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VIDEO: Burnley player hit in the face by bottle from Leeds fans during goal celebration

A Burnley player was hit in the face by a bottle from Leeds fans during the Clarets goal celebration on Sunday afternoon.

The Whites are likely to be the subject of an investigation after the object struck and number of players including Matt Lowton as he was celebrating with team-mates at Elland Road.

During the Premier League game, the Clarets drew level with the home side after a superb free-kick was swung in by Maxwel Cornet.

However in the subsequent celebrations in front of the home end, a fan had thrown a Coca Cola bottle that looked to be full and with its lid on.

It was thrown towards the group of celebrating Burnley players and hit those huddled in the group, with the right-back gesturing towards the stands having felt its impact.

The defender had to be seen by medical staff before he was able to continue playing, but clearly the group of Burnley players, as seen in the clip, were fuming with what happened.

Lowton did have an ugly looking bruise for the rest of the match, and bottle throwing at Leeds is something of a regular occurrence.

As it became clear to the rest of the players what had happened Raphinha who went over to the corner and appealed for some calm and common sense when it came to missiles being aimed at players.

Leeds fans will say that’s what you get for celebrating in front of us, trying to taunt and wind us up when there is no need.

It came after Arsenal fans were filmed throwing bottles and toilet rolls at Man City midfielder Rodri the day before when the midfielder celebrated his last-gasp winner at the Emirates Stadium.

Meanwhile, Leeds’ win eased the pressure on manager Marcelo Bielsa after his side have come close to the relegation zone throughout the season so their win means they go eight points clear.

Goals from Jack Harrison, Stuart Dallas and Daniel James secured all three points, with Bielsa saying post-match: “We managed a fair victory. The difference I felt was also fair. Very difficult to play against Burnley. They are very clear on how they want to play and keep the differences close.

“As you know, football every week you have to show yourself again every week. Prove yourself. Even if the performance today was a step forward, we need to maintain that level of performance against any opponent and on any pitch.”

Burnley sit in the bottom three, joint on points with Newcastle (11) and are in desperate need of a win or they could be looking at a tough end to the campaign.

A few days ago, Aaron Ramsdale revealed that he took home £17 after recalling the moment Leeds fans launched coins at the Arsenal keeper.

Last month, the Gunners hammered Marcelo Bielsa’s Whites side 4-1, with Ramsdale once again starting in goal for Mikel Arteta’s men.

He has also developed a reputation for providing light-hearted reactions and taunting to opposition fans, joining in when Leicester supporters chanted “you’re s***” to him in October.

He continued those reactions at Leeds, with a video footage that emerged after the game showing him jumping in celebration as he faced the home crowd.

“After the first [goal], there were some bottles and stuff thrown, a few lighters, and I chucked them off to the side,” Ramsdale told the Cycling GK podcast.

“The next thing you know, money started coming on. I’m looking around and there was one £2 – well, I collect £2 coins, so I took that.

“Then there’s quids and 50ps, so I’m picking them up and I put them by my towel, [then] at half time I put them in my towel, I run off and put them in the changing room.

“Second half comes, a few more come, and then an e-cig comes on just before the penalty. So I’ve gone back in and I’m speaking to Kalvin Phillips, going ‘your fans must be loaded’.

“It was about £17 I pulled off the pitch. And I’ve missed some money – I couldn’t pick them all up – it was about £17 I took back in.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing a Burnley player hit in the face by bottle from Leeds fans during the goal celebration…

@craigroybrown: Hopefully the bottle throwing incidents at both Leeds vs Burnley and Arsenal vs Man City are dealt with in the same manner and ban those fans doing it. Additionally referees should try and prevent players purposely provoking fans that can potentially cause harm.

@LUDBOFFICIAL: Hope the idiot who threw the bottle at the Burnley cluster was identified by stewards or CCTV, or those next to him nobbled him. We don’t need it. Sorry for the negative post after a fabulous performance 💪.. but needs to be said.

@lukerosesmith: Leeds fans were throwing coins at the wolves players when we played there earlier this season. Nothing was said at the time but this is obviously a common occurrence. The atmosphere is great but something needs to be down with those fans behind the goal.

@Ryan_T_92: It happens week in week out in grounds around the country not just Elland Road. Arsenal yesterday when Rodri got pelted with several bottles but no one bats a eyelid at that

@stupotsug: No place agreed, but no place for players celebrating in front of opposition supporters, goading them!! Laws of the game says players should be booked, but not happening. Another example of weak referees!!!

@GoneBerardi: I don’t condone it at all but why do opposition players deliberately antagonise the crowd at Elland Road? I never see it at other grounds in the Prem.

@CarlM1979: When did this habit of celebrating in front of away fans and goading them become a thing. Today at Leeds, yesterday at Arsenal. No there is no excuse for it but players have to have some responsibility as to how they act too

@HyettRobbie: I’m not justifying it but what the fuck do players expect will happen. Are they hoping for a round of applause from the home fans. Play silly games win silly prizes.

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