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VIDEO: Oli McBurnie appears to attack young fan on public street

A video has emerged and gone viral on social media with Oli McBurnie appears to attack a young fan in a bust up on a public street.

A 25 second clip was uploaded to Twitter, claiming to be the Sheffield United player, being seen gunning for the football supporter with cars driving past.

After running up to the youngster, he is seen trying to swing some punches, however misses, though his hand does make contact with some part of the supporter.

It’s not understood when the fight took place, with the player currently out injured for the rest of the season.

In a statement released on Monday morning, the club said: “Officials at Sheffield United are aware of the video circulating on social media and are currently investigating.”

The Scotland international is deemed a major doubt for the upcoming European Championship this summer.

Oli McBurnie will miss the remainder of the season for Soon to be Championship club Sheffield United with a foot fracture.

The 24-year-old suffered a foot fracture during the Blades’ 3-0 home defeat to Arsenal.

The news came a day after captain Billy Sharp revealed on Instagram he would also not play again this season, after undergoing surgery on a thigh problem sustained in training.

Blades interim boss Paul Heckingbottom said: “Oli is out for the season as well.

“He’s got a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal so we’ve lost two forwards, which isn’t positive.”

The injury means McBurnie is unlikely for Euro 2020, with Steve Clarke having to submit his squad by the 1st of June. Scotland begin their Group D challenge against the Czech Republic at Hampden on June the 14th.

Fans have reacted as a video allegedly of Oli McBurnie who appears to attack a young fan on a public street goes viral…

@jamesbuchn: cant be mcburnie that he’s hit the target

@dcfctoms: “oleh mcburneh wha the eck”

@iwan_osborne: As if having a shocking season wasn’t embarrassing enough, blokes is trying to pepper kids ahahahahahahhaha

@gowens1878: Ahhhaahhaha what the fuck

@_kjs1874: £20m and he can’t even kick a phone hard enough to break it

@markg3122: Hahahhahahahahaa what a prick

@Jonzysufc: My number 9 not taking any shit, Gu on dennnn ⚔️ @oli_mcburnie

@dylanlynch1995: a very oli McBurnie thing to do 😂 twat

@JoshCheetham91: What a fucking wanker this lad is

@paulwood1987: Shame he cannae do that on the pitch #dugshite

@MurphyTweeets: Typical moron

@ColeTrickles: Sack the useless cunt

@TheRainbowStand: Give the nation what they want @EddieHearn. McBurnie vs Fury

@Thedeathpengui1: It’s not him. Was far too agile and would have missed the phone

@PocknellCharlie: Love that

@BenGibby4: Fucking hell what did the phone do wrong like

@Scottyg09182469: Go on son my type of striker gave him a slap then danced on his head

@lisablade: And he’s supposed to be a roll model to all these young kids! It’s disgusting

@CowensSteve: I’m sure he’s tweeked his hamstring stamping on that phone

@FreeNwakali: He can’t even fuck up a phone properly

@bmacfarlane_1: If McBurnie showed this much graft in a Scotland strip then he wouldn’t be such a running joke fs

@DanBennett_: He’s always come across like the biggest cunt

@ryanwilson76: Put this cunt in the squad for the Euros now. Not for his footballing ability but just for the craic

@TunnockCup: 10 year jail term for this vile criminal please

@Mrcento: Things Oli McBurnie is good at
Scoring ❌
Running ❌
Controlling a football ❌
Football in general ❌
Driving ❌
Being sober ❌
Scottish accent ❌
Fighting ❌
Stamping on phones ❌
Making a shit ton of money despite being an arsehole and shite at everything ✅

@BenWignall: Tried to stamp on the phone and didn’t even smash it, about as good as his accuracy in-front of goal this season

@samwebb27: Hahaha about time he hit the target the useless sack of shit

@JacobMunkley: He’s absolutely fucked it now

@StuartCFC_: Not taking relegation well.

@ryane1320: Best thing I’ve seen him do

@Junderwood_19: Grade A bellend

@Jordan_Smith222: At least you’ve managed to hit something this year fella @oli_mcburnie

@finndov: Hopefully this leads to us never having to watch that useless bastard McBurnie play for Scotland ever again

@Richie1889: The guy holding the camera is clearly drunk and being a dickhead wonder what happened before he filmed,ohhh he’s a striker he’s our number 9

@Arron2Smith: a literal assault yet the most criminal thing oli mcburnie has ever done is cost a football club 20 million pounds.

@sean_innes95: First shot he’s hit on target all season…

@adswebbo: Going down twice in a year the daft knob head @oli_mcburnie

@Robbie3Nimmo: Quickest av seen that cunt move

1. Whys he assaulting a boy who’s aboot 16.
2. First time he’s hit the target all season

@ShelvatronMk2: Dfkm scrapping some 15yo’s 😭

@Guysley: First time you’ve hit the target in a while big man @oli_mcburnie

@URMYBORO17: Didn’t think I’d see Ollie Mcburnie hitting the target this season like, fair play to him going round smashing kids

@danielnewberry6: What an absolute wet wipe 😂😂😂

@rmbfc1: He’s a better fighter than he is a footballer

@broon2002: Someone’s career is over

@southychris: You can take the lad out of Bradford but… #bcafc

@lfcharris8: @ScotlandNT please exclude him from the euros for this despicable act i reckon a lifetime ban is good enough

@JoshCCFC: Went to Cardiff (a) and thinks he’s from green street

@SwfcCal: He’s finally got a shot on target, Well done @oli_mcburnie

@_jord19x: oh wow, jesus

@ArcheryContest: *puts money on Ryan Gauld making the Euros*

@DeclanDhanoya: Imagine being that desperate to not play championship football, you’d rather go to jail

@Max_Robertson_: 🤣🤣🤣 what a freak

@leejtaylor3: The only footballer to go down twice in one season

@jfwfc: We properly embarrassed ourselves getting relegated last year but at least Andre Gray wasn’t out looking half pissed fighting randoms on the street

@RHAVFC: Oh dear, @SheffieldUnited Guess your players not handling relegation well?

@HarriRyan8: Hahaha always was a rat

@fgvwba1878: Well that’s him finished isn’t it

@_owenlufc: Shit striker and a shit bloke as well it seems. Wanker

@1989Eddy: Throws a punch and misses tries to smash up the boys phone and misses 😂😂😂

@ArabinExile: Be a nightmare if he was involved in a court case and couldn’t make the euros

@leejohnson95: Mcburnie does seem that much of a prick tbf

@hjsbaker: Lol what the fuck has gone on here

@Conor67__: Has mcburnie had a drink?

@DomWalton10: Get this bloke out of my football club.

@willytoonsly: hahahahahahaha what the actual fuck is that donkey doing

@dyl1919: Hahaha fuck mcburnie

@michaelk0303: if you were to ask me what prem player would beat up minors i would’ve 100% said oli mcburnie

@danwba_: Well that’s the last we’ll see if Oli McBurnie for a while

@stevonevo1: No way oli mcburnie has kicked someone who’s on the floor (1) more times than he has scotland goals (0)

@lfcgarik: Oli Mcburnie: The Shite Soldier

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