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VIDEO: Fight breaks out with pints thrown and fans on pitch during FA Vase clash

An FA Vase match was marred at the weekend after a fight broke out, pints were thrown and fans brawled on the pitch.

It took place at the end of Leighton Town‘s 4-3 away win at Eynesbury Rovers and the Spartan League have since expressed their concern at the ‘crowd disturbances’.

Eynesbury v Leighton fight

Posted by Football Fans on Monday, January 13, 2020



“The Executive Committee at Leighton Town FC would like to thank the hundreds of their loyal supporters who travelled to the FA Vase game yesterday at Eynesbury Rovers FC . As ever, your conduct was impeccable and a credit to the club. Your support is hugely appreciated by the players, managers, backroom staff and committee.

“That said, the club strongly condemns the behaviour of a group of youths whose actions were completely unacceptable yesterday. These are not Leighton Town supporters and have let both the club and our true supporters down enormously! At the same time, the response of a small group of Eynesbury adults at the end of the game, which is clearly captured on video, must also be condemned. The behaviour of both groups has no place in football and those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

“After much discussion today and after studying the video footage available, the club will be taking the strongest of action against the Leighton youths responsible once identified and we will shortly announce a series of measures that will ensure that we do not witness such scenes again.

“It is a shame that these events marred what was a competitive and hugely exciting game between two very good teams; a game that could have gone either way. We send our best wishes to Eynesbury Rovers for the rest of the season.”


@amacagent: The old boy who threw his drink on from the home stand must feel really proud of himself ???? plenty of handbags in there barely a punch thrown ps how is the home keeper feeling after he ran the length of the pitch to celebrate the 3rd?? ???

@williamshankly: What’s wrong with people?

@SEARSY_WHU: Leighton town were an absolute disgrace, 9 year old kids being given the chance to be ball boys for the day having to witness and be subjected to that. Any of the coins could have easily hit one of them, being egged on it seems by some kind of “general”, shameful and pitiful!

@Graeme_Butler85: Funniest thing about this is the kids of today giving it charlie big bananas in front of their mates, thinking they’re hard, then realising no one is backing them up and will actually have to follow up their gob work!! Idiots, the lot of them.

@steviestallard: Surely nobody believes the lads on the pitch ever wanted any of that, classic ‘get my mates to hold me back so it looks like I want a scrap’ move ?

@harvs1982: Imagine being someone in this video and watching this this morning. How embarrassing. I don’t think they’ll be sitting around the dinner table sharing it with their loved ones…”watch this mum/dad/kids you’ll be so proud of me”

@Caz_Alexander: bloke on left gave it large, got lamped, hit with a beer, pushed by security and fell over ??? his group chat will be gold ?

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