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VIDEO: Glenn Tamplin admits he was wrong and gives update on future of Billericay

Billericay Town owner Glenn Tamplin gave supporters an update on sacked manager Harry Wheeler and the future of the club.

The update came in a YouTube video after their side’s win over Hemel Hempstead Town yesterday.

He revealed that he was wrong to have let Harry Wheeler leave last month, which he did so by text, 5 minutes before the end of their loss against Chippenham, considering they sat third in the table.

He said: “I made a mistake in Harry Wheeler, I made a mistake in letting him go. It was my fault, I’m learning as I go.

“Harry’s gone, he’s a great loss and I’ve tried to get him back, but he doesn’t want to come back. I understand that because I sacked him and I shouldn’t have.

“I’ve apologised to Harry in person. I apologise to the fans for letting Harry go. As I say, it’s my mistake, it won’t happen again and I’ll learn from it.

“Tristan is willing to step in. Me, Tristan and Danny will do it together for now but Tristan will be the main man.

“I’m meeting Harry in the week and I’ll make sure he gets the right settlement and treated in the right way.

“But it was wrong of me to sack Harry over personal things we didn’t agree with, so my apologies to the fans for that and it won’t happen again.”

He also went on to reassure supporters on the club’s future: “As far as the club is concerned, I met some buyers this week, and anyone I meet that’s interested in buying the club, what they’re going to do is dissect the team, they’re going to save money, they’re going to stop the overheads coming out and to me, you’ll be lucky if you’ll stay in this league.

“So until I meet, the right investor with the right attitude as me, which I probably won’t be, because there won’t be anyone as mad as me, circus clown or whatever you want to call me, basically until I find an investor who is willing to take this club into the leagues, I gave you supporters and fans my word, that I would never let the club go into liquidation, I will never leave the club, I’m am blue for life and all the stuff I said, let me tell you, it’s looking like I’m going to stay because I can’t find investors that are willing to put their hand in their pocket every week like I do. I’m not going to hand the club over to let them sit in this league or go down the league and not continue with the dream that I’ve sold to the fans and community.

“So I’m going to give it three weeks, to find the right investor, as I say a bit of a fruit case of me, if I can’t find that one, I’m staying, and I’ll see the job through.

He went on to say that he still believes that the club can “go on to win this league”.


Tamplin has since been praised by the majority of football fans on social media – check out how the football world reacted on the next page.


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