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VIDEO: Conor Coady confronts referee Mike Dean at half time after VAR controversy

Conor Coady confronts referee Mike Dean at half time after VAR controversy for Wolves‘ offside goal against Leicester City on Friday evening.

Willy Boly headed the ball into the back of the net just before the break, however it had been ruled out after Pedro Neto was judged to be offside.

Wolves captain Coady discussed the decision with Dean during the break and can be heard fuming ‘so nobody knows’ in relation to the decision.

The 26-year-old asks, “Who is it offside, is it [Diogo] Jota from the corner?”

When asked about the goal being disallowed Dean said: “I don’t know, I was told in my earpiece to disallow the goal due to VAR,” while gesturing to his ear piece.

Coady responded with “You’re refereeing the game and you don’t f**king know’ before shrugging his shoulders an storming down the tunnel.”

After the game, he continued: “I don’t think the referees know what’s going on and we don’t know what’s going on.

“We should have won the game, it’s as simple as that, but we don’t understand the decision, I don’t think many people understand the decision, but it’s been made and that’s twice against Leicester now this season.

“We felt it was cruel at their place as well. I don’t want to speak about VAR too much. I’ve spoken about it before and it doesn’t really get you anywhere.”

Nuno also spoke about VAR: “Let’s try and hope who has to decide thinks of the fans – something has to be done.

“The fans see the ball inside the goal and they celebrate.

“When you have something and people take it away you don’t like it. Unfortunately it has happened more times for us which is upsetting.

“But it is about the game and football and what kind of game we want to see and how the fans are going to react.

“I want things to improve. We are not judging the work of the referees but I am frustrated with the situation.

“Let’s hope things improve.”

The result leaves Leicester sitting third in the Premier League table, a point behind Manchester City. Wolves move up to seventh, three points behind Sheffield United in fifth

After seeing the goal being disallowed and Conor Coady confronts referee Mike Dean, many took to social media once again questioning the involvement of VAR this season…

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