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VIDEO: Chester fans clash with Darlington supporters in town centre

A group of Chester fans decided to clash with a Darlington supporters in the North East town centre ahead of kick off on Saturday afternoon.

There was an increased police presence outside Darlington’s Blackwell Meadows following reports of disruption involving football fans roaming down the Skinnergate area a mile away from the stadium.

A group of about 25 people, believed to be Chester fans, who were dressed in black and wearing black face masks were spotted shouting, chanting and getting physical with each other before the National League North fixture got underway.

Shoppers couldn’t believe what they were seeing, with those sat in pubs and restaurants on that stretch of road watching the chaos play out.

The above video was just part of the incident, which has been posted on social media, showing the group walking up the street to shouts of “Chester” and trying to intimidate residents.

Scuffles broke out as children with their parents tried to make their way around the fist throwing that was going on next to them.

Durham Police were contacted and media outlet Northern Echo say there are waiting for further comment.

Facebook and Twitter users reacted to seeing Chester fans clash with Darlington supporters in the town centre…

@ashy2305: In a town centre we’re families are walking around. Absolutely embarrassing and shameful

@JakobHeron1: Big day out to Darlo, 6 fingered scruffs 😂

@FootieFl: Shame the little fannys can’t be seen when Wrexham are around 😘

@blades2405: State of them c**nts couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Darlo in old days proper firm. Many an England trip with the Bank Top lads

@phillip19836625: What a bunch of shit houses 🤣🤣 and they’re still running away, ban them all then there go’s 99% of Chester’s fan base

@BenJackson2013: 🤣🤣 Jesus

@TomWilkins2: No problem with the scrapping like but 12 on one is poor behaviour. Notice you didn’t jump in to help your mate out also…

@Hollis79N: Embarrassing

@BrownbillJoe: Gonna be some banning orders here

@Browny_90·50: State of those Chester fans against 1 guy 😂

@darcy94x: How embarrassing

@ForDarlo: What a set of minges

@TimHickman1994: Scruffy little shithouses

@jakesshirts: You have to be a certain type of odd to behave like this

@darlofan_dfc: Embarrassment to Chester

@Busby1983: Who they think they are MIB.. Dicks

@JSOH13597: 😂😂😂😂😂 wettest thing you’ll see this weekend

To summarise their day:
Set of about 9ish
Didnt manage to win a 10v1
Sent home before the game
Probably not back home yet and find out youve lost to a side who hasnt scored in over a month
Happy Saturday

Maria-jane Lonsdale: Idiots darent even show their faces

Michelle Hodgson: Cowards 😡🤬

David Clark: Their parents must be so proud of them 🤦‍♂️

Jack Patterson: 🙄 Am assuming the masks r so they don’t get noticed by their granny who’d prob slap the fookin stupid out of them 🤣🤣🤣

Dave Cook: Scaring the shit out of the elderly and decent people. 😡 they soon ran off when the police turned up, scumbags no need for it.

Sarah McGee: Saw them being matched down grange road surrounded by police walking and in cars down to the match. Looked like right idiots

Rachel Price: That big n brave carnt even show their faces. Get back to Chester dick heads.

Kath Foster: Hope that’s lads OK ganging up on him like that big mob

Danny Calow: Was this Chester’s firm? batting kids on Skinnergate? jesus – can’t believe the old blokes in tanners didn’t walk out and flog em 😂😂

Clare Mcgrath: Shocking when families are out shopping, I’m sure their families will be proud of them 😡😡

Aaron Steven Broomhall: Walked past this lot earlier while walking the dog, getting escorted by the police 🤣

Chris Kedzierski: Imagine the old boys roll out of spoons and their like, c’mon lads. They’d scatter for sure. Big but not so hard in numbers. First few down the crowd would soon shift.

Bethany Richmond: Bunch of shitty arses

stephenprice2003: Wow 20 onto 1 seems like a fair scrap 😂😂

stewart_britton_: Clearly a job lot on the jackets.

elliot.jack17: Wont ever see them turn up to wrexham 😂

wotjoey: 20 vs 1 never even done nothing fair play to the lad game af

ewi_gardner: Hoods up faces covered can’t even land a punch on bloke on his own 🤣

scottpritchard1977: Surely thats a joke, there that bad there trying to take a liberty and still cant do that

sammufc15: Ya all Sayin fair play they got run respect that lad on is home but when it went of darlo run

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