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VIDEO: Man Utd fans attacked in Gdansk with three ‘injured’ ahead of Europa League final

A video has gone viral appearing to show Man Utd fans attacked in Gdansk with three ‘injured’ ahead of Wednesday night’s Europa League final.

Three supporters of the Premier League club reportedly suffered ‘minor injuries’ after being attacked outside a bar in Gdansk last night.

Roughly 2,000 United fans have travelled abroad to Poland for the Europa League final against Villarreal, despite strong calls to have it held in London.

It’s been reported that fights broke out in the city centre of Gdansk on Tuesday evening, leading to people being hurt.

There was said to have been trouble outside a bar in the Polish city where chairs were smashed while bottles and glasses were also thrown by 20-25 locals.

According to reports, three fans suffered ‘minor injuries’ with club officials from United assisting other supporters who have had items stolen by the culprits.

It is also suggested that the fighting didn’t take place between United and Villareal fans with the atmosphere described as ‘good natured’. Instead if was by hooligans of Lechia Gdansk.

United released a statement which read: “Club staff were assisting a number of United fans in Gdansk last night and today after an incident where some of our supporters were attacked outside a bar in the city.”

Poland has been placed on the amber list by the UK government, which means fans who have travelled to Gdansk will be required to quarantine for 10 days on their return.

The self-isolation period may end earlier if they return two negative PCR tests, usually taken on day two of quarantine.

United are the strong favourites to win the tournament having beaten Real Sociedad, AC Milan, Granada and Roma in the knockout rounds to make it to the final.

Chairs and tables were left upturned after the incident in Gdansk

A clip which has been uploaded to social media shows a group of what appear to be locals, dressed in dark clothes, chanting and legging it from a bar in the city.

They decided to overturn tables and chairs leaving owners of the venue raging with the chaos a damaged caused.

A different video, below, has also been shared from the same venue from earlier in the evening. Fans were in high spirit and didn’t look to cause any trouble

That shows United fans singing and enjoying their first away trip since early in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.

United received a ticket allocation of 2,000 tickets from UEFA for the much anticipated final.

Meanwhile, Ole Gunnar Solskjær has urged Manchester United to win the Europa League final to honour Sir Matt Busby and encouraged his team to enjoy the “pleasure of the pressure” of playing for a trophy that could start an era of success.

“When it’s something positive you think it will work in your favour,” the manager said. “I think it will be a good omen for us but the players need to do their job. Maybe we can honour Sir Matt’s birthday with another win.

“My wife’s birthday is on the 26th, we got married on the 26th, so I have to believe in destiny, or skjebne [in Norwegian]. It’s a special number for us, for my family as well. I’m not very superstitious but it looks like a good sign.”

United can claim a sixth major European trophy by beating Unai Emery’s side and after four years Solskjær believes victory could be the first trophy of many.

“We have five [final] wins in Europe, we have lost twice to Barcelona [in the 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals],” he said. “These are big nights for us. It might be the stepping stone for something better to come, a bright future, because this team is a young team and it is a team we have rebuilt over the last couple of years so hopefully this is the start of something more.”

Ferguson, who oversaw plenty of successful United nights, is with the team in Poland. “We know Sir Alex is with us, we know the 26th of May is Sir Matt’s birthday, but the players when they sign for Man United they do so to win trophies, they accept the challenge of being the best because this is the best club in the world so that is the pressure of Man United,” Solskjær said. “That is something they are ready for because they wouldn’t have signed here if they weren’t top players.”

Solskjær shrugged off claims United start as favourites. “Every player who goes into a final has the expectation and pressure to win,” he said. “We prepare to win, we plan to win, we expect to win. That is the pleasure of the pressure of Manchester United.

“I’m sure Unai feels the same with his team and his players. It’s been a long qualification to get there and it’s 50-50 when you get to a final. I’m confident, we’re ready for this. But in a final anything can happen. You can concede a goal in the first minute, injury, get sent off.”

Of Ferguson being in attendance, Solskjær said: “Just to have him around when we eat in the restaurant, I’m sure the players if they wonder about something they can ask him and he’s always available for a chat because this is the club in his heart. I hope he enjoys it as well because I owe most of my career to him and this club, so hopefully he will enjoy the night.”

Fans reacted as a video emerges of Man Utd fans being attacked in Gdansk with three ‘injured’ ahead of Europa League final…

@AnthonySJ: What’s the point? Firm v Firm is fine. But if you go after random fans then you may as well just go after random members of the public.

@steviesouness: How thick are these cvnts?! Bringing shame of Poland.

@wallymac0309: Wrecking a bar in their own country more like, bunch of tossers

@staymadcunt: That’s Poland tho. I went on a school trip to krakow and there was two guys having a full on fight in the middle of the city

@RFCGW: What another great idea from @UEFA to have the final in a violent backwater part of Europe

@hayb81: Stay safe everyone.

@UtdQzaidi: Not going to Gdansk no more, thats for sure

@MUFC_RA: If this is true that as “translated” the @LechiaGdanskSA fans came out to attack our fans out in Gdańsk then they are a bunch of inbreds. In the bin you absolute w*nkers. No place for you on earth.

@mufc4thefans: Stay safe out there

@HerrHildingsson: Embarrassing, go back to the forest and fight with people who wants to fight. This is just a coward attack.

@Ricardosketch08: How long until Uefa & Fifa ban countries where this happens? Hooligans assaulting casual fans that travel to enjoy their teams games is not making them look tough or brave…

@DesHartley102: HINT: don’t hold Euro finals in Eastern Europe??

@steveomufc: Wankers 😡

@ClairClair211: Hope they’re ok?

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