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VIDEO: Leeds and Middlesbrough fans scrap outside Elland Road at half time

Footage has emerged showing Leeds United and Middlesbrough fans ‘kicking off’ outside Elland Road during half time of the Championship clash.

Andy Smith uploaded two videos, which can be seen below, capturing the moment the home fans, who were let out of the ground to have a smoke or vape, mock Boro supporters who headed back to make the journey home.

Leeds fans sing "Time to go" before some start running towards the Old Peacock pub, who are then followed by police officers who call on more to join them at the scene.

The group of those mocking the away supporters started getting riled up as officers surrounded them whilst also watching punches being thrown in the distance with police vans passing them with their sirens on.

The chants continued before the police eventually calmed the situation down after the trouble spilled out onto the busy road.

Traffic was halted and then fans make their way back inside the ground ready for the second half.

One fan commented: "2 Boro got chucked out at HT… Trying to get into peacock [pub] and got told to go… Took their disappointment out on a copper kicking an punching him while on the floor.. Soon there were more coppers who sorted the Boro cowards out"

There have been no reports of any arrests made.

Watch the video that has been seen over 6,000 times as well as receive plenty of likes, retweets and comments below...



Fans took to give their thoughts on the video they saw - see what they made of it on the next page.


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