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Viewers turn on Karen Carney as she causes controversy yet again

Viewers have decided to turn on commentator Karen Carney as she causes controversy yet again whilst reporting on the FA Cup.

She was talking football fans through on what was happening during Chelsea’s Fourth Round encounter with Championship outfit Luton Town.

However she has found herself the centre of a talk point on Twitter, something she no longer uses herself.

It would see her skills and a pundit and reporter hasn’t gone down too well with many stating they they find her unbearable compared to Alex Scott.

Others accused her of not knowing what she was talking about, whilst there were plenty saying she was stating the obvious and not offering anything different.

One viewer @tony_passmore wrote: Nothing to do with our Covid promotion comments but Karen Carney’s voice is like chalk down a blackboard. Her nasal drawl has driven me to turn the Luton v Chelsea game off. Imagine her and Carragher commenting on the same game!

That wasn’t the only time viewers felt the need to turn on Karen Carney, as just weeks ago, Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani hit back at what she said about the club and their promotion to the big time.

The former footballer turned pundit came under-fire after she suggested the club were promoted to the Premier League partly because of the disruption caused by Covid.

The Whites brutally mocked her on social media, with owner Andrea Radrizzani getting involved, as footage was shared of Carney’s analysis of Leeds’ style following their 5-0 victory against West Brom at the Hawthorns last month.

Many have been left surprised that Leeds have left the footage of her up on their social media after the club themselves were slammed by members of the football media world…

Carney gave praise to Leeds over their performances throughout the season and their demolition of the Baggies, however she questioned if whether they can keep the same pace over a full season, sparking backlash.

She said of Marcelo Bielsa’s side: “They outrun everyone and credit to them.

“My only concern would be that they blow up at the end of the season.

“We saw that a couple of seasons ago and I actually think they got promoted because of COVID, in terms of it gave them a bit of respite.

“I don’t know whether they would have gone up if they didn’t have that break.”

The admins behind Leeds’ social media didn’t take kindly to her words, despite Carney largely offering them praise, and pointed to the margin of their Championship title victory in a mocking tweet.

Quote tweeting a video of her comments, Leeds wrote on social media: “Promoted because of Covid. Won the league by 10 points. Hi @primevideosport.“

Leeds owner Radrizzani defended the nature of the tweet, insisting he found Carney’s comments disrespectful.

He wrote on social media: “I take the responsibility of the club tweet.

“I consider that comment completely unnecessary and disrespectful to our club and particularly to the fantastic hard work of our players and coaches whom were understanding on the pitch for the last two championship seasons by all stats.”

As mentioned, viewers once again chose to turn on Karen Carney as she causes controversy yet again went commentating on Chelsea v Luton, see what they said below…

@EmmaBfc90: I’m gonna have to watch the rest of this game with the sound off because Karen Carney’s voice is annoying the fuck out of me.

@alex3lufc: Wish Karen Carney would shut her monotone gob

@JamieMo99472896: Danny Murphy last night, Karen Carney today. It will be Mark Lawrenson later to complete the sh!t co-commentary hardwick for the BBC.

@G_Ken5: Karen Carney saying Werner’s touch was really good.. when he just over run it! Proving that she only got this co-commentator job because of her gender….voice that goes right through you and not a fucking clue what she’s talking about #bbc #motd #chelut

@bcfcgal: I’m all for diversity and I’d happily listen to Alex Scott but my god Karen Carney has the most annoying voice in the world and talks absolute nonsense.

@PlayersTrombone: Just put the Chelsea game on. Karen Carney. Straight on mute.

@coys100: Sorry Karen Carney is simply awful no idea what she’s talking about. Luton are pressing high not being defensive

@Calvo98_: Am I allowed to say Karen Carney is shite without some nut cases claiming I’m making abusive and sexist comments against a female?

@YNWA365 as viewers turn on Karen Carney: Oh fuck off Karen Carney. 100’s of better candidates to co-commentate but it’s Karen Carney. She hasn’t got the job on merit, she’s got it on the fact she’s female. That’s not equality.

@AJMK39: Karen Carney just said Luton. Only stayed up last season because of COVID. Shocked, and appalled.

@AlexIden3: Dear @BBC, I’ve found the red button to mute the crowd noise for the Chelsea game but where is the button to mute the Karen Carney noise? #CHELUT

@ThomasLong_: kepa’s mistake was awful but it’s nowhere near as bad as karen carney’s commentary

@loiner1000: Karen Carney talks bollocks just like any other commentator but she does so with that painful monotone drone. For fucks same BBC get someone else and get kick her into touc

@Smtlufc: Karen Carney has got to be the worst co commentator in the history of the game. I’m not just talking about the Leeds stuff either. Her ‘insight’ into football whilst speaking during the Chelsea v Luton game is laughable. My U10s kids know more and would come across better

@Jordyparker23: Can’t listen to Karen Carney for 90 mins here, what else is on…..

@LukeyUtd: Listening to Karen Carney is a painful experience, for the first time since Michael Owen the TV has been muted aggressively.

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