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Video causes a stir showing young kids getting ignored by Man City Women players

A video uploaded onto social media causes a stir showing young kids getting ignored by Man City Women players at Old Trafford.

The 15 second clip shows one lad wearing a Man Utd scarf, holding his hand out trying to get a high five from the players coming towards him.

Another boy also does the same, but has his sight set on Chloe Kelly, a favourite of his, only to be blanked even when he reaches out further.

Josh Bailey (@joshyb1) wrote: “First time watching the @BarclaysWSL last night at OT. Really enjoyed it, until the end. @chloekelly is his childhood crush, yet every single one of the players ignored them and all the kids around! Does it take much for even a high five @ManCityWomen…

“Interesting. To summarise – equality is what people call for. Yet it’s ok for players to outright ignore 30/40 children they walk right past, it’s ok because they’re female. If the mens players walked past and ignored all those kids it would be a disgrace 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ double standards?

“Even the @ManUtdWomen ignored all the kids too. Pretty disappointing, don’t forget where you came from. 40,000+ fans came in the rain to see you all!! The only player who could be bothered to make an effort was @jayderiviere so thank you, you made their day!”

It has also led to a debate on whether young kids should expect to be meet and greeted come full time.

The Women’s Super League game itself saw Katie Zelem put Man Utd ahead with her spot kick, but Geyse had a goal controversially ruled out.

Then Jill Roord netted an Man City equaliser before Lauren Hemp scores within 18 seconds of the restart, and Bunny Shaw grabbed City’s third while Laia Aleixandri was also sent off for the visitors in quite the thriller.

Man City manager Gareth Taylor speaking to Sky Sports: “It’s a feeling of pride. It’s a really big spectacle to play on. When you come to Old Trafford, there’s a big crowd and it’s probably a completely different game to any normal WSL game. So, I have to give the players great credit and all of the staff as well, they’ve been magnificent as well.

“The two goals we scored in the first half were the hardest chances. We had two easier ones. There’s still work for us to do but great credit to the players.

“We were thrown into another situation again with the red card. I can’t have too many complaints about it but we’re prepped for that situation. Fair play to Steph (Houghton) and Kerstin (Casparij), they came in and were great in the way we handled the game.”

Man Utd manager Marc Skinner speaking to Sky Sports: “We got what we deserved. We weren’t good enough as a collective.

“There were times where we let the occasion get to us a little bit and didn’t control the pressure moments to allow us to make mistakes.

“Credit to City. The goals conceded were not good enough from our standard. We’ve just not done what we needed to do.

“We needed to be mature in the final third. We were trying to score with every shot and pass. You have to build at times. We’ve got work to do on those moments.”

On disallowed goal: “These are moments but we’ve got to do better from our perspective. We can only control what we can control. When people press you and we don’t deal with that, we got what we deserved.”

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As mentioned, a short video causes a stir showing young kids getting ignored by Man City Women players…

@ImDavidJ13: my god you didn’t go to a meet and greet. The players have no obligation to give you anything back. Maybe next time just sit back, enjoy the match instead of complaining you couldn’t get a high five and using your child as a weapon in doing so

Few things here:
1. It’s not a meet and greet session.
2. You’re in the home end, what do you expect!?
3. Shouldn’t be trying to grab players like that.
4. The players don’t owe you or your child anything.
5. Stop being so entitled.

@madisons_mad: What a great learning experience for him to find out that just because you have a crush on a woman, does not mean you are entitled to her attention. Teach em young

1. You are sat in the home end- why would they hight five rival fans.
2. Childhood crush???
3. Shouldnt be trying to grabbing players like that

@DannyCass1: That’s shocking to be fair.

@loberdorf6: first of all this ain’t a meet and greet and second of all teach your kid not to touch players without their consent

@ClaudiaBoachie: I just watched it back that kid just tried to pull Chloey. Did you not teach your kid some manners you can’t go around pulling people like that

@Ceeman570704: What a shame the players couldn’t give this little lad a high five or something! 😒 It would’ve made his day! 😩

Players 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 owe 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 anything.
They’re doing their job there.

@ProchaSim: The USWNT used to have their players sign autographs during meet and greets (for which you had to pay), until a fan literally jumped on Tobin Heath. That ended meet and greets. Anything beyond getting to watch a game (the players can choose to meet fans) is entitlement.

@ryanmcfc85: 😂😂😂 opposition team. He deserved it

@PrimeHarry97: You don’t go to a premier league game expecting a high five and photos with player, so why should you do the same at a WSL game?? It’s a football match, not a meet & greet.

@awfcabbie9: doesn’t take much for a parent to teach their child how to respect other people, yet people still fail to do that 🤷🏻‍♀️ don’t grab at other people.

@leahsrusso_: it’s a football game, not a meet and greet. they just played 90 minutes of football, they aren’t obliged to take photos with anyone.

@DamiAgunbiade: Good to see you enjoyed the game. However there are over 40,000 fans in the stadium so naturally not everyone will get to meet players. It’s not as easy when the crowds increase by so much. Also there’s recovery & preparation for the next game.

@iLorahTweets: The comments on this are spot on, this was NOT a meet and greet.

@charmswfc: I mean you paid for a football game not a meet and greet?

@Too__precious: The players owe you nothing and they certainly are not obligated to meet and greet fans unless they want to. You need to Respect Yourself.

@ColinJJordan: Too big time now for the fans

@Leonbourne1234: If fans keep acting entitled like you soon none of the players from any of the teams will feel willing or comfortable to meet any fans after a game. You paid for the football not a photo op, any photo or signature is a bonus and not to be expected

@LodgerSal: Why in hell would City players wait to meet a kid in a Utd shirt??? Grow up mate, this isn’t a meet and greet.

@therighteouskru: Entitled weirdo.

@cakelover247: This post is a shame! So pleased you took your son to watch the game and help the women’s game grow BUT please don’t expect high fives, photos or signatures! This should not be the reason you are attending the game. You are so lucky to be so close to the team in the first place

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