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VIDEO: Supporters coach gets bricked by rival fans after local derby

A supporters coach gets bricked by rival fans after the Chorley v Southport local derby in the National League North on Saturday afternoon.

A 40-second clip was uploaded to social media following the game, appearing to show young thugs attack the away fans buss as they were preparing to set off back home.

The game finished 2-1 to Chorley, however the club have had to condemn their own fans after watching the clip get thousands of views.

Chorley said at 8:49pm: “We have seen the video circulating involving an unprovoked attack on a @southport_fc supporters coach after today’s game.

“We condemn the mindless idiots involved – who in no way represent our fanbase – in the strongest possible terms and are helping police to identify them.”

The game itself saw an intense second half between the two playoff contenders, with Chorley coming from behind to claim a 2-1 victory in added time.

The Magpies started the slower as Southport broke the deadlock with a simple goal on the 8th minute. A long throw into the goalmouth wasn’t dealt with by the home defence and on hand was Jordan Archer to slide the visitors in front from eight yards.

Chorley grew into the game for there on, and had the chance to equalise before the break, Adam Anson handled the ball in the penalty area – only for Will Tomlinson to smash his spot-kick over the bar.

Southport conceded on the 59th minute when Ustabasi sent in the ball from on the left side to meet Ollie Shenton, who smashed the ball low and into the back of the net.

Chorley dominated with chances, Ustabasi saw his effort hit the crossbar and Alli shot crashed back of the post. Mason got his finger-tips to the ball to keep his side on terms both times.

Five added minutes were shown and in the second of those, Shenton caused wild scenes from the home fans in the crowd of 1,395 with the winning goal.

Twitter users reacted as the Southport supporters coach gets bricked by rival fans after the local derby…

‘Go on, do it, do it’
*shocked and offended when he does it*

@JamieKliszat1: Probably might get stick for saying this but I must’ve said move of the coach 50 times you could see the brick coming from a mile away idk why people think just because they have it on video it’s gonna be ok and I can understand he’s made his decision but doesn’t help

@BigTonyC2: How has nobody got out the coach to get him 😂

@jonadams1970: The “Duke of York” pub in Chorley seems to be taking a leaf out of the real Duke of York as it has little regard for underage regulations, judging by the age if it’s clientele. Maybe one for @LancsPolice to have a look at.

@ShAuN62071592: Why didn’t anyone pile off the coach

@markedwards4020: Must of watched this 100 times, i shunt find it funny but it is haha

@merriboosews: Well done for getting the video, there is another one with the same kid on flying around also, disgusting behavior hope the parents see it and the ground needs checking my son fell because the ground is not in good condition

Ha ha what’s funny about this is
1) his parents bought him all his bad boy clothes.
2) He’s wearing one of those hand bag things that virgins and men who go outside in pyjamas wear

@walmsley_steven: Poor little boys. No Dad at home to tell them off as mum can’t remember who he is.

@igrapop: The police are already in possession of this footage and have identified the scrote (s) involved #littlemaggot

@NedJ55135980: And then what? A slap on the wrist and ‘dont be a naughty boy’ ? He and his mates will be pissing themselves laughing and doing it again next week .

@danielrintoul: Hope everyone is okay and you got home safely. As a Chorley fan I’m saddened and disgusted to see this. These arseholes are starting to rear their heads all too often now.

@Marillionmark: If you egg him on and he does it, you are 50% responsible and just as guilty and irresponsible as the little scum bag who threw the brick to begin with! When you see crap like this, it’s hard to argue against the clowns that advocate sterilisation being introduced!

@Davidrawcliffe2: There about 12 year old the little shits

@BrownbillJoe: Little blert hahaha

@Wozz77: Why has nobody jumped off the coach and gripped the little twat

@banhambtfc: Biggest bunch of morons….

@_dmc_dmc: Getting your coach bricked by a kid with a man bag ahahah sensational

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