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Video surfaces of QPR CEO Lee Hoos giving middle finger to fan in angry confrontation

A video surfaces of QPR CEO Lee Hoos giving the middle finger to a fan in an angry confrontation in the middle of a street.

John (@qprjohn11) uploaded the following clips onto social media, captioning it with: “Guess he ain’t leaving then 😂 #QPR”

And while this heated discussion is playing out, some other poor guy is just trying to do his gardening in his garden. Watch the clips below…

Credit: @qprjohn11

Meanwhile, Queens Park Rangers boss Gareth Ainsworth says his players are “damaged and fragile” as they embark upon a fight to stay in the Championship.

QPR was top of the table on October 22nd, but has won only two of 26 games in the league since then. They are now just one point away from the relegation zones with four games remaining.

Ainsworth, their third manager this season, is the team’s third coach after Michael Beale, and Neil Critchley. They are currently 20th in the table, one point away from the relegation zones with four games left.

Ainsworth, speaking ahead of Norwich’s visit on Wednesday, hinted that long-standing problems were at the heart of the club’s struggles.

He said to Sky Sports: “I’ve always said I knew what I was coming into. I spoke to a lot of people about the place and it was a huge challenge. It’s still a huge challenge. I can’t go into too much detail, but it’s (happened) over a period of time (why this club is) where it has ended up and there’s lots to do.

“I want to make sure we do it and we do it as a Championship club. A lot of changes need to be made. It doesn’t just happen overnight, these players have been the same players all season. We’ve got to address this, but again, it’s my job to do that, but also keep things in house.

“It’s my job to put that (hunger) into these players. It’s there, it’s just getting it out sometimes and that has been the tough ask this season.

“They are very damaged, they are quite fragile and I’ve got to make sure they are up for the games when the games come around, because it can only come from within now.”

Ainsworth admitted that he had not made much of an impact on the results since his arrival from Wycombe, in February. However, he hinted that he would be able to deliver more if he were given time.

“The impact immediately wasn’t there, we’ve had a couple of flashes in the pan in my games in charge and we definitely need another couple of results to secure Championship status, which is what I was targeting when I came in,” he said.

“There was no target, it was to just come in and manage this brilliant football club. I’m doing that, but I want to stay in the Championship and build for next season because with a window, with an identity and my own stamp on this place, I know what we could achieve.”

QPR suffered a 3-0 loss at home against Coventry, just five days after showing great resolve to come back from a 2-0 deficit to hold West Brom.

“It was tough to take,” he added. “There wasn’t much in the game at all for 65 minutes. I thought we had some good chances, but chances have been few and far between. They have all season, not just recently. You look at the Expected Goals of QPR and they are not great at all, so it’s something we need to work on, but it’s tough.

“The goals we concede are really disappointing. We give goals away, we don’t make teams work hard enough for their goals sometimes. We’ve got to make sure that we’re more solid. I keep saying this: with four games to go, we’ve definitely got to be solid in the games coming up.”

If they win against Norwich, the pressure may ease a little. But if they lose, the battle will be even harder to avoid being relegated to third-tier football after 20 years.

“It’s a huge game, but they are all huge now,” he said. “Burnley showed at the weekend against Reading that they are vulnerable and, being a Blackburn lad, that will be an interesting one for me. I’ll be doing everything I can to get points there (on Saturday).

“There are four big defining games for us now and we need to make sure that we’re in every single one. Injuries or no injuries, it doesn’t matter. The boys on the pitch need to dig deep and give all they’ve got because that’s what it’s going to take.”

Twitter users reacted as a video surfaces of QPR CEO Lee Hoos giving the middle finger to a fan in a angry confrontation…

@ChrisCheckley: Probably the only one, but I don’t get the point of this. 2 small clips made to make Hoos look bad, nothing gained in the dialogue you had with him and it changes nothing.

