for that thank you.

“The best way for me to describe how I lived it is that I gave everything back.

“The best memory I have is beating Blackburn at home 3-0 and going on to beat them at their home and winning the league there.

“It’s been a very very important part of my life.”

See fan reaction below, and beyond that, more of what Kompany said when he spoke in his unveiling press conference at Bayern…

This is how fans reacted as Vincent Kompany sends a message to Burnley fans after leaving the club for Bayern Munich…

@edwardcassidyy: Wow he says a lot without actually saying much. 🤔

@John38wilson: No thanks to the fans an it’s to late now should have had communication as soon as he left for Bayern. All a little to late

@Brownie1882BFC: Thanks for some good memories all the best in the future

@JE22_JCK: 50 second message to the fans, but spent 20 seconds talking about Rovers and didn’t address their fans once. He’s an absolute whopper, and his PR team are even bigger whoppers for thinking this is enough for a club who stuck by him whilst he managed 5 wins in 38 games.

@JacobHorsfall_: Said his thanks, don’t blame him for the move at all. Always going to be hurt because of the faith we put in him but can’t blame him at all. Go well Vinnie 💜

@francescalynn23: Lol. Thanks for sparing 51 seconds in return for unwavering support during our worst ever season 👍🏼 #twitterclarets

@bfcmichael: 100% been forced to say that

@gmbarnard22: this guy does NOT care ‼️‼️

@BFCHarryy: Cheers for 51 seconds of your time, hope your sacked by September at Bayern 👍

@bfc82x: 50 second message. Hope you’re sacked in September you knob

@ConorBFC_: I mean thanks but still don’t like him. Feel it’s a bit too late. Don’t wanna complain all the time, but yeah. #twitterclarets

@OrmerodMatty: I feel more annoyed watching that video than if he hadn’t have said anything, it comes across like he’s been forced to do it rather than voluntarily doing it 😂

@JstAnotherDevil: Would have at least appeared more sincere if this was released day of, and actually been so if you didn’t basically say you were treating them as a stepping stone

@hmcmah0n: Last bit of Belgian waffle then, should be more like a short message to Vincent kompany from Vincent kompany 🐍

@LukeStansfield_: cheers for 50 seconds vincent mate…

@BfcElijah: Cheers but youre still a prick

@connorbirniee: finally, took him 3 weeks to film 51 seconds 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@ClaretShirts: Hope everyone is happy now. There’s your message to the fans 😂😂 let’s see what you moan about now

@Joe_Flan99: There’s no way he actually sat down for a 50 second interview – the club giving fans more fuel to hate this man 🤦🏼‍♂️

@TheHuddleYT: Wow a whole 50 seconds…. bet that took some thought and effort.

@taylorlc02: Took him 2 week to come up with that? I knew he would be talking about the derby tryna get the fans onside we all saw his true colours.

@CharleeBFC: He’s said Blackburn game to get on fans side nahhh mate

@edwardcassidyy: “message to the fans” is a loose term.

In his 42-minute unveiling at Bayern, Kompany was asked ‘if this job at a top club come earlier than expected?’, to which he replied, per Burnley Express: “My mentality is I never worked for a top club in my head.

“A top club is the environment you create, the work you do with your players, the work you do with your staff. It’s the mentality you have towards your job in good times, in bad times. That’s what defines, for me, working at a top level.

“It already feels like home, if I’m being honest. I feel it’s a place where I can continue this idea.”

On if he thought from the beginning of Bayern’s managerial search he had been among the candidates: “From my side, I didn’t think about it too much. You have to understand one thing, being a coach it consumes every minute of every day. While I was being a coach and while I was doing my job, I didn’t have any time to think about anything else.

“When Max and Christoph called and we eventually met, I didn’t have a plan in my head to do anything. I was just doing my job.

“At the very end, just so you understand how I am a little bit, at the very end you mention one club, but I’m a very private person. Very, very private person. But I was actually quite fortunate to have a lot of interest from other clubs as well, but I never went looking for anything. I wasn’t interested in anything.

“I was happy to meet people and I met good people and that was my decision.

“I feel like the players and the people inside the club, when we speak about football we understand the same thing. Also the values and what we believe in, so then I felt ‘okay I have to do this’.

“But I wasn’t thinking too much about ‘I have to go there’ or ‘I have to do this’. There was nothing like this.”

On how his family reacted to the move to Munich and whether he can cope with intense pressure from the media: “My family was happy that the first move, when we went from Manchester to Brussels, was a first test of how you feel going to another country. For them anyway, not for me.

“They adapted very well and we had some really good moments, so for them going to Munich is something they are looking forward to because of the experience in Brussels.

“The outside pressure, everyone has their own ways of dealing with it. For me, it’s never affected me.

“Those who have followed me from 17 years old as a player, in my interviews and everything I said will know exactly this.

“I respect that I have to communicate in some way because it makes my job easier if I do the press conferences well. I respect that people will have an opinion and sometimes it’s 10,000 people and sometimes it’s 10 million people.

“But in the way I see the job, the thing I control is the players and the job we do every single day, together with Max, Christoph and so many other people. If there we are the best, then the outside world will follow one way or another.”

On his identity at Burnley, are if he is able to continue that with Bayern or will he have to adapt?: “I went to Belgium and then they ask ‘do you have to adapt your way of playing?’. Then I went to the Championship and they ask ‘do you have to adapt your way of playing?’. Then the Premier League, ‘do you have to adapt your way of playing?’

“In the Championship we were the big team, in the Premier League we were one of the smallest teams. In Belgium we were the youngest team and so on and so on.

