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Viewers spot Sky Sports display most pointless stat ever during Carabao Cup Final

Viewers spot Sky Sports display potential the most pointless stat ever during the Carabao Cup Final between Tottenham and Man City.

The game, which was being played out with 8,000 fans in attendance, saw Aymeric Laporte, who was perhaps fortunate to remain on the pitch in the first half, met Kevin de Bruyne’s free-kick with a header that nestled into the corner to give City a fourth consecutive trophy.

It turned out to be a disappointing watch, especially with Leeds and Man Utd also drawing 0-0 before hand and Burnley hit four past Wolves in the lunchtime Premier League kick off.

The only thing that kept fans watching the final was having fans back in the ground and knowing that by the end we would eventually see a winner.

The broadcaster bizarrely chose to show fans watching the game from home a head-to-head stat between the two managers.

For Pep Guardiola, he has had 694 games during his managerial career, 517 of that he has won, and earned himself 24 trophy wins in the process.

Ryan Mason, who has just replaced Jose Mourinho after he was sacked at the start of the week, oversaw his team win in midweek, and the final was just his second game in charge for Spurs. Quite the big one considering Tottenham haven’t won a trophy since 2008.

Yet Sky Sports still felt the need to put a head-to-head stat for the 29 year old, who had to end his playing career early due to a worrying injury.

Ryan Mason’s stats, as if we needed them, read 2 games, 1 win and 0 trophies. Was the graphic really necessary?


6.8 – Steffen
6.9 – Walker
7.5 – Laporte
6.9 – Dias
8.2 – Cancelo
7.4 – Fernandinho
7.0 – Gündogan
7.3 – Mahrez
7.5 – De Bruyne
6.6 – Sterling
7.2 – Foden
6.0 – Rodrigo (sub)
6.0 – Silva (sub)

6.7 – Lloris
6.4 – Aurier
6.6 – Alderweireld
6.3 – Dier
5.8 – Reguilón
6.5 – Celso
6.4 – Højbjerg
6.2 – Winks
6.9 – Moura
6.4 – Kane
6.5 – Heung-Min
6.2 – Bale (sub)
5.9 – Alli (sub)
6.0 – Bergwijn (sub)
6.1 – Sissoko (sub)

Manchester City goalscorer Aymeric Laporte to Sky Sports: “It’s very special for us after we lost in the FA Cup. [We needed] to get confidence and keep going. In the last two months we have been so good. We have to keep this rhythm, to win more titles.

“It was difficult today, they were a good team. It’s never easy. Today we have done very well.

“I was thinking about my yellow card. We know a little mistake can cost you. I was being careful.

“We are so happy to see our supporters back. I wish there could have been more, but we are so happy to have their support.”

Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez speaking to Sky Sports: “It was a tough game. We knew it was going to be tough. We kept dominating, we kept passing the ball and I think we deserved to win today.

“You are always scared because it is a good team but we are confident in our game. We are very happy. You have to win whether you play good or not – today I think we played good and won.”

On having fans back: “They made a massive difference, 8,000 was amazing and we look forward to having more of them back.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to Sky Sports: “It’s not full [in the stadium] but it was a great noise [from the supporters].

“Today we are incredibly happy that we have four in a row in this competition. We tried to win the game, created a lot of chances. They had some chances on the counter but in general we had a good game.”

On whether his side practise set-pieces: “We don’t have time to work. Just the principles from the beginning so we know what to do and we just try to recover. It is tough but it is what it is – the schedule is this way.”

On winning his 30th trophy as a manager: “It’s good. I was in big clubs so that is why it is easier to do it.”

1970, 1976, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and, now, 2021. Manchester City have matched Liverpool’s record of eight league cup victories, along with the Reds’ record of lifting the trophy four years in a row – achieved in 1984.

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville: “City were so dominant. Pep Guardiola’s cup final record is absolutely sensational.

“The passing and domination was a lesson for Ryan Mason. They created so many touches. To play that well in a cup final…”

Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp: “There was a huge gulf in class. They were by far the better side. They were a joy to watch. Guardiola is a genius. They were so superior to Tottenham in every department.”

Fans reacted as viewers spot a Sky Sports display the most pointless stat you’ll ever see during the Carabao Cup Final…

@caville: They’ve only put his second game on the stars as otherwise it would be a 100% win record. Pep is in Ryan’s shadow, clearly.

@Calstagram123: It was such a pointless stat

@drake_jesse: Also, this isn’t telling people things they don’t already know.

@RichardGahagan: Harsh assessment 😂

@Overuled: I also don’t think Ryan Mason wants to hear the phrase “head-to-head” ever again.

@matty76smith: That’s @SkySports for you!

@jamsey55: Martin Tyler “says it all really – Like he was actually taking these stats seriously

@RyanBrown12345: Another graphic to big up pep

@A96oaye_1: @SkySports What was the point in this?!

@JLonsdale_96: Manager head to head??? the bloke has had one game 😆😆

@cflynn123: I cannot believe they done this 😂😂😂 outrageous

@hawkeyesidekick: The most useless stat of the day. Ryan Mason’s second game in charge 🙂

@ExaUtd: It’s pointless to even put it up

@symslazmal: who tf come up with this graphic lol

@matt_redders: Classic sky sports

@_wixinho_: Sky continuing their anti spurs agenda of course

@Stewartday78: That’s sky for ya

@ftbl_v: He’s not far off tbh

@gold_1969: Totally pointless in putting that up.

@Buttyman86: Says it all about @SkyFootball these days

@freezyvr: They gonna compare messis son to Ronaldo next

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