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VIDEO: Fan dressed as Mario taken down by police before Barnsley v Coventry

A video is doing the rounds on social media and it shows a fan dressed as Mario get taken down by police before Barnsley v Coventry.

In the 39 second clip, the Sky Blue supporters are making their way to the stadium with around 2,000 to have been expected in the attendance.

It was the first league game at Oakwell since lockdown rules were relaxed, so it was already expected to be a big attendance for this Championship encounter.

However after being kept inside for so long, fans relished being out and about, living up the matchday experience, so much so that some fighting broke out.

The footage begins with some police officers pushing males out of the way as fans pass on by, Coventry supporters sing and chant away in the street, looking like they are goading at potentially Barnsley supporters the other side of the camera in which the video is being taken from.

So Sky Blue fans use their hands to make some light contact with police officers in front of them, and then two lads dressed up as seen mouthing off and asking for it, before an attack is carried out, even a lad in a Luigi costume tries getting in on the act.

Police are quickly on it, with nearby fans also getting involved to calm down the situation, though officers got there first.

One of the males – dressed like Mario – is seen tumbling down to the ground, resisting whilst getting handcuffed in front of the video recorder. Watch the clip below…

As can be seen, a police van is then behind the group of supporters, moving them along to where they are meant to be, before everyone them seemingly stops, and shouting between two sets of fans begins again.

Others could be seen going back to try and help and talk with officers over arresting the male fan dressed as the famous Nintendo character.

Other reports state that bottle throwing took place towards Coventry fans’ buses at The Mount pub, causing damage with women and kids nearby.

Scrapping took place after the game too, allegedly outside the town’s Gala Bingo with no police around and East Stand car park and Barnsley train station as fans made their way out of the ground and back into the streets.

Meanwhile, another clip got posted onto Twitter, this time of a Barnsley fan choosing to do a Nazi salute at the Coventry fans… as you do.

The match itself saw Markus Schopp record his first win as Barnsley head coach after Dominik Frieser’s first-half goal gave them a 1-0 victory at home to Coventry.

Mark Robins’ side had a number of good chances to equalise, including a stoppage-time penalty which Viktor Gyokeres failed to put in the back of the net, as the Tykes held on for the victory.

Barnsley’s Markus Schopp: “It’s so important to start with three points in our first home game. Everything gets easier when you get some points on the table. To play at home with the home supporters makes it different and I’m so glad that we have three points. I’m so glad for Dominik that he scored. He gives us something we need.

“When you get a penalty five minutes from the end, it’s always a tough one, but I guess it’s a moment each goalkeeper is waiting for so that he can bring something to the team. To save a penalty five minutes from the end when the team is 1-0 up is a big thing. I’m happy for him. Coventry did play really well and we were struggling a bit. We take the three points but we know what we have to do better.”

Coventry’s Mark Robins: “I thought it was a good game, for a start. I thought they were two good, young teams. There was a lot of energy and I thought we dominated from start to finish. There was a really poor chance in the first half that ended up in the back of the net. Apart from that, they’ve done nothing.

“We didn’t allow them to do anything in fairness. I thought we were outstanding in most areas. We have to take the chance from 12 yards and we have to be more clinical in that final third when we’ve got opportunities. Nobody likes losing but I’ve got to come away thinking there are loads of positives from it. We were playing against a team who were in the play-offs last season and I thought we were good all game.”

Twitter users reacted to a video of a fan dressed as Mario was taken down by police before the Barnsley v Coventry game…

@Brookeyyy___: Luigi didn’t back his boy 😭😭

@dom_33: Special breed Coventry fans like, proper wrong uns

@naloodekul: Colgate tryna remove teeth to save him a future job

@TCarter66208: Football really is back

@WestSussexSAFC: Coventry get battered, everywhere they go 👏🏻

@Springen100: Hardcore

@ben_vello: Coppers absolutely clueless btw. What on earth are they doing fetching em that way

@Marksmileyb26: Get him some 🍄⭐️ 😂😂

@TheHattonScarf: Super Mario at it again. Those who know, know…

@lilbentz94: Super Mario sparking out a Coventry fan is already up there with the Barnsley highlights of the season

@athersonian: Colgate with a nice hook haha

@craigylilo: How many coppers to take Mario down 😬😬 glad St george walked away he would have deffo got brayed. Well done lads football is back

@joeyfeehan: can’t believe Mario’s been detained

@MThemreds: Fucking embarrassing all lot of em.

@Liam_Seeley: You know football season is back when someone dressed as toothpaste is getting chinned by a midget

@powellBFC93: They’ll be given a police escort straight to the armfield doorstep tomorrow night then. Lancs police will be rubbing their hands together.

@dannyS191187: Got to question Luigis commitment

@Connorgarbett9: Glad to see Mario finally getting collared for all his previous speeding offences

@1972wilksy: It’s not like Coventry fans to act like arseholes.

@rsmiffy2009: Them police are fucked when mario gets hold of a mushroom

@Decland1987: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 luigi done a runner on him the snake.

@dayersfs: ‘hold me back’

@NeilTurner1983: I love the fact that there’s a bloke in full Lederhosen wondering what’s going on. English football is just the best

@The_Real_Jacko: The only ones going for it..While the stone island army wait until atleast 10 policemen are in front of them, to then throw their arms up in the air.

@marklhrufc: He was only trying to save the princess ffs

@Gremlimuk: I can see where Mario went wrong didnt do his trade mark move by jumping on their heads 😂

@chrisredditch: It’s like they’re 6

@Lydon1117: Smash’em 1-0. One shot on target. 🤔

@Covlad459811: Both sets of fans were disgrace yesterday some of the things yours fans were doing I couldn’t get my head round disgusting behaviour but let’s move on it’s gone now

@26dannymck: A few of them ended up getting a crack outside bingo after match.. the started running up harborough hill 😂

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