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VIDEO: Swansea fans fight with each other over a flag during Blackpool draw

Swansea City fans appear to fight with each other over a flag during their 1-1 draw at home to Blackpool on Saturday afternoon.

Several video clips has been uploaded onto social media with many of those who were in attendance saying it was far more entertaining than the game itself.

The heated scenes came on the 93rd minute of the Championship fixture, causing a slight delay to the game, and it was all because of a Union Jack flag.

This is what fans have had to say on the matter as it played out…

@scfcoli: Watching the Union flags being ripped down and our fans finally doing something about it did put a smile on my face. Hopefully that’s the last we see of those awful flags at our stadium. Cymru am Byth 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

@CliveMitchell54: We are a club playing in the English Pyramid in the United Kingdom. Watch the football take the politics elsewhere

@MeSlengTeng: I fucking hate the Union Jack, but if someone wants to put it up then they should be allowed to.

@archiemh17: Totally embarrassing to witness Swansea City fans fighting amongst themselves over a poxy flag, difficult to comprehend.

@milkshake86: Embarrassing and pretty pathetic to see Swansea fans fighting over a flag.. Those that want to display a Union Jack can do so..Well within their right.

@JamieNeef: The attempt by a noisy minority to turn us into rangers by waving sectarian flags should always be challenged.

@Rossi16_: If you are fighting over a flag whatever your opinion is then you probably need to grow up a little bit

@KristianWoodla2: Haha scum

@Liam_Seeley: Baffling that people are so upset by a Swansea union flag that they were willing to fight their own fans!

@tombaileey: 😂😂😂 about time those mugs sorted their unionist few out 👍

@matt_the_jack: Hopefully the non Unionists won

@jamesdylanevans: Rip the bloody thing down

@EllisTucker1: Decided they Welsh again now Wales are doing well 😅


@RhodriJames11: Teenage Cardiff Twitter responding to this as if it’s not a good thing that Swans fans ripped a British flag down and slapped shit into the ‘loyal’ lot. Ok….You love to see it. Go back to Rangers, lads.

@bobbankvillage: Swansea fans an weird bunch, a few brain dead brainwashed squaddies desperately trying to co-opt loyalist politics. It’s so irrelevant it’s cringeworthy

@themightypooI: Christ that’s embarrassing

@MFCTay: wont hear about it however bc it isnt millwall football club


VIDEO: Swansea fans fight with each other over a flag during Blackpool draw

Keshi Anderson’s late equaliser secured the Tangerines a 1-1 draw against Swansea in South Wales.

It was an evenly-contested game of football for the most part with a first-half goal from Joel Piroe putting Swansea ahead, however a late effort from Anderson meant the Swans had to settle for a draw.

Swansea head coach Russell Martin:

“The best thing about the first half was the goal. We got to the box and didn’t go for the jugular because they didn’t feel it was the right moment. There were a few murmurings but we were patient and then Joel has time and space to do what he did, that’s because we were patient.

“We should have two penalties which change the game but I don’t want to come out here and blame the referee because we concede a poor goal. I don’t know what Ethan has to do to get a penalty. We have got a list and compilation of videos where we should have penalties and we’ll send it off because it can’t just keep happening.

“The game swung completely the other way in the second half. I understand if they have a spell, they are a good team, but they had far too much of the ball we didn’t have enough energy and intensity.

“As a group of coaching staff we have to take some responsibility for that. We have maybe worked the guys too hard. It was the last opportunity we had to put some work into them and maybe we have gone too far.

“Bur we have a point. We are unbeaten at home for a long time and we will try to make sure we bounce back better on Wednesday.”

Blackpool head coach Neil Critchley:

“You know what you are going to face when you come to Swansea. They play a unique brand of football. They are the best footballing team in the division and they have an outstanding home record.

“We decided to change our system and play differently today. I think we gave them problems without the ball in the first half.

“They didn’t get really near our goal – we didn’t get near their goal either. It was an outstanding strike that was the difference at half-time.

“Second half we showed real courage to take the game to Swansea and at times we were on top with the ball, we were making them do what they don’t want to do which is run and defend without the ball.

“We weren’t getting to the goal as much as I would have wanted but you know at 1-0, there’s always a chance of a set-piece or a moment of quality.”

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