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VIDEO: Biggleswade United live stream sees player threaten to bite fan’s nose off

A video taken from a Biggleswade United live stream sees one player threaten to bite a fan’s nose off during heated in-game scenes.

A 23 second clip showing what happened has gone on to be viewed over 100,000 times and that figure is bound to just keep rising as the week plays out.

It came in Biggleswade United’s 2-2 draw at Lutterworth Town in the Uhlsport United Counties League clash on Tuesday night.

As can be see in the video, a spectator has said some that clearly pisses off the Biggleswade player, who is heard saying back “Who me? Shut your fucking mouth. Fuck off. You what? I will fucking do you now lad. I’ll fucking do you now you fucking drip. Come here, come here.”

As he is being dragged away by a teammate, the player shouts back to the fan: “You fucking talk to me again, I swear to god I’ll bite your nose off”

However what has made the video more hilarious is that viewers on social media reckon the player said ‘fart your nose off’. We can’t help but laugh.

Neither club have commented on what happened, with Biggleswade United winning 1-0 at the time of the second half incident.

Twitter users have a right good laugh as the Biggleswade United live stream sees a player threaten to bite fan’s nose off, see what was said below…

@Dt8Sports: Dugout cams should be mandatory


@HorsHorsfield: What a nice man!

@Declan_Mcghie: Non-league football >>>

@AsHDro1d: “Bite your nose off” is easily the most overused and terrible threat used in amateur football 🤦

@CatManSturty: Non league is the gift that always gives back

@Ryan_Purple: Can’t stop watching it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @Mark3Warren

@SpursMan1972: Nice! What an example to set.

@number1wanderer: Couldn’t knock a wank out

@Geordie_JasonV: “HolD mE bAcK….”

@nufcdave84: Imagine standing inches away from someone and repeating “come ‘ere” in the hope a teammate is going to come along and pull you away before you actually have to get involved! “Come ‘ere”? He’s there mate, almost touching noses! Shit or get off the pot!!

@MickMcD1888: 😅.. Some people are that used to chatting shit on the internet without a comeback.. They think thats how it works in real life

@theredfez: Did he say “I’ll fart your nose off?!”

@tigerroarcouk: Bite your nose off? Tht sounds familiar!

@1Rhys_Dave: He asked for his shirt so the response was perfectly acceptable

@trotta_02: I’m just glad that bar was there, could have ended really badly if not

@HayleyATFC: James Rowe is that you?! 😂👃

@Bigslates87: Is that Flip from This is England 86?! Sounds exactly like him! 😂

@DAWS0N__: Had a clear chance to at least back hang him and did nothing

@MitchBotfield: 🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩 heads in outer space 🤣

Mad that he stood in front of him an did nothing, until the fella dragged him away.
10/10 on the fronting scale 👏, this is what football is all about.

@BD0111N: Hahahahahahahahahahahah typical soft footballer giving it massive love to see it .. had a badddd game have we 😂😂😂

@lewiswray: TRANSFER RUMOUR: James Rowe looks to sign the lad at Fylde

@hughesyn1977: Must of played under James Rowe at some point 👀👃

I’ll bite your nose off
Course you will
If your mate moves out of the way first yeah?

@Sharp_E1: The beautiful game 😍

@AidenGallagher2: Imagine getting this rattled by a supporter 😂 that man is living rent free

@NUFC07102021: You shouldn’t speak to people like that.

@Tgarratt10: Reminds me of the guy from this is england who counts down from 13 hahahahaha

“Talk to me like that I swear I’ll bite your nose off”.
He did. And you didn’t. Nob end

@matthirtyfive: 😂🤣 What the craic with non-league footballers & wanting to bite noses? 👄👃🏻

@Mulik_rickman15: I love this game 🤣🤣🤣

@thfcle: the best part of when i used to ref for sunday league is when i witnessed these 60 year old british lads from the same team trying to punch each other and calling them mugs… this was in australia btw..

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