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VIDEO: Flare up between England and Scotland fans mocked as most hilarious yet

A video of a flare up between England and Scotland fans before Friday’s meeting was mocked as most hilarious yet by social media users.

A short video, including another, is going viral on Twitter with mostly each and every one of the thousands watching it laughing their head of at the scenes playing out.

Majority of the Scots coming down have been behaving well, getting in the party spirit, singing, drinking and even doing the conga!

Over 22,000 of the Tartan Army have gathered in pouring rain in central London ahead of the team’s Euro 2020 clash with England.

Many fans have travelled despite warnings they should not go to London unless they have a match ticket, or a safe place to watch it.

Scotland were only allocated about 2,600 tickets due to Covid rules, and no fan zone has been set up.

The match at Wembley Stadium kicks off at 20:00 and we will no doubt see groups of supporters wearing kilts, Scotland shirts, flags and playing the bagpipes, something previously seen at Leicester Square, King’s Cross and Hyde Park.

Estimates that 20,000 Scotland fans would travel south for the match have been been described as “very conservative” by a London Assembly member.

A dispersal order has been issued for central London, giving the police extra powers to break up groups of people where they believe their behaviour is causing a nuisance, harassment or distress.

There have been no reports of any significant disorder – although there have been videos on social media that appeared to show some fans singing offensive anti-English songs.

Chief Inspector Joe Stokoe, spokesperson for the Met’s policing operation during Euro 2020, said: “We are delighted to be hosting the Euros in London. People have waited a long time for this to take place and we know that everyone is very excited, so we ask members of the public to look after themselves and each other and enjoy the occasion safely and responsibly.

Our officers are here to look after you so please speak to them if you have any concerns. Stay vigilant and report anything suspicious to police, and please be mindful of the weather too, which is not expected to be good.

“There will of course be people in London who won’t be watching the game and we urge you to consider those people and behave respectfully.

“London also remains in a public health crisis. There are government guidelines in place and we ask people to follow these and remain socially distanced.

“We have contingency plans to deal with any number of potential incidents as they arise but my message is clear: if you don’t have ticket to the matches, fan zone or officially booked into a pub, bar or club, please do not come to London – you could end up missing the game.

“Last night we took the precaution of issuing a section 35 dispersal order that is in place until 15:00hrs on Saturday, 19. We have a flexible policing plan in place to reduce the likelihood of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.”

As mentioned, a flare up between England and Scotland fans was mocked as the most hilarious yet…

@SartorialThug: Fight? Looked like an effeminate street dancing troupe

@dave_n84: Let me know when the fight part begins?

@Murphy41835111: Can no one on this island throw a punch anymore?

@KVPFCx: how the fuck did that fat jock in the green end on his arse? i can’t work it out for the life of me

@HelloitsLux: When you go to glass someone and then remember you are carrying a plastic tumbler…

@ZETEK: The dude in the kilt like I will not spill my beer whatever happens

@shelfy1882: Lad in blue hoodie taking it seriously by keeping his mask on

@scotp09: Always fucking little kids. Fifa mode virgins.

@PeterM4: Fat tarrier tries to be sneaky with the glass and ends up on his knees like the dog he is. Not a bad start to the night 4/10

@mark30795301: Embarrassing

@Jeff48023215: Don’t do that… I’ll spill ma beer 🍺😉

@TobyGuise: I like the fact that it stops when a drunken older English guy tries to join in and falls over 👌

@DOWHU_1995: Stupid pricks. All day and yesterday being bombarded with videos of them acting like a bunch of buffoons around London, thinking they’re the bollocks at their first tournament since most of them were glints in their dads eyes. Hope England batter them tonight and send them home.

@alfie_west_55: What a bunch of wee tadgers, youth of today are soft as shit

@chrissie1927: Really omg why can’t people just be fans and not stupid

@collbcollb: The old boy throwing the pint and then slipping over 😂

@1873Rickster: the lassie in the skirt had it under control

@olli_max: kids who ve had a couple of halves !! embarrassing !!

@teds1988: Get fucking into them. Cunts!

@____1872____: Tbh. Any scotland fan jumping about London shouting “if you hate the fucking english” deserved to be slapped about.

@CoopersBar: Wanker tried to glass the guy but gets sparkled

@DavidH666WHU: Fair play at least he didn’t punch the fella in a skirt

@GarethSmith87: All the ingredients are there. 18 months of no away games, or any games for some. Boozing all day. Some of the shit the Jocks are singing. Crap example here, but it’s early yet. Carnage if England lose

@bill52052367: Tartan army doing what the tartan army do best, provoke, goad, take a doin and blame it on the English.

@Scoash912: Ooh so scotland fans fighting now another thing they cant slander rangers for as if they do fuck all wrong

@BeasantBen: Isn’t it great to be back to normal! 😁 #ENGSCO

@nogoodgods: Londoners shocked to discover arguments can be settled without machetes.

@bigfin01: Scotland’s shame

@birch1875: Scotland get battered


@Tommydlcfc1: The guy in pink thinks it’s boxing. The old guy gets dropped. Fucking pussy Scots 🤣🤣🤣. 🦁🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@jasonlamont72: Never do a cunt on the ground

@callumcafc98: The Scottish getting twatted 😂. Probably SNP refugees welcome types. No sympathy from me.

@Carter5914: Look at these pissed-up clowns. My old Nan could fight better 😆

@wahinewaz: This is what happens when you drink too much Stella guys

@joe_graham7: Would I fuck 😂😂😂😂😂

@Andy__98__: How’s the lad in the green walked in and swilled someone with a pint and still been dropped under 1 second hahahaha

@KingSyders: These man love it too much even though they can’t fight

@Kswannick1: Seen a better fight on a Sunday league pitch

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