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Viewers criticise Danny Murphy for his idiotic comment made over Aston Villa

Viewers had to criticise Danny Murphy for his idiotic comment which was made over an Aston Villa moment on this weekend’s Match of the Day.

The former Premier League player turned pundit has questioned the West Midlands club’s decision to bring in a set-piece coach.

That’s despite the team going on to score their first goal of a 2-0 win against Newcastle United from a set-piece.

Indeed, technically three of Villa’s four goals this season have come from set-pieces with two others scored from penalty kicks.

Danny Ings got a breakthrough moment of his career following his £25 million move to Aston Villa from Southampton, producing a superb bicycle kick to send the Holte End wild.

Matty Cash’s throw-in was flicked on by Tyrone Mings to Ings, who smashed home acrobatically leaving everyone including himself stunned. Some called it better than Wayne Rooney’s all them years ago, but we’ll let you judge for yourself.

That move will have been designed by Austin MacPhee, the Northern Ireland assistant manager who joined Villa from Denmark’s FC Midtjylland, a specialist set-piece coach.

MacPhee worked with Villa vice-captain John McGinn during the pair’s time at St Mirren and the Scotland international spoke highly of his compatriot when his appointment was confirmed.

“Austin’s the best in the business and hopefully we can thrive in that area this season, hopefully we can add to an area that, overall, we have kind of struggled on,” McGinn said.

Meanwhile Murphy, speaking on the BBC football show, has suggested that the appointment of a coach who specialises in set-pieces is unnecessary.

“You have got set-piece coaches, defensive coaches, forward coaches,” he said.

“I do not know what the actual coach does anymore, we have been having long throws for decades.

“I think set-pieces is something a normal coach can do, you do not need to bring in a specific set-piece coach, personally, I don’t think.”

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For balance, Jermaine Jenas said that Villa are already reaping the rewards of a forward-thinking appointment.

“We are utilising from other sports aren’t we?” he said.

“In the NFL they have offensive and defensive coordinators.

“Wherever you can lighten the load and increase value on your side, surely you are going to take that on?”

And presenter Gary Lineker had his say in the debate too, winning praise from many tuning into the program.

“It just shows you how set-pieces really are, doesn’t it,” he said before adding: “It is the little fractions that might make the difference.”

And in response to Murphy, he said: “In great businesses it is about bringing in the people around you.”

As mentioned, viewers criticise Danny Murphy for his idiotic comment made over Aston Villa and coaches, see what was tweeted below…

@GrimandiTweetss: Just watched Danny Ings score a beauty from a throw-in on MOTD, then Dean Smith gave flowers to the setpiece coach & here comes Danny Murphy arguing that specialist setpiece coaches are basically an unnecessary extravagance: “I just think set pieces can be done by normal coaches”

@FinchTheyer: Definitely one of the worst pundits EVER

@gtors1: The problem with a lot of these old-player pundits is that they don’t seem to understand much about progress and development and that a lot in football is a lot more professional and analysed compared to when they started kicking around.

@corlett_dan: Blokes a fucking helmet

@Stephen_669: Can’t beat a long throw in goal

@Gremlimuk: He was jolly until Gary mentioned the villa 😂😂

@CryptoAlphaGeni: Sorry but Danny Murphy is full of nonsense. Why is he such a bitter twisted individual with such ridiculous anslysis. Apparently if you have a specialist coach then the head coach has nothing to do. Bit like Lineker not having anything to do because of Murphy!! #MOTD

@RobA19: Wouldn’t surprise me if Murphy is an ‘anti-vaxer.’ He should be more cheerful, being paid to spout inane drivel 😏

@incite101: Danny Murphy sounding like a dinosaur when most sports have specialist coaches given the fine margins! #motd

@alexrdfisher: Danny Murphy failing to understand the benefit of specialist coaches. Really? #motd

@Dan_Collins68: Yes, Danny Murphy, ‘regular’ coaches can coach set pieces. But also, specialist knowledge? Delegation of tasks? Efficiency? Competitive coaching environment? Record of success and different strengths and weaknesses? In a high value area for a comparatively small investment.

@nfholloway_neil: Really enjoyed Danny Murphy having to have the reason why you have specialist coaches mansplained to him on #MOTD

@KevHughesie: ….. of course Danny Murphy is going to sneer and dismiss the role of a specialist coach…

@wiltybanter: Danny Murphy not being able to comprehend why football clubs have specialist coaches there. Great punditry.

@ThatMetalNessie: Danny Murphy doesn’t believe in specialist coaches. Don’t know what else I expected really but…

@VillaViews_: Think it’s about time Match of the Day brought in a specialist “moody bitter bastard presenting” coach for Danny Murphy. #motd #avfc

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