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Video surfaces of Coventry and Brentford fans fighting near train station

A video surfaces on social media of what is said to be Coventry and Brentford fans fighting near a train station at the weekend.

It is not known what started it, but police arrived at the scene of the incident, alleged to be in London next to Euston Station on Saturday (April 15th).

Both sets of fans had just returned from different matches when the mass confrontation began with beers thrown at each other.

A man appeared to have been kneed in the head and punched before backing off.

Another fan is knocked down to the ground by a punch in the side of his head, unable to get up, with people standing nearby in the street helped him.

The male is repeatedly punched and kicked as he lies helplessly on the ground, with the perpetrator then fleeing.

British Transport police was called to the scene and at least one arrest was made.

The video quickly racked up over tens of thousands within 24 hours, and it’s getting plenty of talk…

Credit: @cockney_yid

The matches themselves saw Brentford fall to defeat at Wolves as Diego Costa scored his first Premier League goal in almost six years to set the hosts on the way to a priceless victory to give them breathing space in their relegation battle.

Costa capped his best performance since coming out of retirement in September by scoring his first Wolverhampton Wanderers goal, with substitute Hwang Hee-chan adding a second midway through the second half at Molineux to leave the Brentford fans going home disappointed.

Wolves manager Julen Lopetegui to Sky Sports: “Always, we are happy with a win. We need it because we need a lot of wins to achieve our aim. Today was a very difficult match.

“We have done a good match, we suffered in the moments we had to suffer. We deserve in the end to win against a very good team and we have three points more.

“It’s about the commitment to show the opponent that you want more than them… we have made a very big effort with the ball and without the ball.

“To play against Brentford, it’s not easy. They put you under a lot of mental stress because their set-pieces are very special thing. We have done a good match against them. We are happy but we have to continue.”

On taking his team for a meal after their clean sheet: “Very pleased to invite my players to have a meal. It’s a good investment for me, for sure!”

Brentford manager Thomas Frank to Sky Sports: “It was definitely one that could have gone either way. I think it was a completely even first half, I think we have the bigger chances first half to be able to score. Second half, we did well until the second goal.

“Overall, our performance is probably at least even, but better than the away win we had at West Ham and Southampton. Today, we just didn’t score the first goal and we conceded two goals with two ricochets. It’s a little about the margin of the game.

“A good enough performance to get points and a very even game where they got the better of a few key moments.

“The players worked unbelievably hard, so much effort. I’m really pleased with that, but we lost a little bit of structure, a little bit of the coolness.

“This is the Premier League and we’re maybe having a tiny blip in results, not in performances… we need to stay focused and continue.”

Meanwhile, for Coventry, they kept up their hopes of claiming a Championship playoff place as they put another defeat on struggling Queens Park Rangers.

Viktor Gyokeres scored the first goal on the 10th minute at Loftus Road, making it his 19th league strike of the season after being set up by Gustavo Hamer.

The visitors made sure they were talking all three points home with two quickfire goals late on thanks to Hamer putting one past Seny Dieng after seeing his initial effort saved and then Gyokeres tapped in to round off a counter-attack.

A first victory in four games had moved the Sky Blues up to 6th in the Championship table – although Mark Robins’ men were replaced in the playoff places after Blackburn Rovers’ draw with Hull City later on Saturday.

Twitter users reacted as a video surfaces of Coventry and Brentford fans fighting near Euston train station…

@ryanwilmott_: Big dinners in grey burning some calories there

@JoeAinsworth_: State of the fella in the grey

@Stuey_Bee: Fat cunt in the grey should never be allowed in our stadium ever again.

@Closey1977: A real hard man in the grey top and shorts, kicking and punching a guy whilst flat out on the floor. Soft C**T

@FinnReynolds7: that fat bearded bastard kicking him on the floor cos he knows he’s get twatted by any of the ones stood up, big gimp

@Kylestirrat1: That big fat guy in the grey is a coward cant do anything to those infront of him so sees someone out on the floor himself and decides oh yes free hit il just go volley him in the head a couple times should be done and in the jail

@Yid68944373: Old geezer gets floored with the slowest punch ever and the fat mess can’t fight any fucker so decides to volley some poor kid that’s layed out in the floor..🤦‍♂️

@CAFC_SF88: What an absolutely mental place to have a tear up. Jesus Christ, these lads must really hate their freedom.

@simoncchappell: Another good dance off & the fat cxxxx near the end volleying the kid on the floor what a chopper

@CPFC_GH: Fat bloke in grey couldn’t hit anyone so decided to lay into the one already knocked out on the floor 🤦‍♂️

@mrtailstaylor: All on cctv , expect the early door knock !

@whereskay: Absolute bottle job in the grey jumper! Throwing a glass then kicking someone in the head who is already on the floor 😡

@Jimmy2132062444: Decent scrap but there’s always one fat puff in a grey jumper that goes for the one on the ground.

@ralstoncsc: Guy in grey is a 💩bag

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: Booting someone’s head on the ground. Coward behaviour

@JackyLad27: Brave man that fat fuck in the grey

@juvemerdaaaaaa: Fat pig in gray jumper though 🤮

@hornetrjr: The fat arsehole in grey booting someone when they are down is going down

@alexbain1980: Fat shitebag in the grey jumper 🙄

@johno1323929: The bloke who kicked him why he is on the floor should get 20 years. What a tosser

@HannibalSmith_4: Cov guy goes in on his tod & the invisible force field holding back his mates🙃..

@Rasss5781: Imagine kicking someone in the head 3 times after they’ve been knocked down 🤡

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