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Video surfaces of police hitting fans with baton as trouble ensures at Cardiff v Ipswich

A video surfaces on social media of police hitting out at fans with a baton as trouble ensures at Cardiff City v Ipswich Town.

It took place after the game with officers on horses quickly swooping in to try and calm the situation down, while their fellow colleagues struck out at fans.

The game itself saw Ipswich fail to reclaim second place in the Championship; Cardiff netted twice in stoppage time for a remarkable 2-1 victory with Kieffer Moore scoring the opener against his former club. See more on that and those dramatic scenes HERE.

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Back to the trouble now and this is the talk about what happened on Sloper Road.

On the Cardiff City Forum:

It was all on CCTV

The 70 year olds son Gareth has said:

Everyone would know who my old man is, he’s sat in ninian 115 in the same seat since the stadium was opened and always takes about 2 hours to get from the turnstiles to his seat as he talks to absolutely everyone

And although he talks a lot of shit and won’t back down from anyone if he thinks he’s in the right he’s the furthest things away from a trouble maker you would find

The saddest part of all this is I got my 2 boys 11 and 13 there first season tickets this year and both witnessed what happened Saturday and now both say they don’t want to go to another match


A 70 year old Cardiff City Fan was knocked to the floor and kicked by a an Ipswich fin in a bunch of 40 or so young pretend Ipswich hooligans:

An ambulance took the Cardiff fan to hospital.

The guy was my 70 year old father,

he was knocked unconscious by an Ipswich fan and hit his head on the pavement, he was kept in overnight due to a concussion but thankfully there was no serious damage and he was let out this morning

The group of about 40 ipswich fans on sloper road attacked a few cardiff fans and I ended up with a few stitches in my head from a few kicks whilst I was trying to stop them hitting my old man whilst he was out cold

The rest of the group of Ipswich fans cheered and sang.

Sadly the police were really slow to attend the scene was at least 10 minutes before they turned up,

Just glad nobody was seriously injured as it could of been a lot worse

The 70 year olds son Gareth has said:

I’ve seen some footage posted claiming to be of the incident, however it is not the footage of what happened on sloper road

I’ve also seen a few Twitter posts trying to justify what happened claiming my dad was gobbing off and the lads involved were just teenagers and whilst there was a few younger lads in the group the majority were mid twenties upwards

And if gobbing off is a 70 year old fan confronting a group of pissed up guys who were abusing men women and children then yes my old man was gobbing off

Obviously everything is on cctv so the police will come to there own conclusion once they’ve viewd all the evidence available

Ipswich Forum:

Awful to read the Cardiff forum and to hear an Ipswich fan (amongst a group of 40) attacked a 70. Year old man leaving him hospitalised. Reading an account from his son of the details it seems truthful.

All teams have knobs following them – but a 70 year old man?

A bit of naughtiness outside afterwards… :roll:

Does anyone know how the poor sole outside on Sloper Road is doing…? :?

Not sure what happened but the police and St. John’s were with him/her a long time…! :cry:

Twitter users reacted a video surfaces of police hitting fans with a baton as trouble ensures at Cardiff v Ipswich…

@AdrianS68692778: This has no place in football anymore the days of 70s n 80s are long gone and these are not true fans just yobs who sure be allow near any ground in uk 😉

@DavidBalmont8: Bless Ipswich crying because they lost a game 😂😂😂😂

@lufc75kb: Ipswich not got a fight in them

@_kieranbl: I had a casual walk to the pub and saw fuck all 🤣 what on earth

@IpswichTownFans: Embarrassing

@jamesparker17: Why can’t you just enjoy a few beers and accept a defeat I have noticed a few more unsavoury so called fans attracted to Portman rd lately so name and shame em

@Edward_ansell_: cardiff started it and ipswich threw a few punches and all the cardiff lot ran away end of 🤷‍♂️ dirty wankers started throwing bin bags and bottles but don’t know how to use their fists 😂

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