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VIDEO: Groundhopper Vlog – North Ferriby United with ‘Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game’

The latest offering from the Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game, written by Daniel Magner.

“You know I love the North” says Tom, surprisingly chipper, considering the early start and the fact we are only about twenty minutes into a three and a half hour drive. It might have something to do with the cup of tea I made him, I say I, my other half did, so I can’t really take the credit, or for the cheese sandwiches that are now sitting on the back seat, burning a hole in the clingfilm they’re wrapped in.

He lazily tokes on his vape, it’s “juicy peach again” he tells me, looking out of the window, again I emphasise in a exceptionally good mood. Tom is not a morning person, and although I’m not adverse to an early wake up call, much better at them then him anyway, I’m struggling not so much with the time my alarm went off, but with the fact that he’s taken his shoes off.

Matthew is the first of the North Ferriby United A.F.C. (NFU) fans/volunteers, we meet, and like so many of those who help out at their local non league club on match days, he is in a near state of motion. He is not far off being followed by a slight blur, like roadrunner. “Might do well for us, be the great leveler, the boost we need” he says when we ask is it always this windy.

NFU are in a real state on the pitch, not to mention what is happening off it. In the midst of a seven game losing streak, bottom of the league, after relegation last season, things are far from ideal for The Villagers. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since that day at Wembley in 2015, when we saw them lift the FA Trophy in the most romantic of circumstances and despite all my years as a Spurs fan, they are still the only football team to have ever made me cry.

Perhaps the warmest welcome we have ever received, not the result we wanted on the day, but that was far from our minds as we confirmed our love affair with a small club in Yorkshire, that started at Wembley in 2015. What a day!

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