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VIDEO: Derby’s Mason Bennett filmed being sick in pub toilet hours before drink-drive smash

Derby County’s Mason Bennett has been captured on camera being sick in the toilets of a pub hours before his drink-drive car crash.

He was arrested by police on Tuesday night along with teammate Tom Lawrence and it was revealed today that Richard Keogh is out for the rest of the season after sustaining a serious knee injury from the incident.

Now Snapchat videos have been uploaded by Tom Huddlestone of the night showing Bennett vomiting into a urinal while fellow players mocked him for only having “three pints of Peroni”.

It was captioned the “youth of today” with someone in the background telling Bennett “get it all out Mas”.

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Another player can be heard saying to him: “Fucking three pints of Peroni are fucking strong these days”.

Bennett slurred: “I’ve had more than three”.

He asks for some tissues and someone adds: “there’s a lot of sick in there you know”.

Bennett wipes his mouth and says “No, put your phones away” after being asked if he was alright.

Separate footage showed him down a pint of lager with other players sitting nearby.

One can be heard saying: “That’s coming straight back up, straight on the floor”.

Another player appears to be sleeping on the floor.

A manager at the pub was told not to give a comment on what had happened.

But an eyewitness did say: ”The toilets were left in a right mess. One of the players offered a very generous tip to staff to clean up.

“Some people have been saying it was wrong that the footballers were allowed to drive away but that’s not fair because the staff knew taxis had been laid on and naturally assumed they would use them to get home.”

A club statement read: “As a club, we cannot, and do not, condone the actions of a small group of players on Tuesday evening “The players were out as part of a scheduled team-building dinner with staff.

“While the majority of them acted responsibly and left at around 8pm and were not involved, a small group, including the team captain Richard Keogh, continued drinking into the night.

“They should have known when to stop and also ignored the opportunity to be driven home using cars laid on by the club, and chose to stay out.

“Richard Keogh has sustained a serious knee injury that will prevent him from playing until the end of the season.

“The players involved will be subject to a rigorous internal investigation under the club’s code of conduct and disciplinary procedures.

“They will pay a heavy price for their actions, but also that we will support them with their rehabilitation back into the squad and team.”


After watching the video that Tom Huddlestone uploaded, fans took to give their reaction, some defended him and others didn’t – see those tweets on the next page.


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