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VIDEO: Charlie Adam produces one of the worst dives in football history

Charlie Adam produces one of the worst dives in football history with footage from his latest match going viral on social media.

It came during Saturday afternoon’s bottom-of-the-SPL clash between Dundee and St Johnstone, but the 1-1 and draw will be mostly remembered for a pathetic dive you’ll ever see from a professional footballer.

36 year old Adam, a former Liverpool and Rangers player turned Dundee captain was hoping to win his side a free-kick here, but instead, was issued with a yellow card.

Not only is it a poor attempt, but Adam makes himself look even more a prat considering just three weeks ago, he was having a swipe at Aberdeen’s Lewis Ferguson for going down too easy.

After the 2-2 draw between the sides, Adam said of Ferguson on Sportscene: “He’s one of these players that goes down far too easy. You’re in a man’s game. It’s physical contact, it’s a man’s sport.”

“Maybe a little bit of experience today has shown him a wee bit of savvy. Sometimes you don’t get everything if you cry for it.”

That day, Adam also made contact with that Ferguson’s face twice in the build-up to Dundee’s first goal with Aberdeen manager Jim Goodwin talking about that incident in his post-match interview after that game.

“I can’t not mention the build up to the first goal, because Charlie Adam has clearly struck Lewis Ferguson twice in the face which should have been a foul for us…I’m not saying it should have been a red card, but it certainly should have been a free-kick for Lewis Ferguson.”

Twitter users reacted as Charlie Adam produces one of the worst dives in football history…

@GordonH22921062: Somebody remind him “its a mans game”

@__PR92: It’s very windy to be fair

@RVC1917: He went down in installments

@EuanFarmer: He must have hit the ground with some force, he’s lost a few teeth.

@Pmacgiollabhain: Gracefully done Charlie.😂

@Garzinho: Hahahaha, this is worse than his dive at Tannadice the other week. Fucking incredible!! 😆😆

@JoeStephenson96: Not even sure this a dive, more just Charlie Adam suffering a fall in his old age

@MidgeyMillar: Only thing more sensational than the dive is Charlie’s tan in April or is it his beemer 🤔 😂

@LazyLoyalRSC: A grown man acting like that

@StephenHopes1: Penalty Rangers ! Oh Wait somebody tell Charlie he doesn’t play for them anymore so Diving doesn’t get you a pen .. 🤣⚽️

@paulg76: 3 grand a week to fall over your man tits, Must still be pished, thinking of innocent trees. Hope they’re all safe tonight.

@Gmck__7_3: Like a drunk guy falling into his kip

@mcgonnie3: We all know where he learned that

@mark_thedrummer: Embarrassing @Charlie26Adam 😳 get doon where you belong

@67_Celtic_1888: That’s not a dive! His legs just couldn’t carry the weight any longer🤭🍀

@PartiMarti77: It’s man’s game and @Charlie26Adam goes down far too easily

@TeapotJnr: Tsunami warnings given to Japan.

@japanarab10: We’re safe. Thank you for the concern though.

@juliansheasport: Updates from the hospital, please. Should we light candles?

@splbanter: Charlie Adam is the goat… a narcoleptic goat

@TheM_L_G: Charlie Adam is the oldest active player to look ten years (at least!) older than his age.

@jmendelsohn77: The most embarrassing moment in Charlie Adam’s career since he was part of the Stoke team that blew a two-goal lead against Salop in the FA Cup

@BuzzBoncath: This isn’t a dive, Charlie Adam just needs a pair of those anti-trip slippers social services give to old people.

@toonintoonout: Unsure what’s more remarkable: the dive, or the fact Charlie Adam is still playing 🤯

@SJFCFANS: The abuse I hurled at Charlie Adam after that dive should and will never be exclaimed again

@NonsensicalNemo: Even Neymar couldn’t pull this off. What a great dive from Charlie Adam.

@scillybirder: I recall when @ArbroathFC used to sing fir Charlie Snr “Do the Charlie Adam. Put your left foot in, pull your right foot out and turn around. Do the Charlie Adam*. Now eclipsed by this embarrassment.

@johnnyroc73: I’ve seen a million dives but never anything where you could almost grow a beard in the time it takes the player to perform the dive, like Charlie Adam here.

@pjdruddy: I can’t stop watching that Charlie Adam dive. It’s mesmerising.

@AndrewMgan: That Charlie Adam dive deserves a 2 game ban regardless for blatant cheating

@MOD3101: Straight Red for Charlie Adam, only way to stamp it out minimum 3 game ban VAR sort it

@getitinforrest: Charlie adam just did the worst dive ive ever seen

@Howden15John: Charlie Adam going down just like Dundee.

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