@qprjohn11: Made to look bad, your ceo’s just stood on Bloemfontein rd giving the finger to a fan,few months after laughing at one on a podcast 😂😂😂 it’s not me in the video something I was sent earlier but I agree with the fan 100% let them know how you feel, they have destroyed our club

@GQpr66: Fans like this are an embarrassment

@MoistStrawberry: I think Les is the problem , Lee is the only one technically doing his job even tho he’s not doing that well. He’s just about keeping us a float , I hope the same will be said to Les if you saw him

@Chrissypillock: love it, more of this and hopefully he’s gone

@StephenPotter10: I think the guys well within his rights on the bike. Hoos wanted to avoid the question, just like a politician trying to divert. These clowns need confronting

@Epn1882Chalet: Good on you John let him have it

Not really the way to go about things but here we are.
Last home game of the season is going to be so hostile.
Going into League 1 next season with this feeling around the club is going to be an absolute disaster.
2 straight relegations is not impossible🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #QPR

@W12Rory: Not a fan of Hoos or the way he approaches communication with fans but really not enjoying the way this guy in the video approaches this

@chris__smiff: Why not get out and have a constructive conversation like he was asking.

@GSarRoar: Fella doing the interview got star struck, and panicked! 🙈 what’s the point of getting him on camera, and not letting him talk? And as for the ‘drive by’ abuse?? 😂🙈

@ElliotLowe7: Some of our fans are proper mugs. Had the opportunity to have a constructive conversation with Hoos and maybe give him the fans thoughts, but instead they abuse him. Only makes everything a-lot worst and feeds into a toxic cycle between the board and the fans.

@balkham1: Shouldn’t of done to him (Hoos) I want him out but there is better ways I’m sure of having a chat…second one unacceptable and embarrassing that does not represent any qpr fan I know

@neilm831: This person is shocking. I think it is close to what happened to the scientist during covid. Not on that scale but this person is clearly harrassing Lee Hoos and it isnt him responsible for the players. I think Lee would have every right to report this man.

@10dtozzi: How much money has that cnut bled the club for? Hope he fcuks off with LF

@Funkenhoffer: Unfair IMO. Lee has always come out and spoken to fans, no need to abuse the guy. It’s been a bad season but he is only human. He would of spoken to the fan but off camera. He does forums, podcasts and speaks to the official site. Be critical but not abusive.

@superhoops10: Denying being involved with ainsworth appointment. Can’t say i blame him

@hadders112: Embarrassing confronting someone in that manner.

@RyanAdam55: CEO giving fans the birdie and the gaffer chatting birds up in the boozer after a 0-3 home defeat! What a club 😂

@markscharlesr: In what world is it OK to do this? When it comes to football, some fans think it’s fair game to say whatever, to whoever, however they want just because they “care about the club”. Take a look at yourself mate.

@JaydenQPR: We’re an embarrassment ffs. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ #QPR

@craigbatey89: What a joke harassing folk in the street. Imagine if you got harassed like this on your day off…

@Derekholder1965: Hoos isn’t the problem he’s come in and cut money for sure but without that we would have already gone out of business

@randomranger: This clip is interesting. He’s always patronised the fans. Flavio did it too, but that’s Flavio f**king Briatore!! Not Lee Hoos. He has no basis or right to be smug. If I were him, I’d distance myself from the Ainsworth appointment and throw Les under the bus. Not be smug ffs.

@skb777: This mug’s gone full on AFTV. When a man child walks down the road harassing other people because they’re unhappy about football, it’s embarrassing. No one has a divine right to support a well run successful football club. This ain’t how you take the rough with the smooth.

@Jamie53159065: Don’t know the context of what’s been said but a CEO acting the way he does with #qpr fans, whether you agree with fans methods or not just shows how detached board representation is, you can’t have a CEO flagging the clubs fans off 🤦‍♂️ @Amit_Bhatia99 sort this mess out now #qpr

@E_S_14_15: Our CEO giving a fan the middle finger 😂😂 He’s got to be gone in the summer surely

@SHIFT93813347: Doesn’t matter what you think of this if the person filming is in the right or wrong. Hoo’s is in charge of a multi million pound business on a daily basis where’s his professionalism and note he was quick to distance himself from appointing Ainsworth. #Mess

@g05Harry: What is wrong with QPR man, our CEO putting his middle finger up to a fan, deluded!

@16BYBABYK33M: Ignore the hate keep it up

@Deadend_Friend: Going up to someone to talk to them and filming the entire interaction is proper weird. I’m not the biggest Hoo’s fan but no need to be a cunt to the man.

@Geoff_Meenan: Find it genuinely astonishing that after the fine job he did at Burnley, Hoos would perform as he has for QPR. This encounter, however symptomatic of current anger, reflects well on no one. Just sad.

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