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VIDEO: Noel Gallagher booed after telling crowd ‘it’s not coming home’

Noel Gallagher received boos from his own fans after he shared his views on England’s World Cup game with Sweden, saying football is “not coming home”.

The former Oasis star performed at Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre on Friday, the day ahead of the national team’s quarter-final game.

In a video shared on Twitter by a fan at the event, the audience is heard breaking into song, singing England football anthem Three Lions.

The singer interrupted fans and said “Seriously though – it f***ing isn’t. It is not. It is not.”

Fans laughed at first, until they realised he was serious.

After realising the change of tone from the crowd, he tries to stop it from getting worse.

“F***ing… what? Hang on a minute…”

The camera gets a close-up of Noel at the mic, smirking whilst he looks around.

One user wrote online: ‘I love NG but he is so f***ing wrong it’s beyond belief!’

Noel Gallagher has always been vocal about his views regarding the England team.

Back in 2016, he said: ‘I am not a fan of the English team. No, I’m not an England fan, though it would be great if England won anything, it would be truly staggering.

‘I don’t consider myself to be English, my parents are Irish, my wife’s Scottish, my children have got some Scottish in them, but at the same time I don’t feel a hundred percent Irish either because I was born in England.

‘So internationally I don’t really support anyone, but if England were playing Scotland tomorrow I would be supporting Scotland.’


Take a look at how social media reacted to what he had to say about England on the next page.

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