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Viewers left shocked as Middlesbrough player bites another footballer in the back

Viewers were left shocked during a match on Wednesday night as a Middlesbrough player bites another footballer in the back.

A certain supporter of Nottingham Forest was watching the game over on the EFL’s iFollow streaming service, when he was left appalled by the actions of Britt Assombalonga.

During the game, there was a flare up among players with Boro’s George Saville bundled to the ground, before being stamped on by Yuri Ribeiro, who ended up getting sent off for an altercation near the corner in the 97th minute.

Footage shows the stamp getting noticed by Britt Assombalonga who then holds on to Ribeiro who is trying to leave the scene.

Twitter users then watched the clip and alleged that the Middlesbrough player goes in for a bite on the opposition player.

Ribiero then goes in for a headbutt, only for it to look as though he just about grazes the head of Britt, who then dramatically flings his head round.

The game itself however ended up finished with a 2-1 victory for Neil Warnock’s side, taking them up to 7th in the Championship table, taking 39 points from 24 games played so far for the 2020/21 season.

Nottingham Forest however sit in 20th place, taking 25 points from 25 games.

The first goal of the night came on the 14th minute, when a low ball in was sent in from Jonny Howson for it to meet Assombalonga who had time and space to sweep it home first time.

Then four minutes into the second half, there was an incisive Boro breakaway,with George Saville being slipped in and managed to keep his composure to slot home his side’s second of the game.

There was a goal for Nottingham Forest, though coming in the 90th minute when Joey Lolley’s cross was sent into the box and then headed home by Mbe Soh to reduce the deficit, however they just couldn’t get an equaliser.

Then as mentioned the flare up came on the 97th minute, as Middlesbrough player Assombalonga bites another footballer in Ribiero, with the latter getting sent off for a stamp and altercation.

Nottingham Forest’s Chris Hughton said after the game: “It was a disappointing night, particularly on the back of a seven-game unbeaten run and a really good performance (against Millwall). But we never really got going, we needed to impose ourselves more on them and we were not able to do that. If you cannot do that, you need to be resolute and solid at the back.

“We conceded two really poor goals. With the form we have been in and certainly the defensive form we have been in, it was not like us. That is probably the most disappointing aspect. I cannot say that we were the better side; I cannot say we deserved to get anything from the game. They play in a certain way. But they have quality in their side.”

Middlesbrough’s Neil Warnock also said to the media: “When Britt’s like that, he’s as good as anything. I just wish he’d do that every week. We were at it from the first minute, I knew we’d be all right. We never took our foot off the pedal, that’s lovely to see.

“We were sloppy on Saturday, but the only disappointment was not scoring more goals. Apart from their goal, I can’t think of a save our keeper had to make. I’d give Jonny Howson 11 out of 10 for his performance.”

Viewers were left shocked as they allege that the Middlesbrough player bites another footballer in the back, see what they tweeted below…

@jamiecaines2: If he doesn’t then something is wrong with the EFL

@Panks80: Britt literallly bites Riberios back!?

@aziz_emran: Oscar winning reaction to the ‘headbutt’

@woolleybear7: Modern football/actors

@sporteventsrmh: Totally over acted by Assombalonga, he drew it in knowing how Rib would react. But how many times to we see players do what Britt did? Warnock would have loved that. Gamesmanship by them, really poor from Rib to be sucked in.

@JayTCluroe: @EFL this man is biting people, anything to touch the gibraldi red

@Stevensjh1991: Who doesn’t like a rib on a Wednesday though?

@NFFC_FPL: Big boy Brit acting like a snipers got him

@Kev_Drake: #nffc yep what a scumbag that was the second time he went head to head with Ribeiro and then pretended to be hurt after looking like he bit him! Destroyed his legacy as an ex-Forest player there, appalling.

@funkstarphil: @BrittOfficials appalling behaviour

@jakeadkinsport: Definitely worth an appeal. If Ribeiro’s the one who is being suspended for “violent conduct”, there’s definitely reason to take this to the FA to have a look. If not to reduce Yuri’s ban, at least get Britt slapped with a retrospective #nffc

@GC_NFFC: So Yuri gets sent off for his stamp which you can’t have any compliments about that just silly behaviour from him but what about hungry big Britt ffs how does the linesman not see that is beyond me just ridiculous

@TrixieKing27: Assombalonga what a twat. Never want him at our club. #nffc

@Rob_Leah: Suarez esque? @BrittOfficials, thought you was class today, had enough respect not to celebrate scoring against us but then something like this happens and taints it, unprofessional by both parties, no need to initiate the reaction, and the reaction was unnecessary

@james1spencer: Ribeiro bitten = sending off… @EFL dunno about that mate

@AO1865: EFL best fucking see this…

@NFFC_owen: @EFL didn’t realise you could have a snack halfway through the game

@BankzyNFFC: Assombalonga doing his best Suarez impression, what an absolute fucking weirdo

@e_nottmforest: What?! How has Brett not been sent off for this! What on earth is he doing. ,

@mortlock43: Wtf

@RileyNFFC_: @EFL Fucker tried to have a mid game snack

@abs_rufc: it’s embarrassing enough for a 4 year old to bite let alone a grown fucking ‘man’, have some bollocks and just punch out if you’re that pissed off – also is the linesman blind or what???

@Jamief_12: @EFL ??

@NBoned85: Fucking sort it out

@WS19Eaton: If Yuri was sent off for this then surely Assombalonga should be for what looks like a bite

@5tu_nffc: Ribs head butted him twice in the game so he’s a daftun & also went in with studs before second head butt. But surely retrospective action for Britt’s Suarez impersonation?

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