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Viewers spot TV commentator singing ‘F*** the Tories’ chant during Liverpool v Leicester

Viewers spot one Dutch TV commentator singing the ‘F*** the Tories’ chant during Liverpool v Leicester during the midweek clash.

Liverpool came back after falling behind, to draw with the Foxes, before Jurgen Klopp’s side were victorious in a penalty shootout causing scenes at Anfield on Wednesday.

It sealed the Reds’ place into the Carabao Cup, to which they will face Arsenal, but it wasn’t just the action on the pitch which that got the media’s attention.

Liverpool fans were voicing their displeasure against the current government, and a Dutch commentator couldn’t help but join in with the chant that you wouldn’t expect to be heard or repeated live on TV.

It was something which went viral across social media, however some questioned what the expression would mean to potentially bemused viewers tuning into the match back in the Netherlands.

When 2-0 down, Leicester fans could be heard singing “Feed the Scousers”, taunting them as Brendan Rodgers’ side looked comfortable at the time thanks to Jamie Vardy’s double after 13 minutes.

But it was Liverpool who had the last laugh by going on to draw 3-3, Takumi Minamino getting the 90th minute equaliser, then the Reds won 5-4 on spot kicks.

Diogo Jota, who scored the winner penalty, celebrated in dramatic fashion along with his fellow in front of travelling fans following their taunts throughout the game.

Jurgen Klopp also endeared himself even more to Liverpool fans by passionately praising them following the win.

“I don’t know the exact percentage of how much we mean to Liverpool supporters in comparison to other things in their lives, but it’s a big one,” Klopp told Swedish broadcaster, Viaplay.

“We feel the responsibility but we feel the push we get from them much more.

“This club is so special. Everything we do is very important. We see it as an advantage that people are so behind us and I love it so much. it’s unbelievable.

“Honestly, if I would have known how good this club is and how much we mean to each other, I would have wanted to be here much earlier. It’s absolutely outstanding.”

As mentioned, viewers spot a TV commentator SINGING the ‘F*** the Tories’ chant during Liverpool v Leicester, so took to social media to react to that along with the ‘Feed the Scousers’ song…

@DanHenderson91: Hahaha go on the Dutch

@hirshad__: We need more commentary like this

@Bobby_McHale: When are you joining in on sky @GNev2

@DamsLFC: Can somebody explain to me, a foreigner, why people hate the tories? I’m not trying to be provocative, I just haven’t got into the whole situation. I get everything going on with Boris etc.

@Georgeh201: Myriad of reasons but as a starter Google: 1. managed decline Liverpool; 2. conservative party Hillsborough disaster; and 3. poll tax Scotland. More recent “highlights” include: Brexit, handling of Covid19 pandemic, austerity.

@StevoHodson: Got this in my head (complete with Dutch accent) now 😂

@Konate_LFC_: He’s also saying “beautiful this” at the beginning 😭

@Adamwest04: Hahaha what a guy

@AlexanderToon94: Get him on Sky

@ApSingh823: Martin Tyler’s replacement is sorted

@__danielf97: Give that man whatever the fuck he wants, he’s bang on the money!

@Nick_Pettigrew: DWP figures in March 2021 showed that Leicester had one of the highest rates of child poverty in the country. Leicester City fans might want to spend more time fighting the govt who caused that, like Liverpool fans always have, and less time chanting ‘Feed the Scousers’ at them.

@SunScum: Feed the scousers? Absolutely we will and we’ll feed the Mancs and Newcastle, West Ham and every under previlleged people in every city or town in the country because hunger has no borders or colours. It could be any one of us at any point in our life.

@simon_mombrun: 6 Times, Leicester can’t sing that

@jamesm_huxley: Why are Leicester fans singing that? Leicester is poorer than Liverpool and I’m fairly sure crime is roughly equal in Leicester to Liverpool, possibly higher….

@jp_lfc: The away end is proper soccer AM brigade.

@viewsaremyown23: In which case I’ll sing with the Liverpool fans

@ARDFootball: 2021 and people still singing that horrible song 🙄🙄.

@HLTCO: I see “Feed the Scousers” got an outing in Leicester’s end last night. At a time when the need for Food Banks is at an unprecedented level across the UK, it feels like such an archaic chant.

I was made up when Leicester won the league, I really was…but I’m glad we’ve beaten these tonight, their fans are absolute whoppers, singing ‘feed the Scousers.’
They got it back in spades, ‘fuck the Tories!’
Boris lovers, thick twats!
Up the fuckin REDMEN!

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