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Video shows ‘idiot’ Fulham fans trashing Reading town centre

A video, adjudged to be shocking by local media, shows ‘idiot’ Fulham fans wrecking a Reading street by trashing the town centre.

Cottagers supporters left the road in a state after their side’s 7-0 victory over the Royals on Tuesday evening, leaving members of the public appalled with what they woke up to the next day.

The reckless group appear to chuck bags full of waste up in the air and across Queen Victoria Street as they made their way towards Reading Station.

Others can be seen kicking the full bin bags along the ground, leaving a trail of rubbish, with no thought at how reckless they were being.

Yet another mindless group thinking it was banter and laughs, yet they’ll no doubt see consequences to their actions if caught via CCTV.

They can be heard chanting obscene language and singing about how they ‘hate Reading’ as they trash the street, with one passer-by heard saying: “Oh my god, I’m so scared.”

Anthony Edward Butler, a former plumber who recorded the video and who has been a Fulham fan all his life, said the group were ‘idiots’.

He added: “After the game while walking towards the station and after an amazing win, some of these idiots started throwing bin bags around and kicking them, even getting it out of the bins.

“This is an embarrassment from our fans and they should be made to clean it up.”

Anthony says he has been in contact with Fulham FC’s supporter liaison manager in an effort to get the fans involved in the incident punished, in getting banned from future games, however his efforts have so far fallen on deaf ears.

He added: “As fans, we are told to be vigilant and report chants etc., but now that I’ve reported this and have video evidence why am I being ignored by my club?”

Reading media outlet ‘The Chronicle‘ has contacted Fulham FC Supporters Trust for comment and a spokesperson for Fulham FC was not immediately available with no further word issued since.

Social media users reacted as the video shows ‘idiot’ Fulham fans trashing Reading town centre…

Ciarán O’Leary: Nothing to be proud of, idiots

Martin Ponton: Ciarán O’Leary rubbish behavior

Joe Wiggs: Why would you go away some where and do this , and make people think your a load of w****ers 😳 makes no sense

Simon A Irvine: Trashing their reputation

Kevin Copas: This is definitely not what our clubs about… with a lot of issues and our own supporters getting hurt at away games due to our own fans spoils it for the rest of fans that want to enjoy a match day!

Alison Curtis: Every club has petty criminals in its following. Football attracts these ‘lost’ characters. The question is: what does FulhamFC want to do about theirs? One of the reasons I support Fulham is to avoid these people. We are not Chelsea, Derby, Millwall, Portsmouth, even Liverpool. (I list those because I’ve been a victim & witness of their behaviour at those particular away grounds, among several others.) Yes, it seems a petty offence. Yes, all clubs have this element in their supporters. Yes, they should be identified and ‘helped to see the error of their ways’ – whether that’s via the law or the internal pressures of FFC would, in my view, depend on the severity of their offences and the level of intimidation to the public their behaviour causes. Fulham needs to maintain its reputation as a family club and to end behaviour like this by its supporters in my view. And ‘whistle-blowers’ are brave and responsible people, their reporting is not in any way disloyal to Fulham. And just because this behaviour is sadly common doesn’t mean Fulham wants it in our ranks. I’m sure many will disagree with me, but that behaviour isn’t the Fulham I love.

joe_watkinson: What are they trying to achieve 😭😭

j_.saunders: That’ll show the bin bags 😡

leewatson401: Well hard 😂

harry_collitor04: Bet none of them will show up at boro tho

lb_vlogger_yt: Sados, thinking their hard 😂😂

odopson1: Someone’s had a few too many dark fruits

dom_.l: “Oi Ben lad reading away we were on a mad one”

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