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Viewers fume as Sky Sports coverage of Championship match cuts out amid ‘temporary fault’

Viewers couldn’t help but fume as Sky Sports coverage of Saturday afternoon’s Championship match cuts out amid a ‘temporary fault’.

The broadcaster were due to show the build up to Leicester City’s trip to West Brom with the programme starting at 12pm.

But instead, there was a technical fault, meaning there was no live coverage and no interviews on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Football.

While Sky tried to quickly get the problem mended, they instead showed old cricket highlights before a series of highlights of the greatest EFL games like they did during the pandemic.

Instead of West Brom v Leicester, viewers had to sit through replays of Cardiff City vs Swansea City from 2009, along with Huddersfield vs Reading in 2017 and then the 2014 playoff final between Derby and QPR – shown on people’s screens at 12:25pm.

And even by the time kick off came, the broadcaster were still having trouble.

The commentator could be heard saying there will be limited coverage with no graphics or replays, before normal service resumed.

A message on the screen read: “We’re really sorry for the temporary fault and hope to return to the scheduled programme shortly.”

They added: “Apologies we’ve not been able to bring you the usual build-up to the game. We’ve had some major technical issues that we’re working very hard to fix. There will be slightly limited coverage and we won’t have any graphics or replays but we hope they will return during the match.”

The game saw a dramatic second half, with Leicester going ahead on 75 minute thanks to Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall powering home the header.

Then West Brom thought they cinched a draw, with Maja poking in a late equaliser on 89 minutes, but Harry Winks made sure the league leaders were coming away with all three points, as he slid in the winner after devastating counter.

As mentioned, a number of viewers took to fume as Sky Sports coverage of the Championship match cuts out amid a ‘temporary fault’…

@RFox55_: Sky Sports where is the West Brom v Leicester coverage???? Why am I listening to a cricketer?! @SkySports the amount we all pay for Sky and you can’t even get a coverage setup properly for a Midlands Derby? Absolutely disgusting. Shambles of a broadcasting channel.

@joeycluckaduck: Come on @skysports where is the match?

@ollie_patterson: Sky Sports, is there any chance of some form of coverage of the #lcfc game? Can I get the £120/month value within the next 11minutes please? Useless.

@AzamWHUFC: Wtf has happened with Sky Sports they haven’t started the live coverage of the West Brom Leicester game hahaha

@dannylittle86: @SkySports @virginmedia why is your skysports coverage of todays west brom vs leicester not working

@Baggieboy75Mike: @SkySports what’s going on here????? Build up to the game should be on now!!!!!!!

@dannybaggies: Shambles as per from sky

@jimbobm52: @SkySports sort your shit out. Not only was your red button crap on Wednesday now your coverage of West Brom v Leicester is not available 😡😡😡

@jh_dcfc: Anyone else watching huddersfield reading right now. #skysports

@Baggieboy75Mike: what’s going on with sky sports coverage?

@StricklyDanWPR: @SkySports have the elves been in playing with your connections? Put the Leicester game on. Ffs #lcfc

@johnnywalkerHQ: Amazing that NowTV and Sky Sports can show a football match from 2009 but can’t plug the correct leads in for the current match day #WBA

@OJ042: Gone on to sky sports to watch the Leicester game and seeing Ross McCormack bag a pen for Cardiff vs Swansea what’s going on

@liamhaynes7: Sky sports are a joke

@AR_Megson: Sky I really don’t want to watch a game from 2009!?! #skysports

@Clocker71: I was thinking the same?

@llpoolejay: Sort it out @skysports you fuckwits #WBALEI

@AntBShipSpotter Why’s @WBA vs @LCFC build up not on Sky sports Main or Sky sports football? @CarlyBassett @SimonThomasTV @pruttsofficial 🤔

@MichaelJTopley: Thought I’d tuned in to watch the @LCFC game @SkySports? Two channels and no game? #lcfc

@MickMcCarthy92: Sky Sports having a shocker at the moment.

@Icfctoby: Why is sky sports footballing not working

@wba_mitch: Hello @SkySports can we have the football on and not highlights of Moeen Ali’s career pls

@PeterHanna9: @SkySports Where’s WBA v LCFC???

@niamhcallis: Is the West Brom game still on @SkySports not coming up on the channel 🤷‍♀️ #WBA

@johnty1984: @SkySports why hasn’t the coverage of West Brom v Leicester started? I’ve currently got reply’s of old games on

@johnty1984: They change kick off times and mess fans about and then can’t get the game on the tv

@JackWhitman_7: sky sports i didn’t wanna watch leicester anyway thanks

@SPFLWatch: What’s happened to Sky Sports?

@DexWBA__: Sky sports showing 2009 Welsh derby instead of the Albion game because they can’t get it to work. Absolute shambles.

@1mackem88: Where’s the built up to the championship game @SkySports not on #mainevent or #football

@rossjporter: Sort it out @SkySports!

@hannahp100: Well that was a total shambles #skysports #lcfc

@aidenskeldon99: Class service from sky sports as always

@njwoodward: Will they delay the #wbalei kick off because @SkySports have lost the TV link? 🤔 Who matters more the TV audience or the paying public? #wba #LCFC

@KeiranJW4: @SkySports sort your sh*t out.

@liamhaynes7: @SkySports you pay for a service and don’t receive it , very poor

@BigG2369: Why is @SkySports showing greatest games instead of @WBA Vs @LCFC I don’t pay my money for this……

@geonewcombe: Sky sports is a JOKE

@kirky0110: Sky sports have absolutely fudged it this morning Jesus Christ where’s the game 😂

@stephmudryk: @skysports robbing people blind for the football and can’t even show the games, sort it out

@SPFLWatch: What’s happened to Sky Sports?

@TaylorStannett3: What’s wrong @SkySports 🫠

@Campbell3311: Are you saying you DON’T want to watch re-runs of Huddersfield vs Reading?

@SPFLWatch: The Cardiff vs Swansea game was great. This one less so

@Covoooonia: We actually gonna get to watch WBA/Leicester then Sky Sports? By heck you’ve gone downhill these past few years…

@marls__: Leicester vs West Brom has limited coverage, no replays available and no pre match coverage. WE pay for this! Get good @SkySports

@lukeparkerpne: Do we have to watch Cardiff v Swansea from 2009 ? #skysports #Championship

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