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VIDEO: Raul Jimenez given the stupidest red card you’ll ever see

Raul Jimenez was given the stupidest red card you’ll ever see as his side played Man City in Saturday’s lunchtime kick off.

The Wolves man was sent off after being booked twice in 31 seconds with a comical handball, being first booked almost six minutes into added time before the break.

Jimenez brought down City midfielder Rodri to stop an attack just on the halfway line, but following the subsequent free-kick, the Mexican forward stuck his foot out and the ball ricocheted off his arm.

It then resulted in a second booking and one of the most bizarre sending offs in Premier League history, see it for yourself below..

This was Jimenez’s first red card in his 102nd Prem appearances and becomes the first Mexican to be sent off in the league’s history.

Earlier in the game, Ruben Neves and Max Kilam suffered a nasty clash of heads after the pair collided when jumping for the same ball.

Kilman came off worse following the collision and was left with blood pouring down his face.

There was a stop in play for five minutes as Kilman received treatment from Wolves medics.

Neves was also left in pain following the incident, but was only dazed after colliding with his team-mate.

Kilman was eventually bandaged up and was declared fit enough to continue.

Simon Stone (BBC Sport at the Etihad Stadium): “I am not entirely sure what Raul Jimenez was doing then.

“He knew he was risking a second yellow by blocking the free-kick and it was clear there was an edge to the game.

“That has not helped. Wolves need to reach half-time to regroup.”

Jonathan Woodgate (Former England defender on BBC Radio 5 Live): “It’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? It’s soft.

“He’s been caught up in the moment, the animation of the game, he wanted to stop the free-kick, it is a yellow but it’s a soft one.”

Raheem Sterling managed to convert cooly from the penalty spot for his 10th Premier League goal, however the awarding of the spot kick was controversial.

Bernardo Silva crossed the ball in and Joao Moutinho had his arm up as he jumped to make the block.

Referee Jonathan Moss gave it but then there was a VAR check due to it possibly being his armpit as opposed to his arm.

Moss had a look and remained happy. He stuck with his original decision and gave a penalty with Sterling tucking away to win City the game despite a good effort from Wolves to keep them at bay.

Twitter users gave their reaction as Raul Jimenez was given the stupidest red card you’ll ever see…

@charlie_bish93: Least that’s this week’s scapegoat sorted nice and early

@HMSCamRob: First yellow isn’t even close to being a foul, second one fair enough but cmon, also the commentators on btsport are fucking awful

@tylfc1: So a pen given that shouldn’t have been and a yellow card to Jimenez that shouldn’t have been. Investigation needed for this ref

@KibachioS: Unacceptable behaviour… now his teammates have a mountain to climb.

@Tom24FFC: The first yellow was definitely not a yellow but the second yellow is him being an idiot tbh

@RealBrendanJH: first one’s never a yellow. Wouldn’t have been a yellow against any other top six side

@FreemanNgcobo: Players foul Adama 2000 times before they get yellow because he is a big fella. and we get 1 foul and a red card so god Pep could be happy. man this fucked up

@StevenMcinerney: Must admit I’m enjoying Jimenez exiting the pitch in such a theatrical way. Big WWF 90s era swagger.

@BCCanadaWolves: First one was not a foul. Second was stupid but Moss could simply have had a word. 100% he wouldn’t do that to a City player.

@Wolfie71209247: And sterling diving again and the ref doesn’t even have a word about him diving like he’s got a fucking trampoline strapped to his feet!

@andyscrane: Would never be given the other way though

@mark_spruce: 1st was certainly not a yellow was barely a foul he just mis controlled the ball 2nd you can’t defend, not sure what Raul was thinking there as that’s a bit out of character

@46WVR: First wasn’t a yellow. Moss should have managed the situation better after a booking and had a word.

@LanOrhan: That was the dumbest red card I’ve ever seen. Why would he touch that ball?

@Hayden_Millsy: Absolutely stupid, pathetic walking off as well, if i was Bruno I’d of kicked him let alone pat him on the back!!

@DylannnLFC: No wonder they always win the league look the state of the luck city get

@ZachMcElroy1: That’s possibly the stupidest red card I’ve ever seen

@ianjamesking28: The first is not a yellow card, there will be hundreds of the same challenges this weekend & won’t get a yellow!! John Moss wanting the headlines again

Love Raul but can’t defend him there
First probably wasn’t a yellow but Moss set a precedent a few mins earlier booking Rodri
Pure stupidity the second yellow – you could see it happening
Uphill task now trying to get something out of this game
So unnecessary

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