“In the end, most of the things that I will bring are things you bring to help the players, no matter what the level is. You do what you need to do to help the players and win games and to do that you need clarity.

“Of course I have a clear idea and I will also follow this idea, but in the end everything you do is to help the players, wherever you are, in whatever division, at any level.”

On getting the call from Bayern after relegation with Burnley, and what was the most important thing he learned from this season with Burnley: “The aspect of being surprised is because you assume that it was the only club that called. You assume it was the only interest I had. You only assume that because I’m very private.

“By that time, I was not surprised. Perhaps with the first phone call, but it wasn’t Bayern Munich.

“My point is, I live my job too intensely to speculate too much or make any distinctions whatsoever.

“The opportunity was there to work with great people, that’s why I signed. I was convinced by Christoph and Max by the idea they have for the future. Later I was convinced by everybody else that I met that they are going in the right direction.

“At top clubs like Bayern Munich, internally you have to be on the same line. Whether the outside world thinks you are or not is not important, it’s on the inside of the building. I felt that and that’s why the opportunity was so interesting.

“You also learn a lot by yourself. It’s the only thing I want to say about it but in the first year [at Burnley], you have 46 games, we only lost three games and we got 101 points. The highest of the highest the club has ever achieved in terms of points return.

“The next year, you have a tough season in the Premier League. Of course at the start of the season we knew we were bottom three in terms of budget, but it doesn’t matter. The feeling is always you can do something.

“But what you learn about yourself in the very highs and the very lows is you can be consistent. I wasn’t any different when we were champions two months before the end of the season, I didn’t prepare training any differently. I didn’t approach players differently, I didn’t work less to prepare games.

“When we were struggling and losing, I didn’t start the first day of the week complaining about my players, they’re not good enough, they’re not scoring etc. I didn’t, I stayed calm and I supported my players and my staff.

“We stayed calm. The building was extremely motivated, the energy was there until the last training session of the season. But to put yourself in those two extremes, it’s not easy to be consistent like this.

“Now you talk about this club [Bayern], I have no intention to all of a sudden become a different person. I don’t think that’s what they want.”

Kompany said at the time the club were relegated, per Burnley Express: “They’ve [the fans] been brilliant.

“Up there it’s not like we’ve got a choice, Burnley is the community and the community is the club.

“We know we stick together, we have to work hard. We know it’s not always going to be easy but we will get the rewards for it.

“We will have the good times again.”

His side went on a run of just one defeat in eight between March and April, with Kompany believing it will stand Burnley in good stead. “I take pride in it because I know ultimately what it brings,” he added.

“There will be a day where we’re sat together talking about an another trophy or something and it will be because of what you’ve seen today. I really believe that.

“Right now, okay it’s hard to put it into context but I know what it gives if you keep doing that.”

Burnley said on Kompany’s departure: “We can confirm that Burnley FC has come to an agreement that will allow Vincent Kompany to leave Turf Moor.

“Whilst we were initially confident in retaining our manager, the changing dynamics of the situation made this impossible.

“We understand the allure and prestige of a club like Bayern Munich and respect Vincent’s ambition to explore new opportunities.

“We wish only the best for Vincent and would like to put on record our appreciation for his dedication every single day he was a part of this football club.

“Our priority remains the stability and success of Burnley FC, and we will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that our ambition is realised – namely our return to the Premier League.

“We have started the search for a new manager and will make an announcement in due course.”

They soon added: “Following the departure of Vincent Kompany, we are actively working on our search for a permanent manager.

“In the meantime, the Club has placed Craig Bellamy, assisted by Mike Jackson, in the roles of Acting Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach.

“We have complete faith in Craig and Mike and believe their extensive experience and deep understanding of the Club make them the perfect candidates to lead the team at this important time.

“We will provide further updates regarding a permanent manager in due course.”

Burnley owner J.J. Watt vows to Burnley fans that the club will seek out the best replacement for Vincent Kompany, and doesn’t blame him for taking up a role at Bayern, who paid Burnley £10.2 million for his services.

Watt said in a video via Twitter: “I have been transparent about everything so far and I hope you’ll understand why I haven’t been able to say anything about this until now that it’s official. But obviously, Vincent Kompany is off to become the manager at Bayern Munich and we have already begun the process of finding a new manager here at Burnley and we wish Vince nothing but the best.

“Like I told him on the call when Bayern Munich calls you answer that call 100 times out of 100. And I don’t blame him one bit for taking the call. I don’t blame him for taking the opportunity and wish him nothing but the best. [We] Thank him for an unbelievable championship season, one of the best in history, and hope he has much success moving forward.

“Obviously, this past season didn’t go the way any of us hoped or expected it would but that’s football. And I understand how our supporters are feeling right now. You’re wondering what’s next?

“What does the future hold? We had a process. What does that process look like now? And all I can say is that we have already begun working extremely hard to make sure that we find the right person to take this project into its next phases.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest name. That doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that we want to make sure we find the exact right fit for what we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to build at Burnley. And we’re going to make sure that we ask all the right questions and do all the due diligence necessary to get that right person.

“This club has been around since 1882. Long, long, long before any one of us was here and it’s going to be around for many, many, many more years after all of us are gone. So it’s our job right now to do whatever we can to make sure that we steward it into the next phase properly and that’s what we’re doing.

“This hat looks dirty as —- because it’s been on my head basically every day since I put it on last March and it’s going to be on my head for many more days to come in the future.

“I look forward to those days. I’m just as excited, if not more excited now than I ever have been because right now we have an opportunity to decide who we’re going to be moving forward and that should excite everyone. Step one is getting ourselves back up to the Premier League and it starts right now. Since 1882, up the Clarets.”

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