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Viewers let rip at Karen Carney as she makes yet another blunder

Viewers let rip at Karen Carney once again as she makes yet another blunder which many a football fan pointed out on Twitter.

She was scrutinised by supporters, but this time it came whilst she commentated the Premier League fixture between Crystal Palace and West Ham, which was live on BT Sport.

It would seem her skills as a pundit and reporter hasn’t gone down too well again with many stating they just can’t watch the match with the sound on because of her. That or they had to turn over.

It was another matchday which saw Twitter users take to say how unbearable she is, with @Gallagherlad95 writing: “Said it the other day, but Alex Scott has been a credit to females in punditry. Karen Carney has been the total opposite.”

It’s getting to the stage that fans are now taking to BT Sport’s social media pages to ask for her to be replaced.

Many of her mistakes were highlighted with viewers losing patience with her commentating on games.

Much loved account @HLTCO wrote: Karen Carney: “Will there be a tactical switch at half-time from Palace?” Does she know who Roy Hodgson is?

@_OwenTHFC added: “Karen Carney just called Said Benrahma Ben Arfa ffs”

@henryswainy said, with Carney stating the obvious: “I think it was the lack of communication that led to the collision” fuck me Karen Carney

@StevieT1969 wrote: “She just said she watched Rice against Doncaster (at the weekend), ffs he never played one minute”

Viewers continued to let rip at Karen Carney as she makes yet another blunder or two, which quickly made her the most talked about person of the night on Twitter, trending at one point, some taking the mick…

@GEORGlNlO said: Karen Carney has just said Rugby instead of football no way

@PCExpressLUFCX: Dear football. Re Karen Carney. We told you. Love, LUFC.

@xDellisOfficial: Karen Carney saying she watched rice vs Doncaster


@jotunthrash666: Apparently Karen Carney called Benrahama, Ben Arfa 😂


@DgGentle: I was going to watch the Palace v West Ham game but I can’t listen to another 90 mins of Karen Carney so Newcastle v Leeds it is.

@westhamtransfer: Really don’t like Karen Carney as a commentator

@johnanthonyr4: I’m stuck watching Newcastle and Leeds because Karen Carney is doing the West Ham game


@fullback03: Karen Carney just about to congratulate West Ham on getting through to the next round.

@MissVJFxx: I think everyone who gave #lufc and us fans shit for calling out Karen Carney owes us an apology. Now you see what we see. Don’t say we didn’t warn you lol #karencarney #shit

@FplPhantom: Is there actually anyone worse to listen to for 90 minutes than Karen Carney on @btsportfootball – absolute nonsense just falls out her mouth. She makes McManaman sound knowledgeable. Just awful.

@westhamutdnow: Karen Carney is painful to listen to on the commentary…

@PerrinPhilip: Sorry but can’t watch that west ham game with Karen carney commentating voice is cringey and fukin annoying

@leondepreli_: Karen Carney is an awful commentator. Hardly ever adds useful insight.

@FearonNiks: Karen Carney is a SHAMBOLIC commentator, and it has nothing to do with her being female!!! what is it with BT SPORT and employing shocking commentators! Fuck me their all prolifically SHIT!!! Karencarney

As you can see, it weren’t just Karen Carney than viewers let rip at, with Steve McManaman also coming under fire, he was on the other channel covering Leeds’ 2-1 win over Newcastle.

Praising Jeff Hendrick have having a great second half was one of the talking points from fans online.

@MurrayyyDaniel: The second half possession stats just came up and we (Newcastle) had 43% and Steve Mcmanaman used that to suggest we’re now a great attacking force

@charlie__mellor: I beg you add an option to mute Steve McManaman @btsportfootball

@Lee18_92Johnson: “Hendrick has done well second half” “This is more like it exciting” #nufc

@Alex_Full16: There absolutely has to be a way to mute just Steve McManaman, my god

@Smarty_Lufc: Steve McManaman is hard work to listen to isn’t he. No personality at all.

@NickoTaylor_: Steve McManaman is absolutely awful on commentary, he’s talking like Newcastle are 5-1 up & playing like Barcelona of 2010, Newcastle are losing Steve you absolute pineapple #NEWLEE

It comes just days after Karen Carney was on commentary again, covering Chelsea’s game against Luton Town on Sunday afternoon.

Others accused her of not knowing what she was talking about, whilst there were plenty saying she was stating the obvious and not offering anything different. Sound familiar?

One viewer @tony_passmore wrote: Nothing to do with our Covid promotion comments but Karen Carney’s voice is like chalk down a blackboard. Her nasal drawl has driven me to turn the Luton v Chelsea game off. Imagine her and Carragher commenting on the same game!

That wasn’t the only time viewers felt the need to turn on Karen Carney, as just weeks ago, Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani hit back at what she said about the club and their promotion to the big time.

The former footballer turned pundit came under-fire after she suggested the club were promoted to the Premier League partly because of the disruption caused by Covid.

The Whites brutally mocked her on social media, with owner Andrea Radrizzani getting involved, as footage was shared of Carney’s analysis of Leeds’ style following their 5-0 victory against West Brom at the Hawthorns last month.

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