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VIDEO: Match halted after Blackpool fans throw bottles and flares towards Accrington keeper

A League One match was halted numerous times yesterday after Blackpool fans threw bottles and flares towards Accrington’s keeper.

Footage by one vlogger shows two bottles thrown in the direction of Dimitar Evtimov, who was sent off for throwing a bottle back into the crowd for the same fixture back in March this year.

Shortly after the bottle incident of yesterday’s game, a flare was chucked onto the field with play still going on before the game was stopped.


@SeasidersPolice tweeted: “I don’t need to say much about the bottles and smoke device which was roundly and correctly condemned by the majority of @BlackpoolFC and @ASFCofficial fans. Unfortunately it’s the minority spoiling it for the majority.”

Accrington owner Andy Holt wrote: “Police wanted us to stop serving plastic bottles behind our away end. We’ve asked for a bit of leniency.

“No throwing plastic bottles on the pitch please, or next time there won’t be any.”

He added: “Over £6000 the police bill for yesterday’s match against

“That’s because of a few dicks, who despite being asked nicely, insist on throwing plastic bottles on the pitch.

“We average £12.88 a ticket.

“So 465 visitors are needed just to cover it and next time the police will want to raise the profile of the game.

“The allocation to a great club like @BlackpoolFC will be cut because there’s no point economically having a big away crowd.

“As usual the few idiots spoil it for the many.

“It’s a pity because it was a great day otherwise.

“I had a good natter with loads of great Seasiders.

“Why football attract these clowns is a mystery.

” We want rid of them, we could relax the rules then instead of making them tougher.”

Tangerine Knights added: “Absolutely pathetic by some of our so called fans. Grow up you morons.

“Some of us fought long and hard to get our club back. We earned respect from other fans for the stance we took. We are now on the verge of losing that respect due to a few immature dickheads who think it’s a good idea to throw half full plastic bottles onto the pitch.

“It’s not fun, it’s not big or clever, it’s just pathetic. You risk losing what we have fought for and risk the club being fined or worse. You risk a ban, limited numbers at away games, drink withdrawn. Will you think you’re big and clever then? Time to grow up children.

“By all means give the opposition dogs abuse to wind them up, but stop the childish antics of throwing bottles. It’s pathetic, you’re pathetic and there is no need.”


After reading up and/or seeing the bottles and flares thrown at Accrington by Blackpool fans, social media users gave their reaction, majority slammed them, others wrote something different – see those tweets on the next page.


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