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VIDEO: Aubameyang and Lemina get Covid after partying in Dubai days before AFCON

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mario Lemina get Covid after partying in Dubai just days before the AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations).

The Arsenal striker, who was stripped of the captain’s armband in December for three different disciplinary breaches by boss Mikel Arteta, will now have to self-isolate and miss the first game of the international tournament.

The tournament in Cameroon will get underway on the 9th of January and could see Aubameyang and Lemina miss the first two group matches against Comoros (January 10) and Ghana (January 14).

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old uploaded a photo of himself travelling on the plane heading to Cameroon, posing with a backwards baseball cap and including emojis of a aircraft and the Cameroon flag.

Aubameyang continues to be criticised following his demotion as Arsenal captain last month and then go exiled by Arteta.

He has not played for the Gunners since the 6th of December and is likely to b sold by the north London outfit in the January transfer window.

Howeve they may struggle to find potential suitors given he is on a staggering £350,000-a-week wages at his current club.

Arteta last month refused to discuss whether Aubameyang has a future at the club.

‘For me it’s not about being right or wrong it’s about making the decisions that you believe are a consequence of what you’re asking them to do. As I said we’ll go game by game,’ he said on Friday.

‘At the moment he’s gone. He needs to focus on the national team. We had the conversation that that was the best way to do it.’

Auba will miss around five Gunners fixtures during his time away with his national team and could be more depending how far Gabon advance and if he still has Covid.

In Aubameyang’s absence, Arsenal have won five consecutive games across all competitions while scoring 19 goals and are flying high in fourth place in the Premier League.

Twitter users reacted as Aubameyang and Lemina get Covid after partying in Dubai days before AFCON…

@ArsenalHarmoni: Does anyone take any precautions? Should they have stayed inside all day except training?

@kameruno2: they’re the 2 star players for a small nation like Gabon, Aubameyang should be captaining them in a major tournament but he’s done this

@AnitFash: Doesn’t Arteta get tired of being right?

@TrickyTrincao: Shocker, Arteta was right

@SmithWhiteB: Arteta being proven so right…. Again

@mattprentis: Ah jeez. Not a great look Pierre. Thanks for the memories….

@3TheBeasT3: Glad he ain’t my captain

@elspanishgooner: Party in Dubai came in handy

@Chris_H52: Nope. Want him nowhere near #NUFC

@SherzCapone00: This guy is dumb, Teta was right for playing the long game & letting him hang himself out to dry over time

@Afc_Josh12: Get him gone

@ArranJMSinclair: Still making Arteta proud

@GeeraertsJonas·: Exactly the kind of bullshit he got himself in trouble for at Arsenal… Hope he gets moved on asap.

@mnrMOW: No its over for this guy and Arsenal. This is the kind of nonsense Mikel and that young team can’t afford, I want a football fanatical environment, not party boys. Also really crap for Gabon he let’s them down as captain.

@dbmorrisss: Arteta’s never wrong. Stick him with the reserves if he doesn’t move in Jan. Absolute man-child.

@Maxi_Gooner: Top players have to follow a certain lifestyle if they want to stay st top level: eat good, drink a lot of water, sleep, train. Look at what Auba is doing for bounce back: parties, tattoos, new supercars. He isn’t interested about football anymore.

@SaintsFanHQ: Imagine being this thick. Feel for the people of Gabon. Auba and Lemina clearly cut from the same cloth…

@124Karu: Exactly why he got stripped, unserious player who couldn’t give a toss

Kawhi_420: What an idiot, I’ve always said Aubameyang never had the mentality to win at all cost and I still stand guy that, if he had someone like Suarez or Van Persie mentality then Arsenal would’ve been playing CL football these past few seasons.

Santi: Loved him when he was smashing them in but its tiring now the endless social media stories, the late night gaming, the partying. This is the difference between him and Laca. He just takes life too casually to be at the very tippy top, especially over 30, shame but good riddance now.

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