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VIDEO: Blackpool fans slam police after getting attacked by officers at Birmingham

Blackpool fans have taken to slam police after getting attacked by officers after the game at Birmingham City on Saturday evening.

It turned nasty post-match with footage being taken and published onto social media showing just how bad it got outside St Andrew’s Stadium.

According to YouTuber Fusion Josh, the travelling support just wanted to be able to go home, but were held back just as they got out of the stands a line was formed prevented from making their journey back.

At that time, it’s claimed no Birmingham fans were close by, while there were no threats or intention to fight as police tried to keep them contained to prevent any trouble, despite nothing of the sort about to happen.

It’s added by some match going fans that “the old bill were bang up for it all day and were very quick to start kettling supporters with force used on normal supporters.”


We are aware of a video circulating on social media following a football match between Blackpool and Birmingham City. Our number one priority is always the safety of the fans football matches and a plan was in place to ensure everyone left the stadium safely.

As fans were leaving, we received intelligence a small number of Blackpool fans may be intent on seeking a confrontation with Birmingham fans. At this point two flares were let off in the away car park and some missiles were thrown from Blackpool fans towards BCFC fans.

Birmingham City fans started throwing missiles back in response & tried to approach the railings to try & get towards the opposing fans. In order to try & prevent breach of the peace, a quick decision was made to hold back Blackpool fans on Coventry Road for a short period.

Officers tried to communicate with the Blackpool fans what was happening, however due to the large numbers of people some force was used by officers to try and stop further disorder between the two teams fans.

Our investigation into this disorder will be reviewed and we will seek to identify anyone committing offences.

The Muckers Supporters Group replied to that statement, saying:Including investigating your own police officers for excessive force. It is illegal to strike above the shoulder with a baton on to someone’s head is it not? We all know this policing yesterday was in response to our last visit a few years back and will convince us otherwise.”

As mentioned, Blackpool fans slam the force after getting attacked by officers at Birmingham…

@GeorgeRobbbo53: Only brave when facing little boys

@GrahamButterw12: They absolutely love it, can’t wait to pile in the fucking scum, absolutely no need. Yet they let tossers hold up motorways for hrs on end.And they wonder why everyone has zero respect for them.

@scottpeterson96: If only they were as brave as this when dealing with nonces! Whole different ball game when it comes too footy

@dfm1973: Wow! Absolute scum. I was at the back with Daughter so didn’t see this. Cowards. 😡

@JoeGreggs53: No where to be seen when a glass bottle smashed next to an old bloke over the age of 60. Just decided to steam in when Blackpool reacted. Pathetic

@DajerbalJames: WMP cannot police football games, simple as that Allowed Cov to turn into a warzone in midweek & today they’ve started on Blackpool for absolutely no reason, there’s about 15 Blues fans there, why the fuck are they being bubbled? 😂

@hornstermaniac: Aggression breeds aggression… Coppers at the front talking people down etc would calm it, but no, the bullied kid at school gets given a weapon and hits out and escalates it. It’s not fucking rocket science is it? Xx

@AusBFC1887: They couldn’t wait to start trouble today. Penning fans in like fucking sheep near that gate at the end

@Gazza74832502: @blackpoolfc any blackpool fans got anything to report on today police brutality please comment or message me so I can put it all in one report, I got it all on video and will be reporting it in the morning, safe trip home all

@borrino_jamie: Seen them hitting a 14/15 year old with a baton who was pushed to the front and was trying to get back but they just kept hitting him

@Jonty72FY1: Absolute twats today. Not happy. Pinned in like pigs. Useless cunts.


Lukas Jutkiewicz struck home late to give his Blues side the edge past Neil Critchley’s side in the second tier.

The first half saw very few chances with visiting keeper Daniel Grimshaw tipping over Blues’ Kristian Pedersen’s header.

The Tangerines proved strong when it came to possession for long spells however it was Birmingham’s Troy Deeney who finally had the first shot on target on the 64th minute.

Jutkiewicz hit a close-range winner to put the hosts up to 13th in the Championship standings, while Blackpool remain in 11th.

The first opportunities went Birmingham’s way as defender Jeremie Bela hit the side netting with a 25-yard drive which had some home fans mistakenly celebrating. You know the moment when the hosts’ supporters cheer wildly only to be met with ironic cheers from the away end mocking them.

Moments later, his team-mate Pedersen reacted first following a long throw-in, with Grimshaw there to push his header over the crossbar.

Callum Connolly had to throw his body on the line by blocking a shot and prevent Blackpool from going behind, and then the Tangerines started to find their feet just as half time was approaching.

A free-kick from Demetri Mitchell was bent from just outside the area and past the post, before a counter-attack he started saw Gary Madine head wide.

After the break, Deeney tried to lead by example, producing some quick passing with Scott Hogan with in a shot resulting in being blocked by Marvin Ekpiteta.

At the other end, substitute Josh Bowler hit a low effort which was kept out by keeper Matija Sarkic. Then Shayne Lavery fell inside the area which started calls for a penalty.

As the match came to a close, Jutkiewicz, who replaced Deeney, bundled the ball home after a deflection off a Blackpool defender in the box.

Birmingham City head coach Lee Bowyer told BBC Radio WM:

“A lot of things have been going against us. It feels like people are against us.

“You can either roll over and use it as an excuse, or you can just fight and stick together.

“Today, we went for the latter and thankfully we got the three points.

“It was a gamble going to a back four, but it was a gamble that I was prepared to take. Thankfully it paid off.”

Blackpool manager Neil Critchley told BBC Radio Lancashire:

“I’m really disappointed with the outcome of the game. I thought we were the better team [in the] first half.

“We had some good moments, counter-attacked well, moved the ball well.

“I felt we needed to score in that period of the game. They’d not really had any concerted pressure on our goal.

“If you don’t score at one end, they’ve only got to get one ball into the box which falls for them. That’s what’s happened.”

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