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VIDEO: Man City and Chelsea fans fight each other and police in Porto before Champions League Final

A video is going viral appearing to show Man City and Chelsea fans fight each other and police in Porto ahead of the Champions League Final.

It involved in minor clashes with police in Porto on Thursday night with Porto’s mayor Rui Moreira telling Sky Sports News the flashpoints occurred near the River Douro.

This is where supporters of the two Premier League clubs spent the night drinking before the big game taking place at the weekend.

No arrests has so far been made according to reports, but one supporter went to hospital with minor injuries.

Bars in Porto have reopened as the city comes out of lockdown, but they must close by 10:30pm to stick by the city’s strict curfew.

Thousands more Chelsea and Man City fans are expected to arrive in Porto on Friday and Saturday ahead of this weekend’s Champions League final between the two sides.

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Each club will have nearly 6,000 supporters in the Estadio do Dragao for the game, which will take place in front of an attendance of 16,500.

While some fans have made their own way to Porto, the majority will arrive on Saturday on chartered flights before leaving after the game.

An eyewitness told the Sun: ‘That set off pushing and shoving followed by fighting in the street.

‘Military police had to wade in with batons to break it up.’

In two videos seen above and below, two groups of hooligans swapped punches briefly at the entrance to the station after throwing chairs at each other despite the attempts of a waiter to halt the confrontation.

One man was knocked to the ground moments before the riot officers appeared on the scene as cars tried to manoeuvre round the brawling fans at a traffic light.

One of the officers caught hold of a man’s top and appeared to come close to arresting him before he got himself free.

The two incidents occurred as bars and cafes were closing.

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola praised Thomas Tuchel’s impact at Chelsea and believes the system the German has brought to Stamford Bridge is difficult to play against.

‘Why Chelsea play so good… because they have three central defenders close, the two holding midfielders who move in relation are close, the pockets are close, the striker and the two [others in attack] are so, so close,’ Guardiola told BT Sport.

‘The distances are so close, and at the same time they are so wide with the wing backs, they are so good with the ball in behind.

‘That’s why you cannot be close because they push you [out wide] and they have a lot of good players in the middle. That’s why it’s difficult to face teams who want the ball and want to play with the ball. We’ve tried to do it since day one.’

Asked how he rates Tuchel’s impact at Chelsea, Guardiola replied: ‘I think it’s massive.

‘I saw the first game he had against Wolves, it was a draw but I saw already some routines, some mental processes when I faced them in Mainz and Borussia Dortmund.

‘I knew he would do it quick and good here at Chelsea.’

Manchester City possible starting lineup:
Ederson; Walker, Dias, Stones, Zinchenko; Fernandinho, Gundogan, Silva; Mahrez, De Bruyne, Foden

Chelsea possible starting lineup:
Mendy; Azpilicueta, Silva, Rudiger; James, Kovacic, Kante, Chilwell; Mount, Werner; Havertz

SportsMole prediction: Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea

They said: Guardiola and Tuchel will know better than anyone else that form goes out the window when it comes to the Champions League final, which ought to give the Stamford Bridge faithful hope that they could be celebrating a continental crown at the end of night.

City have had a history of failing to deliver on the European stage when it matters most, but the pressure of such an occasion should not get to them this time around.

Tuchel’s side will not go down waving the white flag, but we are backing Guardiola to end his agonising wait for European success with the Manchester giants.

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Twitter users reacted after seeing a video of Man City and Chelsea fans choosing to fight each other and police in Porto…

@NeilWhyte3: Always going to happen after being on the piss all day.

@WA07ZZA: Fooligans

@SyedinhoYouKnow: English Hooliganism man, this is football heritage. 🤢

@Sandyshaws: Be good to see them in Russia again 😂😂

@LeagueOfMyOwnII: Should be given a 3 year ban from Europe 👍

@cal_smxth: Why is it always brits that need to go to other countries and fight people?

@AdamTildsley: Football slowly getting back to normal haha

@mnz4579: Who won the fight

@Haydaddict: The drunks are at it again.

@howsthebacon_: Absolute weapons. What’s the point in going all the way out there to have a brawl?

@Stuart7Hayden: Scum of the earth sure.

@scrasemush: Football fans are the biggest embarrassment on the planet

@CodgeyBhoy: Shock

@DillyCFC: Imagine paying all that money and going through all the effort to be in Porto to support your club, then you do this and end up being arrested or get knocked into hospital and miss the match? You are grown men, act like it!

@benstevens90: Bars closing at 10.30 is a very valid reason to kick off tbf

@JR0CK076: The irony that both sets of fans are throwing plastic about.

@shaunbrown4: Oh how these tourist destinations must have missed brits abroad

@sjm43221: Embarrassing. Why are we English like this

@JRM1862: Chelsea fans and ex Chelsea fans clashing in Porto last night…

@R33JKO: Embarrassing! What’s up with a few beers, some banter, watch the game and go home without all this bollocks. Bunch of fannies

@RichyAlde: Absolutely embarrassing this

@markstommo: Probably sat next to each other on the plane on their way there too

@graemeh1984: It’s not a proper one until the water cannons come out

@SnackByteso1: And they wonder why we get nil points from the rest of Europe 🤔 it’s a puzzler 🤦🏻‍♂️

@MhHoban: Be more iconic if they lobbed £20 notes at each other, in recognition of the rich owners

@jbxnn23: Can’t fault it, been too long

@scubasteve1414: Another reason it should have been held in London. English fans abroad are always embarrassing and end up fighting.

@vivek_0026: This is just embarassing.

@JonayBrooks: English fans fighting English fans in a foreign country, are we honestly suprised? Can’t go away and have a class time with a drink in them always got to end up acting like they’re hard as fuck

@JordanDunne22: Typical English fans innit

@harrisufc: Fucking embarrassing… I fucking hate my own countrymen sometimes!

@RuG_TheMunchies: Absolute state of these weapons grade bellends. People wonder why fans of English clubs get targeted by ‘ultras’ when they play abroad – this is the reason. Get out of the 70’s.

@joedefc: Would you really be fucking arsed

@lfcnxsir: Kinda ironic that both sets of fans are throwing “plastic” chairs about

@mcfctj_: Idk why you’d go over to a UCL final, when your very lucky to get there, and then decide to have scraps with the other fans.

@BradleyCromack: The “lucky” ones who get to see their club play in the biggest game of the year and they do this. Fucking rats

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