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VIDEO: Arsenal fans fight each other on the tube after Chelsea defeat

Arsenal fans were video recorded fighting on a busy tube train following their Europa League humiliation last night.

It all got too much for a group of supporters after the Gunners missed out on the Champions League yet again with a shocking 4-1 defeat to Chelsea in Baku.

The clip shows the fans shouting obscene words to each other before punching and kicking at each other with the other travelling either trying to stop them or chose to look away from what was going on.

When the train stopped at one station, a fan is heard saying: “Let’s go, let’s go. You and your brother let’s go. Now that the tube is empty let’s fucking go.”

Another replied: “Come at me bro, come at me bro.”

One offender tried to wind up another fan, tries having another lunge but is held back by a friend.

The pair then end up on the floor, the other fighters laugh at them which them makes him even more angry.

One of the guys then completely loses it and kicks his own friend before the video ends.

Watch it for yourself in full length below…

Connor Humm the person who recorded the drama, told Mirror Online: “Me and my friend had left the bar at Highbury and Islington station and jumped on the Victoria line after Arsenal had lost.

“Next thing we knew there were a group of guys getting irate and louder having an argument.

“It wasn’t clear what it was about but one can only assume it was about the game because, let’s face it, everyone was very upset.

“The two men seemingly wanted to fight each other. One man’s younger brother then jumped in and his brother then turned on him and kneed him in the face.

“It continued until the next stop then one guy jumped off.

“They 100 per cent knew each other.

“One of the men shouted at the other telling him ‘you aren’t staying at mine’, along them lines.”


After watching the video, fans took to give their reaction, many of those finding it amusing and thought it was more entertaining than the first half of the game itself – find out those tweets on the next page.


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