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VIDEO: Nigel Pearson gives death stare when confronting abusive Bristol City fans

Nigel Pearson gives a death stare when confronting abusive Bristol City fans following the defeat to relegation battlers Barnsley.

The experienced manager spoke after the game on it getting rather heated when leaving the pitch at the final whistle, and it included some angry words from several away fans.

Bristol City supporters are losing patience and voiced their concern to manager Nigel Pearson after his side had lost 2-0 to Barnsley.

First-half goals from Carlton Morris and Michal Helik boost the Tykes’ survival hopes.

They have now won four of their last eight league games to throw themselves a relegation lifeline, having only tasted victory twice during their first 29 fixtures.

A disappointing performance against the Tykes, who sit third-from-bottom, led to plenty of angry comments on social media, but also at the stadium from the away end.

Two Bristol City supporters who had made the trip caught the attention of Pearson who left the pitch at the end of the game, and stood with a fixed face, a death stare you could say, when listening to the comments aimed at him.

The 58-year-old was asked about the exchange and if it hadn’t been for a cool down period before the interviews, his answers could have been very different, because Pearson then agreed that what they had witnessed was unacceptable.

“As I came off there were some fellas there letting me know exactly what they thought,” explained Pearson of the post-match incident.

“And I can’t disagree with them. They follow us in big numbers and spend a lot of money in supporting us.

“We should give them a better performance than that,” he added.

The manager slammed his side’s start to the game and his frustrations at failing to turn in a performance on the back of a Championship victory at Blackburn just four days prior.

He said: “It’s the same players who played at the weekend who did it (defend set-pieces) very well so our inconsistencies come back to haunt us and that remains a problem for us this season.

“The way we started the game was sloppy and we were very. very wasteful with the ball. We just turned the ball over so many times without a lot of pressure on us and that comes down to concentration.

“The players don’t ever go out to play badly, of course they don’t. But what they haven’t been able to do is get two performances off the back of each other that we can say are pretty similar in the terms of quality.

“If you want to talk about tactics and positional stuff, it’s very difficult to do that but it’s more to do with how we go about the game and we just make too many unforced errors.”

When asked on whether the performance emphasised the need for new players, he responded: “We’ve now got eight games to go and I think I can answer that question with a bit more certainty in a few games times but players have the opportunity to show what they are made of and that’s all I can say.”

Barnsley’s Poya Asbaghi: “This challenge would be my highest achievement, having come to a different country and a new league with just nine or 10 players available in January.

But the only thing we have done with these good performances is given ourselves a chance.

We haven’t accomplished anything but at least we have some sort of control over our destiny now going into the last games of the season.

“It was the start to the game that we wanted by pushing Bristol back and getting corners, which were decisive in us winning the game and you need to have that threat from set-pieces.

Before the game it was our main focus because we knew Bristol City can leave spaces that we could use in a good way and I’m happy that it paid off.

We have to keep using set-pieces now because that’s what got us three points from this game.

We looked a little bit tired in the second half, but I understand that as we played the toughest opponent possible in Fulham on Saturday and I’m very pleased we were still able to defend a lead.”

Twitter users gave their reaction as Nigel Pearson gives a death stare when confronting abusive Bristol City fans…

@ColinExpress: It would be better for all concerned if he just left.

@DJerome1: It really wouldn’t

@matthew1985_23: Pearson needs time, he’s as honest as he can be in his interviews, some of the players aren’t good enough hence why we have had to have players in their unnatural positions, I’d be more worried if these players aren’t shipped out in the summer,and get players in that are capable.

@joannab2015: To be honest the fans should be shouting at the players after that performance.. appalling.. yes NP needs to take some of the blame but come on the players are probably the worse bunch of spineless whimps I’ve every seen, go one down and there’s no fight to get back in the game!

@ChongyMind: Oh dear! Personally I think he needs time to sort this mess but we all know what happened to the last gaffer that confronted the fans…

@ConFarr97: Time to go.

@BrizzleKicksPod: Full Mike Bassett vibes here… #BristolCity

@GeorgeBcFc17: Shows it all. Fans starting to turn

@BcfcWill: Think he’ll walk at the end of the season? Why does he need this really

@TimMilts82: Is this another cotts moment? Only time will tell

@blueygood: He’s too bloody stubborn to even believe he’s the problem. He won’t accept it. It’ll be the players fault, and they are mostly to blame, but he’s the boss and he should go… but he won’t.

@btrftg: Then he’d be right. He isn’t the problem. Our supposed players are. He won’t improve them by publicly announcing they’re crap, but they are. If he goes next manager won’t have funds to change anything, but they’ll still be selecting the overpaid crap the fans clamoured for.

@blueygood: It’s weird, when other clubs stick with their manager through thick n thin I think what a loyal bunch of fans, when our fans do it I question if I’m the only sane one left!

@mattacollinseng: Blokes a 🦖

@markymark030567: Pearson was confronted by fans wanting real answers, not some match day interviewer asking if he was well! He didn’t like the direct questioning and had no answers to them.

@Sauns79: Please just walk…..

@Neilskuse: He inherited a shit squad and is doing what he can-first job was to keep @BristolCity in the division.He has done that – second job is to build a side to take the club forward. judge him next season.

@Immortal_Pleb: We sacked Johnson because he wasn’t reaching playoffs, we demanded someone who was gonna give us that final piece of the puzzle, now our aim is to stay up? Weak.

@Neilskuse: NP has not had the millions that LJ was given. He was given a squad of players that were sinking faster than the titanic. The problem were here before NP arrived.

@Pomredoz: To be fair it depends what they were saying to him. A lot of people criticising him here but if they are just swearing at him or saying stupid shit then I don’t blame him. At least he listened briefly to see if worth listening too.

@JoelFlynn007: If you seriously think Pearson’s the problem you need to give your head a wobble

@blueeye97875790: He is to pig headed like his team selections. Needs to get off his high horse and do some ground work and train the defence

@JackSealy9: Our fans are fucking idiots. So deluded

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