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Video surfaces of incident involving Millwall and Norwich players as things turn dirty

A video surfaces of an incident involving Millwall and Norwich players as things out of nowhere on the pitch turn rather dirty.

As per Millwall’s match report, the Lions has been on top approaching the hour-mark, with a bust-up involving Jake Cooper and Barnes then seeing both booked by referee Dean Whitestone.

Barnes received a yellow for throwing Jake Cooper to the ground and then not letting go of the Millwall player.

Barnes also then clashed with George Saville and George Honeyman after he had been carded.

George Saville did go on to get a red card, and is set to be missing for three matches after he stopped a counter-attack by Saville sliding in on Jon Rowe in the closing stages of last week’s Championship fixture.

Asked if Saville was unlucky to be dismissed, Millwall head coach Joe Edwards said, as per London News Online: “I think he probably was.

“When you do lunge like that – particularly when an opponent is running at that speed – it can look desperate and it puts the ref in a position.

“Having seen it back, which the ref doesn’t get the benefit of, it is probably more cynical than it is reckless or dangerous.

“If I think of the McLean tackle on George Honeyman before that – in terms of the danger to an opponent – I don’t think there is much difference in it.

“They can go either way. It went against us but fortunately we rode it out after.

“(Saville suspended for three games) is the biggest blow out of all of it. Short term and in the heat of the moment you’re delighted to see the players stick together and ride it out but that is a loss for us.”

“We haven’t spoken about those kind of incidents,” said Edwards. “It is so soon after and there is so much more to talk about in terms of how well we carried out our plan and how much character we showed – how much quality we showed. The dressing room is absolutely delighted.

“That has been a tough few weeks for us where we couldn’t find a win and we’ve now in a little block of four games over this festive period – we’ve done a lot of good things in the first three.

“Moments like that happen on the pitch. Certain opponents come here and try and provoke you. If you look at what it did it brought us as a team and fans together even more. The atmosphere was ferocious second half and that is a strength for us to play on.”

Norwich boss David Wagner said: “Overall, I thought we were poor. I think we started well, maybe the first 20 minutes, where we played in the right areas.

“After we conceded the goal, we have not done what we’ve done before. We had ball possession, but never attacked the spaces and put the balls into the box.

“Especially in the second half, we just weren’t good enough. We started to fight with the referee and with individuals, we really played into their cards. It was very disappointing.

“At the end of the day, goals can always happen in the Championship. And we’ve reacted quite often well after we concede, but today we haven’t done what we have done before.

“Especially in the second half, we totally played into their cards. We have so many experienced players on the pitch who know exactly what it means to play Millwall away.

“At the end of the day, if you have a lot of ball possession but don’t attack in behind, it’s just possession without end product. That’s not what we like, football is about attacking and scoring goals.”

Millwall: Sarkic; Leonard, Hutchinson (C), Cooper, Wallace; Saville (Longman 72), Honeyman; Norton-Cuffy, Flemming (Watmore 72), Emakhu; Bradshaw (Nisbet 82).

Unused subs: Bialkowski, McNamara, Mitchell, Campbell, Bryan, Esse.

Goals: Bradshaw (18)

Bookings: Cooper (61), Watmore (90+2), Leonard (90+2)

Red card: Saville (88)

Norwich City: Gunn; Stacey, Batth, Gibson (Núñez 63), McCallum (Płacheta 78); Sara, McLean (C); Hernández (Rowe 63), Barnes (Idah 63), Fassnacht; Hwang (Sargent 78).

Unused subs: Long, Hanley, Fisher, Gibbs.

Bookings: Barnes (60), McLean (75), Sargent (81), Idah (90+2), Núñez (90+7)

HT: 1-0

FT: 1-0

Referee: Dean Whitestone

Here’s what fans had to say as a video surfaces of the incident involving Millwall and Norwich players as things turn dirty…

@YvonneM28: Barnes needs to go on an anger management course. Seeing in from the TV view I still cannot believe that slam dunk was not a red card. Upped the atmosphere last night though 😂😂 on a separate note, never a red card for Sav 😡

@Millwallryan96: Honeyman saville and cooper proper tryna get him sent off there fucking brilliant 🤣🤣

@ff76af344fe14ca: The standard of bias refereeing we get at the den every single game is absolutely shocking. You seem to be able to hit kick slam dunk our players & we get the booking or straight red for it. Its about time refs should be held to account for there decision

@bignhoj: Thank you Ashley Barnes for stirring the crowd up 😂 played right into our hands, well done 👏🏻 3 points

@abish110: Barnes lashes out at 2 players & Cooper gets pushed by the 23, refs decision, book Cooper.

@theElgrunn: How does Ashley Barnes slam dunking a player down not get a red card??

@weeman87: The fact that Ashley Barnes gets away with a yellow for basic violent conduct and George Saville gets a straight red and a 3 match ban for a simple cynical foul in his own half! The ref last night was a disgrace

@C0N0R24: The Millwall boys are just laughing at them

@MillwallDave: How Barnes stayed on the pitch I don’t know. I’ve seen reds given for both those types of incident. Sav’s tackle absolutely only a yellow compared to those and even God can’t know why Watmore was booked. Ref was either on the take or on the pipe. Got The Den rocking though

@drh1971: That first Barnes incident is easily a red for me. Throws a player to the floor then has to be dragged off of him. Only the referee will know how that wasn’t a red. Second incident I’m not giving any cards. As for Saville’s red ……

@Millwallryan96: The ref even tried to get Barnes of cooper how is that not a red he literally started fighting with him ffs 😂 if we didn’t get 3 pts I would have lost my head tonight

@LJE1885: How’s Ashley Barnes not been sent off haha

@dapul__90: How is body slamming a player, then refusing to get off him whilst he’s on the floor not a red card 😂 yet Saville’s was a red? Very cynical, but you see them challenges all the time when a team breaks. Poor little Ashley needs anger management courses

@IppyHarry: That red card tackle is disgusting and could have done some serious damage. Hard to condone that type of behaviour on the pitch. Anyway, well done Saville. Great stuff.

@LukeStallard1: Didn’t even clock that on Sav and Honeyman at the time but that is disgraceful. Two reds in less than a secnond not given. Sav’s will never be overturnt but how the fuck is that a red. 100% not the best challenge but just stopping a counter yellow that you see every game ffs.

@Ted_Datson: One of the worst ref performances I’ve ever seen 😵‍💫

@kiersomara: Naahh Barnes was RATTLED 😂😂😂😂

@JDriskoll: Love a bit of needle in a game. How Barnes didn’t get sent off is unreal but Saville’s is a red all day long. Absolutely no attempt to play the ball.

@MLong94: Honeyman & Savs winding him up 🤝😭

@KeanWood2: I can’t stop watching this. Everything from savs and Honeyman winding him up to the savs tackle. Vintage wall🦁

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