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VIDEO: Crewe fan loses it with Charlton player in controversial late scenes

A Crewe fan loses it with Charlton player Albie Morgan in controversial late scenes which saw a dramatic equaliser ruled out.

First-half goals from the hosts’ Oliver Finney and Mikael Mandron meant that Charlton suffered a third consecutive League One defeat as the Railwaymen picked up a 2-1 win.

Substitute Mason Burstow gave Johnnie Jackson’s side hope with 10 minutes left when he got one back, only for Crewe to breath a sigh of relief when referee Rob Lewis ruled out Elliot Lee’s deflected shot in stoppage-time as they recorded their third win in five games to move within four points of safety.

Elliot Lee missed a simple first-half chance for the Addicks after Jonathan Leko sent the ball across the six-yard box, only for the attacker’s touch to let him down in front of goal.

Charlton goalkeeper Stephen Henderson did well to push away a well-struck half volley from Scott Robertson at the near post, but couldn’t hold on to Mandron’s stinging shot with Finney there with the rebound for Crewe’s 38th-minute opener.

A corner taken by Tom Lowery met Mandron who jumped highest to sent the ball into the far corner to make it 2-0 to Crewe.

Dave Richards kept Crewe two goals in front after the restart by pushing out Ben Purrington’s header at the far post.

Alex very nearly got a third when Long saw his effort hit the woodwork.

This got Charlton back into gear, and got a goal back when Burstow followed up with a header after Conor Washington’s shot was parried by Richards with 10 minutes of normal time remaining.

Then late drama played out as Lee’s finish was ruled out for offside after a lengthy discussion between the officials.

Speaking to CharltonTV after the game Johnnie Jackson said: “I thought we started the game well, we were moving the ball, getting into good areas and then we just stopped doing that in the second half of the first half. We stopped doing the things that were getting us joy – that was a really disappointing period of the game.

“Obviously we’ve conceded in those moments – poor goals. The first goal, poor, we don’t follow it in, the guy gets a tap in. Then conceding a corner – poor. Going 2-0 down in a game for 20-25 minutes we completely dominated – it can be a mad game at times.”

“It was like chalk and cheese from Sunday,” explained Jackson, “I don’t know where that performance in that period of the game came from. [Crewe striker] Chris Porter is an experienced centre forward but I’ve got enough experience out on the pitch there that we should be able to deal with him and we were just causing our own problems really. I thought most of their chances came from us messing about with the ball or not being decisive enough and it has ended up costing us.”

Jackson said on the disallowed goal: “I just asked why he disallowed it. The linesman was saying that Leko was in the keeper’s eyeline, interfering, but I don’t think it would have made a difference on whether the keeper would have saved it or not. It’s looped over his head and gone in off the bar. He saw it all the way and tried to save it and couldn’t. It is disappointing. I thought the goal should have stood. It was too little, too late anyway, we go in 2-0 down and it’s easy to come out and have a go then, you’ve got nothing to lose. Where was that in that period I’m talking about in the first half where we lost our intensity and lost our way.”

Crewe boss David Artell told the club’s official website: “I thought it was a well deserved three points and if that goal had stood at the end, then it would have been a travesty if we would only have got a point from the game. I haven’t seen it back but I presume it was for offside.

“Charlton are a good side and we have beaten a good team. If they don’t have Charlie Kirk in the side then they must be a good side. It is a big win for us and now we have to follow it up against Shrewsbury on Saturday.

“It was a hard fought victory, we had to fight and scrap at times and all that. Probably all those things not associated to a Crewe Alexandra performance.

“You can see them all together when we scored the goals. The whole team were there together to celebrate, except Trig and that is what we need. We have a big half of a season to go for this Football Club and if we stick together like that then we have a chance. We need everyone together and working like we did tonight. It was a real team effort and the players deserve all the credit.”

Twitter users reacted a Crewe fan seemingly loses it with Charlton player Albie Morgan in the late controversial scenes that played out…

@ShoreRobert: Nothing wrong with that goal

@Harry_Warner93: The keeper doesn’t even appeal for it until the lino put his flag up. Absolute shambles. As for that fan what a fucking lemon

@darrentimmsgolf: Keeper knows it’s a goal, look at his reaction, not once thinks he’s interfering

@TimRuffle: Apparently we were dreadful and didn’t deserve anything but this is still a woeful decision.

@BazzaCAFC: Not even the keeper complained. Prem fans constantly complaining about their transfer windows and referees, have this as an example that referees in the Prem are SAINTS compared to ours.

@forward2thepast: Linesman’s had an absolute howler

@DaveRobz21: Why push him? I’d understand if he was a fuming Charlton fan and pushed the ref or something. Other than being pissed it don’t make much sense.

@JamesonJatta: classic EFL refs fucking us over 🤣🤣

@1985Pete: #CreweAlex who on earth is this 🤣🤣 kicking off in the main stand

@GButtigieg4: It’s actually bizarre how this has been ruled out, efl officials seriously don’t know how to do their jobs #cafc

@biydy9: Surely interfering only comes into play if the goalie has an actual chance of saving the shot. He was never getting near that

@law_Salter: Let’s put the goal to one side for a min. How did this “Fan” get close enough to Albie to push him… I mean what the fuck is going on with people ATM. Stay off the counting pitch. I expect @EFL and @crewealexfc to doll out the harshest punishment to this fan

@clifftop22: What a bellend this fella is

@jammer_1987: Why’s he walking on like he’s shit himself? #CreweAlex

@benusbfc: Of all the games in the season to go on the pitch and push a player you chose Crewe vs Charlton????????

@dan_o_1989: Absolute idiot – always thought players need to start taking the same approach wrestlers do (which the authorities seem to turn a mild blind eye too so long as they don’t go overboard) with idiot fans like this; The “enter our domain and suffer the consequences” approach

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