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VIDEO: Bulgarian throws punches at England fans – Palace and Brighton fight claims allegedly false

A video on social media showing allegedly a Bulgarian fighting with a group of England supporters has been going viral in the last few days.

The individual could be seen starting to throw punches at the travelling English fans who were having a drink whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Some have suggested that it started because he was trying to steal one of the England flags.

Many claims have been made on social media is regards to this video.

Majority of posts state that it was Brighton and Crystal Palace fans having a fight with supporter of the latter club getting stabbed. This however is apparently untrue.

The injured man see in the video was allegedly a Palace supporter, but he fell on some glass.

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The footage was posted on the same day as one England fan died in Sofia.

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of a 32-year-old man died, having been discovered in the city centre ‘helpless’ at 10am.

A spokeswoman for the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior said of the death: “The incident took place at 10am today.

“He is a British citizen, 32 years old, at 10am and he was taken to hospital but he has died and the police are now working to clarify all the circumstances.”

The spokeswoman couldn’t confirm local reports that the person involved had taken drugs before the incident.

She said: “He was found at the centre of the city, in the street. He was found in a helpless condition.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed another man suffered a broken arm after being involved in a separate incident in the city.

“Our staff are supporting a British man following an incident in Sofia and are in contact with the Bulgarian Police,” the FCO said.


After checking out the video, fans took to slam the culprit trying to attack the English, some shut down the rumours that Crystal Palace and Brighton were fighting and others fell for the false claim – see those comments on the next page.


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