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VIDEO: Birmingham fans smash up seats and taunt Derby with chant as Lyle Taylor mocks crowd

Birmingham fans chose to smash up seats and taunt Derby County with a chant as Lyle Taylor mocks the home crowd during Sunday’s game.

Krystian Bielik scored one most dramatic of equalisers of the season as the Rams came from 2-0 down to hold the Blues to a 2-2 draw in the Championship at the weekend.

The midfielder – who had returned to action a year to the day after suffering an ACL injury – went on to beat Neil Etheridge with an overhead kick deep into injury-time to seal a point.

It was welcome relief to the home fans on the same afternoon his side’s fans had protested about the dire financial situation at the club.

Birmingham debutant Lyle Taylor – who joined on loan from Nottingham Forest during the January transfer window – got his Blues spell off to a flyer with the opener on the 7th minute, before Scott Hogan swept home shortly after the break to establish a comfortable cushion 10 minutes into the second half.

But the Rams gained momentum in the closing stages and got one back when teenage striker Luke Plange fired in the 87th minute, before Bielik’s stunning effort sparked wild celebrations in the stands, which he could not be a part of after appearing to suffer a shoulder injury due to an awkward landing on the sixth minute of injury time.

Birmingham climb to 17th as a result, with Derby now just seven points from safety in 23rd with 18 games to play.

Derby’s Wayne Rooney: “It was sheer effort and determination that got us a point and it could be a huge one at the end of the season. As a team, I think we have been writing our own scripts this season and at half-time I said we’d score a goal in the 92nd minute today, whether it be the winner or an equaliser.

“It was actually a bit later than that, but what a way it was for Krystian to come back. He then hurt his shoulder in the celebrations and it will be frustrating if we lose him again but, hopefully, it’s not too serious.”

Birmingham’s Lee Bowyer: “We’ve had five or six clear-cut chances and how Scott Hogan didn’t get a hat-trick, I’ll never know. But how many times have I said the same rubbish after games? I’m sick and tired of it. It’s not good enough – you can’t have chances like that and miss them.

“He scored the hardest chance he had, but he was not clinical enough with the other two. Lyle Taylor had one chance and put it in and that’s why I have brought him in.”

During the game, Lyle Taylor was subbed off, and as he was making his way off the pitch, he couldn’t help but shout taunts at the home fans.

The travelling Blues support also sang a number of chants that some fans thought was bad taste while others found it funny and called it pure shithousing banter.

This is what Twitter users said when seeing Birmingham fans smash up seats and taunt Derby with chant as Lyle Taylor mocks the home crowd…

@DerbyRetweets: Actually had some sympathy for Birmingham fans. Couldn’t give a toss now. Horrible lot.

@dayhi_: Looks around £60m worth of damage there, get Quantuma to drop the invoice off first thing

@HC15OnTour: Very poor form & classless behaviour. Remember Charlton doing similar to us when we went into adminstration. Look where we are now & look where they are now. Karma can be a bitch. Hope Derby get out of the current issues for sake of their club & their fans.

@AshThorne77: #BSHIN Not covered yourselves in glory today Birmingham. What goes around comes around, you could easily be next, and I for one won’t be fighting your corner #dcfc #SaveDerbyCounty

@MikeSatterlee: Disgusting behaviour…

@ethan95809593: Coming from the club protesting about how their owners are killing their club.

@Scotty_Avfc: Would love nothing more than for them lot to go out of existence “yeah but we need the rivalry”.. no just bin them and build an Asda where that shitole is

@scuff79: We all love the footy bantz, but this is shocking.. The DCFC issue is way beyond football now, let’s not applaud this..

@_kjs1874: Funny song to sing considering your own clubs in the process of dying

@srhlufc74: Can you imagine the uproar if Leeds had sung this?

@n7simon: Can’t wait for Birmingham city to go bust. Horrible club

@ProgressiveSoc8: Blue nose Brum cunts. Won’t be laughing when your club is in the firing line next.

@MiaSanStoke: I wouldn’t expect anything else from the fanbase who throw glass bottles at kids. Scummy, shitty, nasty little club.

@Dpn76: What a bunch of muppets They was all crying last week walking from Digbeth #dcfc #avfc

@AVFC_Aston: All that to go bottle a 2-0 lead in the last 8mins. Also Birmingham city’s stadium is rotting and they’re over £120,000,000 in debt, so ironic #BSHLIN

@award2110: Birmingham, the place of no class, and no morals

@JOC1312: Crying #BSHLOUT and then chanting this. How embarrassing

@PageDcfc: Always will be in the shadow of the villa

@CooperKyIe: joint ‘anti-EFL/owners’ march before the game. then they sing this? not mad, i couldn’t care less if fans sing this to us. it just doesn’t make any sense, no?

@dcfc_flagman: I remember all to well when Blackpool were on there arse with Oyston. We protested with them at there ground (inside and outside) and also at Pride Park. They sung with us the other week in support. A kind of mutual football respect thing.. Then you have Birmingham City

@andydaviesk: Passionate, loyal, full of integrity, honest, genuine togetherness, look out for each other, defend and support their team through thick and thin. Everything BCFC fans are not, pond life and scum

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