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Video shows police swoop in as Crewe and Walsall fans in punch up outside shop

A new video uploaded online shows police swoop in as Crewe and Walsall fans get into a punch up outside a shop on Saturday afternoon.

The clip emerged following the League Two clash, with one fan seen doing some sort of slam dunk with another before an officer runs in to diffuse the situation.

Eventually, it all calmed down as the sirens ran out outside The Kitchen Place shop on Mill Street in Crewe, just a five minute walk from the stadium, near the town’s train station.

The game itself saw a late strike from Jack Powell claim a point for Crewe as they came from two down at Gresty Road through goals from Freddy Draper and Issac Hutchinson in the first half for Walsall.

However, Powell’s cross which came in to the left was missed by everyone and went straight into the net on 94 minutes after Elliott Nevitt’s effort on the hour mark had reduced the deficit.

Crewe (3-4-3): Davies; Williams (Holicek, 46), O’Riordan, Offord; Cooney (Finney, 66; O’Riordan, 90), Powell, Tabiner, Adebisi; Tracey, Long, Nevitt.

Subs not used: Booth, Woodcock, Griffiths, Billington.

Booked: Nevitt.

Walsall (3-5-2): Evans; McEntee, Daniels, Hussey; Gordon, Foulkes (Williams, 87), Stirk, Hutchinson, Tierney (Riley, 75); Draper (Oteh, 69), Johnson (Matt, 69).

Subs not used: Smith, James-Taylor, Allen.

Booked: Stirk.

Referee: S Allison.

Crewe manager Lee Bell said post-match: “I always felt we could get back into it. The lads are brilliant to work with and they are working hard and I always believe we can get back into games.

“But we can’t keep going 2-0 down in this league. We know what we have to do better so we will work hard at that.

“We had too many under par in the first half but, again, at 2-0 down you will always take a point.

“We have got a small squad and we are short in some areas. Every professional will be utilised and probably play.

“We will need everyone and as long as we are all digging in and going in the right direction we will be fine.”

Walsall’s Mat Sadler said: “I thought for 60 minutes we were brilliant and we really understood our game plan. We should have been three or four up comfortably.

“But Crewe have been 2-0 down twice before this season and we gave them the opportunity to come back again.

“The frustrating thing for me is that we were comfortable, but we gave them a leg up to get back into the game when they hadn’t deserved it. Yet even after their first goal, we dampened things down and the crowd were having a go at them.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t deal with a ball into the box and we have to improve on that. We had some fantastic pieces of play and we showed we are a proper team, a really good unit.

“Isaac drove it forward and Ryan Stirk controlled the midfield while Freddie and Danny Johnson were a handful.”

This is what Twitter users said as a video shows police swoop in while Crewe and Walsall fans get into a punch up outside a kitchen shop…

@MoxonAlex: Just class this blokes beating each other up over kicking a bag of air, but hey die hard supporters 👀🤡

@MarkStokoe22: Noticed the policeman grabs a kid rather than than the big lads throwing punches 🤦🏻

@QPR_Leviathan: Look at the ages of some of these blokes FFS… seriously, it’s embarrassing in the extreme…🥴

@DominicR26: Plod nick the lad for saving his mate and not the lump who was battering him 😭

@BULLARDWILLIAM: Thank god I didn’t go and order my new kitchen.

@nath_b03: Exactly what happens when the under 14 fans think their hard to older lads😂😂

@davemc45: Grown men

Born in Crewe
Live in Crewe
Die in Crewe

@vilechelsea7: Your stone island and cp company still don’t touch a bloke who’s been jacamo and had about 8 pints down him

@tom1875_: shows your stone island badge doesn’t matter when you’re up against a 16 stone bloke with 6 pints down him 😂😂😂

@_callumfowler: Copper goes straight for the kid aswell ffs 🤣

@Bruce101Wayne: Ooh need a new kitchen

@RangersChat1873: Why did the police walk past the gammon laying in to the young lad to apprehend his mate?

@willy_edwards: state of these fukin gimps

@web3wiser: All hooligans are useless cunts

@countyscarf: Gets livelier in Crewe than it used to these days dunnit?

@JoeYids: Got ironed out then immediately nicked. Bad turnout for this kid

@Boi85Billy: Young lad wanted to play the game and got first hand experience, your stone island don’t do fuck all 😂😂😂

@RedAlexCrewe: Why’s the copper left the two lads fighting and gone for the one that broke it up? Cheshire’s finest 🙄 #crewealex

@Robbiecoppack: Embarrassing behaviour. Really do not understand why it’s trendy to get into drunken fights because you support different football teams.

@1985Pete: Poor policing every week. Closing Gresty Road after the game working well it seems

@FFCJamieB: Punching someone half your size while they’re on the ground because they support a different tiny club to your tiny club😬

@Eth2nWFC: @ufc sign him up

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