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Viewers angry after spotting Ceballos trying to con ref by cheating in England win

Viewers watching England’s win over Spain last night were left furious after Ceballos tried to con the referee in the final stages of the match.

The Real Madrid midfielder dramatically fell to the ground clutching his face as he was going down after Ben Chilwell ran past him.

Ceballos made out he was elbowed in the face by the Leicester City defender but replays showed there was no contact between the two players.

Watch the video of that moment below…

The clip went on to be viewed by nearly 100,000 users on Twitter.

“The first half was a disaster, it was difficult to recover,” Ceballos told reporters after the match, as mentioned by Marca.

“We were told by the Coach to replicate the performances of previous matches, to play as we had worked on but we could not do it.

“We should have had a penalty, it was obvious. It should have been a red card too, but sometimes the referee does not make the right decision.

“We must try and forget this game and move on, we now must go to Croatia to win and recover our form as quickly as possible.”


After watching the video of Ceballos faking an elbow to the face, social media users vented out their anger as well as some calling the whole Spanish team cheats – take a look at that reaction on the next page.


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