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Video shows Newcastle and Fulham fans falling over each other while clashing outside the ground

A new video which has surfaced online shows Newcastle and Fulham fans falling over each other while clashing outside the ground.

The 10 second clip shows quite the fooligans literally creating a scene from The Inbetweeners Movie, jumping about trying to cause some sort of disturbance.

The lads goad one another with police officers standing just behind them, and then it gets a tad chaotic, with more fans pile in, getting involved.

Twitter users couldn’t help but laugh as the video shows Newcastle and Fulham fans falling over each other while clashing outside the ground…

@DanBWilliams: Why do they all do that silly little hop with their arms out? Pathetic

@villa_pogue: A tear up with Fulham. FULHAM?! Over what, who stole their frothy latte & cheeseboard? 🤯 Secondly whst is matey doing in the blue coat with his hood up? Looks like he’s bouncing around on a pogo stick

@SussexWhites: No one touches my cheeseboard 🧀🥊👊⚠️

@DaveRennie77: The Waitrose Massiv’

@sjreynolds1883: Jump around!! Jump around!!

@fulham_mike1: Battered them, well in lads 🤜

@WMowle: 12yr olds battering an old bloke 😂😂😂

@StuartKaye6: Genuine question….why the f..k do they always pogo up and down with their arms at their sides? They look ridiculous 😂😂😂🤌💦

@irontoon_gym: Absolute wet wipes this lot.. embarrassing

@jak19178: It’s Newcastle attacking Fulham which is pretty piss poor tbh. Never known Fulham to cause any bother before and 99% of their fans aren’t the type to look for bother.

@terrystuckshop: Long gone are the days of the NME & Gremlins proper Biffa Bacon lumps

@Nathan42900055: Newcastle fans run at Fulham fans and a copper pushes one of them over. A couple of other Newcastle fans fall over the Newcastle fan on the floor. No Fulham fans in sight. Nothing to see here.

@alexc95_: What’s up with this Newcastle, You’ve got to be a fucking arlass to try and fight fulham 😂 they eat cheese boards and drink organic Prosecco on away days they don’t want to fight

@mcfckian: How are you getting laid out by fulham ffs they take smoked fish and cheese boards on away days 🤣

@1892_SP: the level 7 kids are pathetic man so embarrassing #NUFC

@essarrsix: Imagine getting bashed at home off lads that eat olives, caviar and cheese boards and drink port in the first class carriage of the train up man.

@sivill91: Beefing with Fulham? What the fuck is wrong with them?

@dan_telfer24: Whos fighting with Fulham 🤣🤣🤣 a fan base that has cheese boards pre game… mad bastards

@stevecass107: Newcastle get battered everywhere they go 💪💪💪🔴⚪️🤣

@1968PLW3: Blimey. Th wine and olives musta kicked in for th Fulham lads

@toffeetom: Pretty sure kicking off with Fulham is against the rules

@liam_w1999: Did Newcastle get done by Fulham 🤣

@Baz16705: Sick of these 15 year olds making a mockery out of our club

@James59399359: Held back by 2 coppers, 1 steward and the invisible wall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@flair_twenty: There is nothing that can withstand a cheeseboard fulled rage, Newcastle u14’s stood no chance

@1968PLW3: Blimey. Th wine and olives musta kicked in for th Fulham lads

@lancs_rob: Is that Fulham charging towards Newcastle ? First Brighton get into a few scrapsaround Europe and now Fulham are getting high on M&S deserts and kicking off at Newcastle 🤣 wtf is going on

@g3nooo: Got done by PSG, Milan and Fulham fans. 🤣🤣 Newcastle get battered everywhere they go 😂😂

The game itself saw Newcastle put three goals past a 10-man Fulham side, with Raul Jimenez sent off for a reckless challenge on Sean Longstaff.

Newcastle’s Fabian Schar and Joelinton pick up first-half injuries, before Lewis Miley netted early in second half and Miguel Almiron and Dan Burn added to it.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Newcastle: Dubravka (7), Livramento (7), Lascelles (7), Schar (n/a), Burn (8), Guimaraes (8), Longstaff (7), Joelinton (6), Almiron (8), Gordon (8), Wilson (7).

Subs: Krafth (7), Miley (8), Ritchie (n/a), Hall (n/a), Botman (n/a)

Fulham: Leno (6), Adarabioyo (5), Jimenez (3), Wilson (6), Cairney (6), Pereira (5), Castagne (5), Iwobi (6), Palhinha (5), Diop (5), Robinson (5).

Subs: Muniz (6), Tete (6), Reed (6), Lukic (6), Decordova-Reid (5)

Player of the Match: Lewis Miley

Eddie Howe said post-match: “Very pleased. Especially after midweek.

“It was a tough challenge mentally to recover from exiting Europe.

“What a great response though.

“Especially as we lost two big players to injury [during the match].

“Everything was thrown at us.

“It is difficult to tell [On the Fabian Schar and Joelinton injuries].

“It is difficult to tell.

“They don’t look too bad but they had to come off, so it doesn’t look good for the short-term.

“The problem we have had is because we have had injuries to start with.

“The early ones we picked up, it meant our squad has just not managed the games.

“It has been impossible to.

“We have had to pick the same players continually and eventually, those players with the load that they are playing under, will break.

“So I think we have just been a victim of circumstance.

“Don’t get me wrong, there have been mistakes made.

“There will always be mistakes made medically because it is that kind of profession.

“You are not going to get every assessment right.

“A lot of the time you are in the hands of the specialist but the weight of games we have had and is still unrelenting, we just haven’t recovered properly.”

Eddie Howe on Lewis Miley:

“He has come into the team and been magnificent.

“He’s deserved to keep his place.

“We wanted to rest him today, someone so young, and today he got his rewards.

“His overall performance level has been so high.

“Players were fatigued today.

“You could see we were trying to manage our load, I’m so pleased with the players.

“The emotional load is just as important as the physical load.

“We have a couple of big players coming back who can make a big difference for us.”

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