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Viewers ‘in tears’ as Chris Kamara bravely opens up and gives update on speech condition

Some viewers were left ‘in tears’ as Chris Kamara bravely opens up to Good Morning Britain and gives an update on his speech condition.

The much loved Sky Sports update has talked about his struggles with apraxia of speech to presenters Ben Shepherd and Charlotte Hawkins.

Kammy addressed his health battle last week after some people were concerned for him after he was seen slurring during a match report on Rotherham’s game against Shrewsbury.

He expressed his gratitude for the messages he has since received while providing an update on his condition: ‘It was incredible,’ he said. ‘Today is a good day. Today I think I’m fine, I don’t know how I sound. But it seems as if I’m ok.

‘But on Saturday I was doing a report for Sky at Rotherham and unbeknown to me, because I’m not really sure about how it comes out, because if I explain my apraxia, we take for granted the fact that when we think and coming through our speech it’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s natural.

‘My apraxia, because it varies in different people, when it’s bad it stops those signals from that brain going to that mouth, so it slows it down.

‘In fact, at times it slurs the words as well. So people are looking and thinking, ‘Is he alright? Is he drunk?’

Presenter Ben Shepard then said: ‘You sound great this morning mate and you sharing this I know is really important.’ 

Kamara replied: ‘It’s difficult Ben because it’s neurological problem, we don’t know, the experts don’t know.

‘The brain is such a complex part of you that it’s hard to say whether it is the thyroid that’s brought this on, will it get better in time? 

‘I’m trying to use parts of my brain now that allows me to speak fluently. So I’m with speech therapist and I’m with another therapist who’s trying his best, so it’s quite incredible really.’ 

As mentioned, some viewers were ‘in tears’ as Chris Kamara bravely opens up and gives an update on his speech condition…

@NeilMash202255: You should expect a response like that Kammy your a bloody true gentleman and an inspiration to many and your most of all a fighter so God Bless you fella 👍👍👍👍

@wykesdarren: We’re all with you Chris, your a legend

@3sbryant: Big respect and much love to @chris_kammy top man. Stay strong.

@icerowe: Thank you @chris_kammy for raising much needed awareness of ‘apraxia of speech’ (or verbal dyspraxia) on @GMB! I was born with it and live with it every day, hardly anyone has heard of it and everyone takes their speech for granted #GMB

@DeanWolstenholm: you’re a legend Chris. Great to see you on GMB this morning. Keep working at that apraxia. Never beaten, always a champion. MOT.

@Oldchap63: Get well soon Kammy, very brave to appear on tv and Hope you are on the mend soon fella.

@PaulKen53484130: Just watched you on GMB this morning and shocked to hear about your Apraxia,I was at a function in Nuneaton and you were amazing, best wishes and hope you get well soon so you can return to TV as Soccer Saturday won’t be the same without you stay safe and well ❤️🙏

@whereskay: Keep going @chris_kammy ❤️💛 #bcafc

@pinkliz4444: @chris_kammy what an absolute blooming legend you are!! Always making everyone smile and laugh. So great that you are raising awareness for apraxia. Wishing you so much love and strength in your fight going forwards. You are such a lovely person xxxx

@davefave: @chris_kammy well done , keep going mate . So glad you said your not after sympathy because like you say there is so many bad things going on in the world , but fair play to you for keep going kammy you’re an inspiration to us all #kaamy @GMB @SkyFootball

@JosephGillam: 😢 a voice we all grew up with. Can’t not love Kammy @chris_kammy stay strong!

@Velodan68: @chris_kammy You’re a legend fella and am really pleased to see you working through Apraxia. Lot’s of positive support from a Pompey fan. #apraxia #chriskamara

@CJFOXY30: Watching @chris_kammy on @GMB! What a dude…..and how incredibly brave to get back out there, and get on with his job with fun and professionalism. You sounded amazing. Best wishes, Mate!!

@PaulPlimsol: If the world was full of @chris_kammy wouldn’t the world be a happier place @GMB

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