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VIDEO: Sent off Tony Mowbray alleged to ‘angrily confront’ ballboy in cup defeat

Blackburn Rovers manager Tony Mowbray has hit back at the reasons he was sent off during his side’s match against Sheffield United in the Carabao Cup this week.

The drama unfolded in the closing stages of the game with the score at 2-1 to the Blades, when referee Geoff Eltringham sent him to the stands, initially it was thought for reacting to Ravel Morrison’s poor challenge Lewis Travis.

But in fact it turned out to be down to one of the Bramall Lane ball boys that was slowing down the game, with claims he angrily confronted him.

Mowbray said: “I was trying to teach a young guy about the values in life.

“The officials, in my opinion, had a difficult night. I was trying to teach a young guy about doing the right thing, human values, integrity and honesty.

“The lad kept the ball longer than he should have done on more than one occasion.

“There was no harsh words or anything like that, I just thought that he shouldn’t let his club down, shouldn’t let himself down.

“Just get the ball back, that’s your job. Just do that.

“That was all it was and I shook his hand. The official in the middle thought I did something wrong, for some reason,” he added.

“I was trying to tell the referee about what happened, about the values. I have my own views on his performance on the night and I think it was another decision he got wrong, amongst the others that he got wrong.

“I don’t want to get involved in individual incidents because there was so much out there that he got wrong, in my opinion.

“I would be disappointed in myself if I’d have done something wrong, and yet I don’t feel I did.”


After finding out about Tony Mowbray being sent off for his ‘confrontation’ with a ballboy, fans took to give their reaction – see what they made of whether they agreed with what he said or not on the next page.


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